The small benefits of fame

by Bill Cable
on 2021-06-16, 08:28:09

Every once in a while, it pays to be known as one of the foremost C-3PO collectors in the world.  A week ago I received an email from a fellow collector asking if I'd be interested in a keyring.  At first I thought "meh... keyring" but then I looked at the pic and it was really kind of awesome. Image

When I told him I'd never seen one like this before, he got really excited!  It would be his honor to add something I didn't even know existed to the Protocol-osseum.  And he was happy to work with me on a price we both would be happy with to make that happen.

The keyring is from Factors Etc. and was produced in Denmark in 1977.  And it's really quite a clever design.  The sky is translucent, while the opaque elements are flipped on either side, so the text on the back and front is legible.  So you get this nifty star field effect without any backwards text (excepting the small company name at the bottom).

It's also incredibly rare, and thought to be one of 3 designs they produced.  What really stands out about this particular example is the condition is virtually flawless!  Keyrings are usually scuffed up from use, but this one looks like it just came off the assembly line!  Just shiny and pristine!

I didn't ask permission to reveal the seller's name, so I'll refrain from sharing it here.  But if you see this, THANK YOU for offering this to me!


by Bill Cable
on 2021-06-16, 08:24:56

Character focus collectors hold a special place in my heart.  I've been an advocate for the pursuit for now decades, so much that I've spoken on several Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track panels on the subject.  It's really a brilliant way to get exposed to all manner of Star Wars collectibles while keeping your collection cohesive.  Earlier this week, a fellow traveler reached out to me... Image

Hi Bill

I just wanted to share where number 13 is - he is now across the pond in Yorkshire, UK in my Greedo shrine.

I believe that Greedo was your first figure? for me he was the one that got away - well I made up for that now.

I have had this in my saved search for a long time and finally got one last week. I am absolutely blown away by the artwork, design, coin etc it is superb.

You have really captured the droids vintage cardback look and the characteristics of our favourite Rodian.

Thanks so much you have made a green Greedo super fan very pleased.

Kind Regards Matt Scott

How cool is that?  My art made him happy.  His effusive praise of my artistic skills made me happy.  It's just joy everywhere.  This is why I do this!

Plus, you know, all the money.  The sweet, sweet piles of cash I use to build out my collection.  That too.

Well, look who turned 40!

by Darth Danno
on 2021-06-16, 08:23:48

On Sat, June 12th "Raiders of the Lost Ark" turned 40. I remembered that it opened in June, but I didn't go to the theater and see it until sometime in August, right before I was about to start the 7th grade. I also remember really enjoying the film, but ...

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Droids Custom Commando: First pencils!

by Bill Cable
on 2021-06-09, 08:56:02

It's been a lot of work, but I finally scrounged up enough Rebel Commando figures to get started on my next Droids Custom. Big shout out to the dealers and focus collectors who hooked me up! Seems like my biggest barrier to doing these going forward is gonna be finding ...

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"Ask Eric" - His reply

by Darth Danno
on 2021-06-09, 08:26:05

Again, the question I posed to Eric was:

"Why do you think the new Star Wars films are always completely snubbed at winning any Oscars?"

Since the question asks specifically about the new films, I'm going to address this question in regards to the films released following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. With ...

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The magnetizing appeal of Regal Robot!

by Darth Danno
on 2021-06-02, 07:44:41 Image

Our latest Star Wars magnetic mini sculpture line is the Restraining Bolt magnet! First seen in Star Wars: A New Hope, restraining bolts were used in the films to keep droids from wandering off. Our new magnet was 3D modeled taking inspiration and proper sizing from the original found item used to create the props for the 1977 film, creating an inspired-by novelty magnet that has terrific feel and authenticity.

Each magnet is hand cast in solid polyurethane resin and hand finished by our artists in New York in faux metal with added distressing to create a realistic aged metal look as seen in the films. They ship ready to display with a strong neodymium magnet that will make this a great addition to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge!

So if you've wanted one of these for a while, no need to restrain yourself any longer! If anyone believes you're not going to buy it, you can proudly reply: "R2"! Bill Cable will probably buy more than one, I C-3 at least! Will these work on Droid phones? Hey, it's your call! There's no reason to have a bad motivator over this, pick one up today!

The latest question for "Ask Amanda & Eric"... minus one

by Darth Danno
on 2021-06-02, 07:20:08

This question was "SUPPOSED" to run at the end of April. I got the answer from ONE of them in time to run it when it normally would have been posted, but apparently the other individual involved in this venture is too engrossed in preparing for their upcoming wedding to be bothered with such things. So next week you'll get the answer from the one who REALLY cares about the fandom...

"Why do you think the new Star Wars films are always completely snubbed at winning any Oscars?"

Let's see what HE has to say in seven days, shall we?

Action Figures & Their Beers — It All Went Pear-Shaped

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2021-05-27, 22:13:40


Okay, let's get one thing straight before I tell you exactly how great this drink is, and why you should try to get a few bottles. I don't care what the label in the picture below says, it's not "pear cider." Cider is made from ...

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Small joys

by Bill Cable
on 2021-05-26, 08:09:23

One of the most gratifying things of being an artist is making people happy. Just a few hours of effort can put a smile on someone's face. And I did that yesterday. Image

I'm a big fan of the TV series Archer. For three seasons, the main ...

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The Wookiee Roars - Episode 07

by Steve Rensi
on 2021-05-25, 06:20:32


So the handful of people who watch the CreatureCantina LIVE segments know that I had originally teased a big story I was going to release on May the 4th, "Star Wars Day". It was going to be my grand contribution to the ...

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