CreatureCantina is going to TOY FAIR!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-16, 06:44:04

I'm happy to announce that for the 11th year running CreatureCantina will be descending on Manhattan in February to cover Toy Fair! Image

Our long-time contributor Steve Rensi will be repping us SUCKers, hopefully with our usual Toy Fair photographer (haven't received his confirmation yet). So be ready for some awesome CreatureCantina scoops on all the Star Wars toys at Toy Fair!!

Droids Custom Squidhead: Inked!!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-16, 06:35:52

Last week I showed off my finished pencils. I didn't have a thing to do on Sunday, so I sat down and inked them out... Image

So things are progressing nicely. I've already scanned it and begun coloring it. All signs point to having this thing done way before Celebration Chicago, which was my goal. So yippee!!

This IS the Droids Custom art you're looking for!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-09, 07:26:01

Last week I posted a story about the Squidhead Droids Custom artwork I decided I wasn't going to use. As I explained, I wasn't quite happy with how it was turning out, so I decided to scrap it and start anew.

So what's the new art look like? Glad you asked... Image

You can see this new artwork tells the same story as the first. For those who don't know his backstory, Squidhead was Jabba the Hutt's accountant. For this piece, I decided to envision what happens when the top gangster's bookkeeper comes calling when your balance is due.

You know when the accountant comes calling, he's gonna come at you with some muscle in tow. Our unfortunate debtor in this scene is Kea Moll.

I think this version of the art better conveys the menace and danger of the event. I mean, Squidhead here looks like a badass. And Kea's clearly in much greater distress. So I'm really happy I decided to redo the art.

These pencils are nearly complete. I still need to clean up a few elements. I'm terrible at backgrounds, so for this card I stole one off a Kea Moll screen grab I found on Google. Sometimes the old tricks are the best tricks.

Stay tuned for inks, coming soon!!

What a way to start off the year!

by Darth Danno
on 2019-01-09, 07:09:47

Happy New Year everybody!! I don't know about you all, but my year started off great, getting to go down to Wizard World New Orleans! My friend Keith moved down there last year and I hadn't seen him in awhile, plus I'd never been to New Orleans and always wanted to go, last but certainly not least, Galen Erso from "Rogue One", Mads Mikkelson himself, & Young Rey from "The Force Awakens” Cailey Fleming were in attendance. I came back home Monday and am still trying to recoup. How was everyone else's first week of 2019? Image Image

This is not the Droids Custom art you're looking for!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-02, 07:45:15

On New Year's Eve afternoon I had a few hours to kill with nothing to do, until I remembered I should probably start on my next Droids Custom! So I did that.

But this isn't a story about that.

Back when I first received my first batch of new bubbles, I was excited to finally have them in-hand and I got started right away on some art. Then I contacted my figure guy, and asked what he could hook me up with. And the character I started on was NOT one of the figures he had a bunch of. In fact, he only had like 3 of the 15 I'd need. So I decided I'd switch up and work on the Gamorrean Guard instead.

The I worked on the AT-AT Driver. And all the while I was working on those, I was going to local toy shows and stocking up on the character I started on originally.


And then Final Frontier Toys had a 40% off sale back in September where I picked up all the rest of the Squidheads I'd need for the run.

Being all set, I decided to resume work on Squidhead. But the thing was... I wasn't super happy with the art I'd drawn earlier this year. I had an idea what I wanted to do, but it just didn't work out like I'd hoped. Even though the pencils were 90% complete, I decided to start over from scratch. And I'm really happy I did.

As the title says, this is NOT the Droids art you're looking for! This is the art I rejected. But I still figured it'd be fun to share it. Image

Tune in next week to see the new art I actually like a lot!

A Vintage 3PO Christmas miracle!!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-02, 07:32:43

So Christmas morning, after opening all the presents and all that fun stuff, I grabbed my phone and did my daily phone routine. I played some Angry Birds 2, and I checked my emails. I got my daily eBay search emails, and I noticed an ESB C-3PO was one of the items. So I clicked on it. It was ending that evening, and it looked to be in pretty fair shape. Importantly, the bubble was clear. And even more importantly, it was a variant I didn't already own!!

So at 10pm on Christmas day, I sniped. And I won. And I won it for much less than I bid. And on New Year's Eve it arrived at my doorstep. Image Image Image

This is an ESB48-B card, which is an ESB48-A with an Ackbar sticker attached. I've owned an ESB48-B in cherry condition with a clear bubble for probably 15 years, so why did I bid on this one? It's a variant I didn't own - it's trayless. Removable Limbs C-3PO is often available in both a package with an inner tray and a package with no inner tray and a cardboard footer. Over the years I've collected a few different pairings like that. It's not something I rigorously pursue, but it's nice when I stumble upon a new one. Image

This isn't a particularly rare variant. There's actually been a few on eBay recently. But usually they have yellowed bubbles, or when they don't they go for way more than I'd like to pay. This one just hit all the right notes, and wrapped up what was a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from CreatureCantina!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-12-19, 07:52:26

From the CreatureCantina family to yours, we'd all like to wish you Happy Holidays, and a very Merry Christmas! Image

A Merry Sithmas to All!

by Darth Danno
on 2018-12-19, 07:44:57

Normally, at this time I'd be talking about the latest Star Wars movie that was just released in theaters, but since that's not the case this year at this time, there's not much to talk about. Was also hoping to talk about all the SWC announcements, like autograph guests and such, but so far, none have been announced. I know the convention is still over 110 days away, so what's the rush, right? So I'm relegated to simply wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season. Thank you all for your support and continued viewership/readership of our fine site. May you get all the SW-related goodies on your Christmas list. Personally, I'm hoping for Daisy Ridley to show up under my tree Christmas morning, but I'm not holding my breath.


by Bill Cable
on 2018-12-12, 06:58:58

Hopefully that got that synthesizer hook in your brain for the day! You know what I'm talking about.

(incidentally - the YouTube video for "The Final Countdown" by Europe has FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION VIEWS! I mean... it's a decent song, sure. But FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION???)

Speaking of 560 million, there's still plenty of Luke Jedi charity medallion on-hand to satisfy your stocking stuffer needs. But you only have SIX DAYS left to order them if you want them in time for Christmas. So pop on over to and order one today! Imagine the joy in the eyes of your loved ones as they pull this shiny medallion outta their socks. Image

Going from bad to worse

by Darth Danno
on 2018-12-12, 06:43:09

Saw online that the score for "Solo" has been eliminated from Oscar nomination consideration because someone didn't submit it in time. Methinks whomever did that should be putting A NEW JOB on their Christmas wish list. Not like it was going to win anyway considering all the nominations TFA, RO, & TLJ got in previous years, and were denied 100% of them. Leaves me no hope this year's entry has any chance of altering that. The Golden Globe nominations have been released and ”Solo" was shut out there as well. Just goes to show that Hollywood cannot deal with, or accept perfection.

As in past years, normally this week would be one of anticipation, celebration, and adoration over the release of yet another Star Wars film. But or 2018, that time was back in May. One would think Lucasfilm would attempt to please the masses with a teaser trailer, teaser poster, etc… in place of an actual film, but I have not heard word of anything coming down the proverbial pipe as it were. Perhaps the powers-that-be are giving us coal over the way their May release was originally received. Whatever the reason, it's surely going to be a blue Christmas for SW fans, and I'm not just referring to the milk! is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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