The best of SWCC... and the not so best

by Darth Danno
on 2019-06-12, 07:39:13

The Best

  1. It was in my hometown! No need to worry how to get everything I bought into my luggage.
  2. Set out to get 30 autographs, and that goal was accomplished 100%.
  3. Set out to do 13 photo-ops, and that goal was accomplished 100%.
  4. The con was 5 days instead of 4, so I actually got a day to walk around and see things.
  5. was part of an awesome collectors patch!
  6. Bought a very cool pinball machine.
  7. Got to hang out with Bill Cable.
  8. Got to talk & get a pic with Tom Spina of "Tom Spina Designs" and "Regal Robot".
  9. Got to meet and hang out a bit with Brandon Giraldez of "Beeline Creative"
  10. Got decent parking at MP every day of the con.

The Not So Best

  1. SNOW!!!???
  2. Daisy Ridley wasn't one of the available signers.
  3. Daisy Ridley wasn't one of the available photo-ops.
  4. Didn't win a single lottery.
  5. Didn't win the tattoo competition.
  6. Never made it into the Celebration store AGAIN.
  7. Never got to attend any panels.
  8. Riz Ahmed cancelled (I was going to see if he'd sign my tattoo.)
  9. The main art print I wanted to get pre-sold out the day they went on sale.
  10. My pants splitting the morning of the 2nd day.

Droids Custom Gonk: Progress!!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-06-05, 07:31:49

So, this past week there were some tragic developments with regards to the Droids Gonk. I was kinda bored, so I decided to clean up the 20 Gonks I'd be using for my customs. And on close inspection, I discovered 2 of them just wouldn't cut it. One has completely ...

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Star Wars Celebration Chicago (Mon)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-06-05, 07:16:07

Here we were, the final day of the con, and I had set it up to be a very easy day. Only one autograph that was at 3:00, and no photo-ops at all. I had to be at the Twin Suns stage at 11:15 for number assignment and stuff, but ...

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DroidDroids Custom Gonk: Inked!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-05-29, 07:02:09

I spent part of my holiday weekend working on my latest custom. Got the inks done. Check them out: Image

I'm a bit concerned that I might have drawn the Power Droid too far to the right. I measured out the "bubble area" based off my normal template, but when I looked at the actual Gonk bubbles they're way wider. This might require some fiddling in Photoshop to pull together.

You'll also see I kind of inked the piling of the carpet... give it a bit of texture. I don't know if I'll keep that once I get to coloring. But it did prompt me to sign the art under the bubble area. I figured it'd be a lot easier to move around the signature if it wasn't littered with horizontal lines.

I received my extra bubbles in the mail this week, which means I'm all set for expanding the run to 20 pieces! Now I just need to cast another 5 coins.

All in all, things are progressing nicely!

Star Wars Celebration Chicago (Sun)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-05-29, 06:53:13

It's April, It's Chicago, so what better way to welcome SWC to our fair city but with SNOW!!! That's right, driving into the city today we got blasted with the white stuff, but made it downtown in plenty of time, and still found parking in the MP parking garage.

Today was ...

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Star Wars Celebration Chicago (Sat)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-05-22, 06:59:48

One nice thing about today was that all the autographs I was getting were going to be on my "Solo" poster, so I didn't need to bring anything else with me. Another plus was that it being Saturday, there was no rush-hour traffic to deal with, plus we ...

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by Bill Cable
on 2019-05-15, 07:57:31

Star Wars Celebration Chicago may be in the books, but there’s still plenty to celebrate. Thanks to everyone stopping by the PSWCS booth at Celebration to help our charities, The ARC of Pennsylvania and Wolf Sanctuary of PA, we raised over $10,350! Image

But we're not done! The remaining medallions, Luke Skywalker for The ARC of Pennsylvania and Commander Wolffe for the Wolf Sanctuary of PA, are now available online.

We have a limited number of 2-packs, one of each medallion, for the special price of $16.99 shipped in the US. You can also buy the medallions separately for $12.50 each. Additional shipping for multiple medallions and for international orders.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who purchased medallions during Celebration Chicago and let you know that the money raised will be going to help out two worthy charities in Pennsylvania.

The Luke medallion is nearly sold out and Wolffe is low on stock, so if you'd like to help out either, or both, charities, place your order today.

Droids Custom Gonk: Penciled!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-05-15, 07:53:05

So last week I promised I was going to look for the dopest lamp I could to enhance my Droids Gonk. After a bit of web searching, I hit pay dirt!

From Chancellor Palpatine's office, I present these most dope lamps on the visitor couches: Image

Now, I kinda wish they were free-standing rather than attached to couches. But the free-standing lamps I found were solid silver and only lit upwards, and that would prevent me from really playing with the lighting on the Gonk. So I made due.

Though with the piece penciled out, I do like that the couch adds some architecture to the layout. Image

What I really excited about here is the color scheme I have to work with! The deep reds of the walls and carpet are gonna be stunning, and contrast nicely with the navy-blue Gonk. But first I gotta ink the thing!

Star Wars Celebration Chicago (Fri)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-05-15, 07:39:28

Day 2 of SWC, but today they opened at 10:00, so we had to get up early again, get breakfast, then head downtown with all the morning rush hour traffic to get to the convention center in time. Fortunately we left early enough that we were able to get downtown ...

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Droids Custom Gonk: And so it begins...

by Bill Cable
on 2019-05-08, 07:58:14

With Celebration Chicago over and Celebration Anaheim prep not really yet begun, it's time for me to get back into the groove with another Droids Custom. This time out, it's the beloved Power Droid.

Power Droids was one of my childhood favorites. Maybe THE favorite. I just loved the way his ...

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