Action Figures & Their Beers -- Sharpshooter

by Bill Cable
on 2024-07-10, 08:10:56

We go back to my favorite local watering hole, Spoonwood Brewing Co., to review a limited bottle release from earlier this year. Image

Right Between the Eyes is a barrel-aged stout that was released back in February. Aged 7 months in (local Pittsburgh distillery) Wigle bourbon ...

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Another 3PO piece for the collection

by Bill Cable
on 2024-06-26, 08:57:38

I picked up kind of a cool item off eBay this past week. Check it out: Image

The auction described it thusly:

STAR WARS C-3PO PEOPLE Magazine Cover Hollywood 1979 Press Photo

Size is approximately 7x9 to 8x10 inches. If significantly smaller or larger the specific size will be accurately described.

These original and vintage press photographs come from the archives of various press agencies such as PIX Publishing, Philadelphia Inquirer, and San Francisco Examiner, among many others. As it is a vintage press photo, it may contain wrinkles, creases, grease paint or other markings, paper loss or tears. Please study the scans carefully to assess condition or feel free to ask questions, as they will be promptly answered.

It's a photo of the People Magazine cover on photo paper. There's a newspaper clipping taped to the back of it: Image

I kind of wish there was some indication whose reference library this came from. The newspaper clip is too tiny to tell. But it's cool for what it is. Thanks to Ross Cuddie for giving me the heads up this was out there - it didn't show up under my daily eBay searches.

Action Figures & Their Beers -- Old Timey

by Bill Cable
on 2024-06-19, 08:47:53

Here I am, stealing Beedo's schtick with another AFATB. But this one deserves to be highlighted. Image

When I saw this on the shelf, my thought was "Aw man - I love beers based on 100-year-old recipes. And I love Kentucky Bourbon Barrel. This is gonna be fantastic!" So I picked it up immediately. I was thinking I was in store for something akin to Yard's Brewings' presidential series (which they tragically no longer produce).

I was wrong about that. This beer is not based on an old-fashioned recipe. It's inspired by the Old Fashioned bourbon cocktail. So muddled cherries, simple syrup, and orange zest. Luckily, I also love Old Fashioned cocktails!

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. really knocked it out of the park with this one. It's absolutely decadent. It hits the Old Fashioned cocktail tasting notes strong. It's extremely smooth and pleasant, with a nice vanilla note. And at 10% ABV, it's pleasantly booze-forward without being overpowering.

To pair with this brew I chose the most old-fashioned-ey Vintage Kenner action figure: Death Squad Commander... or rather, Star Destroyer Commander. This figure doesn't even look like it belongs in the Kenner line... it looks like it'd be more at home in Fisher Price's older "Adventure People" line (which, coincidentally, were used for early kit-bashed concept Star Wars figures). It's just plain and goofy (that helmet!) and awkward. You could envision him standing stiffly on his porch yelling at them whipper-snappers to get off his lawn.

Drink this if you also like: Anything barrel-aged. Treating your taste buds.

Some 3PO love for Father's Day

by Bill Cable
on 2024-06-19, 08:14:38

Sunday was Father's Day. On top of the typical trappings, I was gifted with a new and unique addition to my 3PO focus collection! Image

ColourPop is a makeup company that currently has a line of Star Wars-themed shadow palettes. And among their offerings is a C-3PO palette! It's in a cardboard slipcase with a foil embossed front and a back that names the shades: Image

Among those colors are "Golden One", "Translator", and "Six Million" (not OVER Six Million). The palette inside the slipcase is identical. Image

Opening the lid reveals the colors and a mirror. Jasmine tested out the colors on her arm, as one does with these apparently. She was unaffected when I told her this means my gift is no longer in mind condition... Image Image

It was a very nice gift made more special by Jasmine's pursuit of cosmetology as a career. She has her certification boards next month, so if you know anyone who's hiring drop me a line!

The latest from REGAL ROBOhuTt

by Darth Danno
on 2024-06-19, 07:58:06

Regal Robot announces new Phil Tippett Sketch and Signature Editions with their Bib Fortuna Concept Maquette Replica! Image

The latest replica in Regal Robot's unprecedented Archive Collection is the Bib Fortuna Concept Maquette. The classic character from Return of the Jedi is another authentic replica with direct ...

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LAST CHANCE to cash in!!

by Bill Cable
on 2024-06-13, 08:27:44

Yesterday sent out a press release that only 50 Ahsoka medallions were left for their 2024 fundraiser. In less than 24 hours, they've sold 30 of those! Image

I'm done appealing to your generosity. Your good nature. Your desire to help out kids entering foster care. I want these last 20 gone. So it's time to appeal to your base greed!

