by Bill Cable
on 2018-12-12, 06:58:58

Hopefully that got that synthesizer hook in your brain for the day! You know what I'm talking about.

(incidentally - the YouTube video for "The Final Countdown" by Europe has FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION VIEWS! I mean... it's a decent song, sure. But FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION???)

Speaking of 560 million, there's still plenty of Luke Jedi charity medallion on-hand to satisfy your stocking stuffer needs. But you only have SIX DAYS left to order them if you want them in time for Christmas. So pop on over to and order one today! Imagine the joy in the eyes of your loved ones as they pull this shiny medallion outta their socks. Image

Going from bad to worse

by Darth Danno
on 2018-12-12, 06:43:09

Saw online that the score for "Solo" has been eliminated from Oscar nomination consideration because someone didn't submit it in time. Methinks whomever did that should be putting A NEW JOB on their Christmas wish list. Not like it was going to win anyway considering all the nominations TFA, RO, & TLJ got in previous years, and were denied 100% of them. Leaves me no hope this year's entry has any chance of altering that. The Golden Globe nominations have been released and ”Solo" was shut out there as well. Just goes to show that Hollywood cannot deal with, or accept perfection.

As in past years, normally this week would be one of anticipation, celebration, and adoration over the release of yet another Star Wars film. But or 2018, that time was back in May. One would think Lucasfilm would attempt to please the masses with a teaser trailer, teaser poster, etc… in place of an actual film, but I have not heard word of anything coming down the proverbial pipe as it were. Perhaps the powers-that-be are giving us coal over the way their May release was originally received. Whatever the reason, it's surely going to be a blue Christmas for SW fans, and I'm not just referring to the milk!

DCSWCC Charity Pin Makes a Great Gift

by Bill Cable
on 2018-12-10, 10:47:48

The Washington DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) wishes to announce to fans and collectors that a limited number of their eighth bi-annual charity lapel pins are still available. Order now for delivery in time for Christmas!

The 2018 pin features Luke Skywalker in his jedi blacks with DCSWCC's signature Washington Monument as his lightsaber, in honor of the 35th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. Eighth in DCSWCC's series of high-quality enamel lapel pins, officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm Ltd., each pin is individually stamped and numbered on the back. Only 500 will ever be made.

All proceeds benefit the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (

To order your pins, visit today! Image

Droids Custom AT-AT Driver: STOLEN!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-12-05, 06:53:38

Last week I received an email from my good friend Eric Franks of He's a dedicated AT-AT Driver focus collector, and the owner of my most recent Droids customs. And while searching eBay, he stumbled across this auction: Image

Look familiar? It should. It's my ...

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Don't miss out on the season's best stocking stuffer!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-11-28, 08:42:57 is counting down the days you have left to order one of their 2018 charity medallions in time to have it arrive by Christmas! Don't miss your chance to surprise your loved ones with this awesome stocking stuffer while supporting a great cause!! Image

Missed the Rancho Obi-Wan Gala in person, but...

by Darth Danno
on 2018-11-28, 07:53:31

Sat, Oct 20th was their annual gala out in Petaluma, Ca. and I was unable to attend due to work, but I bought an absentee ticket so I would still get the swag-bag, and could also bid on the items in the auction. There were a lot of nice pieces I would have liked to bid on, but one in particular caught my eye, so I decided to put all my eggs in one basket as it were and bid on only that one item, rather than put smaller bids on numerous items. Wouldn't you know... I won it! And for less than my maximum bid, I might add. I guess the Force was strong with me that night! Image

Black Friday DEALS at Regal Robot!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-11-22, 11:05:00

This weekend only! Black Friday Weekend Sale - through Cyber Monday, 11/26/18 - 20% off select Star Wars furniture, art and decor, including all Mandalorian Skull creations, all directors chairs and themed cafe tables, and even our Emperor Throne Armchair! Save with code HOLIDAY18 when ordering by 11:59 PM on ...

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Back in Black (Friday that is)! Even Luke is wearing black!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-11-21, 06:13:21

After saving tons of money on all of those great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, put those saving to good use and support a great charity! Image

The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS) and The ARC of Pennsylvania have teamed up to produce Luke Skywalker charity medallions, which are now available to purchase. This exclusive collectible has a limited run, so be sure to get yours today before they disappear. Each medallion is $10.30 plus shipping in the US (international shipping available) and all proceeds benefit The ARC of Pennsylvania. This is the best way to share the wealth from all of your savings (you know you will save $100 on the best gadget out there) and the best stocking stuffer you can buy for the Star Wars fans in your life!

Let us give thanks

by Darth Danno
on 2018-11-21, 06:08:01

Well, that time of year has arrived once again. And like every year, I have much to be thankful for. For starters, 2018 started off on a serious note for me. My year-end physical in 2017 found something that caused the doctor some concern and for me, quite a few ...

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