When these sell out, the only way you can get one is on the secondary market. And the secondary market for PSWCS coins is BOOMING! Older coins that include the COA go for insane money! Check out these recent sold auctions: Image Image

Those are $100 coins every day of the week! Crazy, right?? That's because they're of amazing quality and they're approved by Lucasfilm. But it's not just the really old ones that jump in value. Check this out: Image

Even the ones that are only a couple years old have sold for $65 and those ones didn't even have the COAs! Now I ask you, who is a more popular character: Commander Wolffe or Ahsoka? Which coin do you think will end up worth more?

But you won't need to wait even that long to make a huge profit. In a colossal dick move, some dude on eBay listed one of these Ahsoka coins while the fundraiser is still ongoing. And it sold! Image

Look at that! Corner the market on these last 20 medallions and you could TRIPLE YOUR INVESTMENT overnight with near zero effort!

So buy these last 20 medallions before they're gone! Make mad bank by flipping them as extremely limited, sold-out collectibles. Be greedy! Do it for the kids!!

Droids Custom Weequay: SOLD OUT in 113 seconds!

by Bill Cable
on 2024-06-05, 08:30:09

My Droids Custom Weequay is done and ready to be purchased. If you want to skip right to the ordering instrux scroll down the the end of the article! Image

Here's Weequay in all his pirate glory! I'm quite happy with this one. Action-packed. Iconic. I just wish you could see more of the art, which I just realized I never fully shared: Image

I spent a lot of time on those 'splosions and the ship and the clouds. All just to be covered up by the bubble area... Image

That's the back. I took the photo of the figure, and wrote the description. And you'd never know it wasn't done by Kenner themselves, IMO...

So how do I take these wonderful photos? I figured you guys might get a kick out of my professional photo studio. Check this out: Image Image

At we spare no expense. Though I really need to replace my backdrop... it's build up a few creases and stains over its service.

The cost of this custom will be $125 shipped within the USA, or $120 + actual shipping international. But wait! If you live in either the UK or the EU I'm gonna be in Ireland with some friends this weekend, so shipping for those locations should only be around $10! If you're paying by PayPal, it's F&F only. If you'd like one,

Droids Custom Weequay: On sale Wednesday!!

by Bill Cable
on 2024-06-03, 09:45:59

Assembly of my Droids Custom Weequay went swimmingly over the weekend! Image

I actually started on the cardbacks Friday evening because I was bored. Got them half-way done. That enabled me to finish them completely on Saturday, and to relax Sunday.

They turned out great! No warped bubbles in the batch, so the seals are all good. And with them done, that means I'm ready to post them for sale. So Wednesday morning at 9:30am Eastern you can come back to and find the instructions for ordering.

Droids Custom Weequay: Inks and colors!

by Bill Cable
on 2024-05-30, 08:42:12

My work on my next Droids Custom continues unabated! Late last week I finished the inks: Image

After a run-in with my kneaded eraser, the final art was ready to be scanned: Image

After that, it was time to open the scan in Photoshop and begin blocking out the colors. Weequay was first: Image

Next was Hondo (who I keep wanted to write as Holdo... blargh!): Image

The final blocking was the background and explosions: Image

That step completed, it was on to the actual artwork. I proceeded in the same order: Image

Here's a close-up of the face details. I think I did a pretty nice job here. Image

I've also finished Hondo: Image

I like how his smile and goggles turned out. Really happy with how this is shaping up!

My goal is to finish the colors by Saturday, so I can assemble the customs over the weekend. If that pans out, I'll have my Droids Weequay on sale next Wednesday! Wish me luck!

Droids Custom Weequay: Inking commences!

by Bill Cable
on 2024-05-22, 08:25:10

Last week I showed off my mostly-complete pencils. I neglected to take a photo of the art after I finished up the pencils and began inking, so all I can show off now is my first stab at inks: Image

Looking great, no? Ah, but look again... I made a mistake! I misinterpreted my pencils on Weequay's left leg, confusing his puffy pants for a cuffed boot. But a cursory look at the figure reveals Weequay wears half-calf boots. CATASTROPHE! Well, not really. Just need to fix that up with some white-out... Image

Now it's accurate to the figure... my "source of truth" on the artwork for my series. And old Hondo turned out pretty great in the background there. I expect I'll finish the inks in one last session, maybe tonight! So if that goes as planned, I should have the colors finished by next Wednesday, and the figure assembled on sale on June 5th! That works out perfectly with a planned vacation that weekend. I love it when things work out like that. is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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