LAST CALL! Loose Vintage FS!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-18, 07:27:00

I've been selling off my Vintage Star Wars IN THE WILD score for a little over a month now, and I still have lots and lots and LOTS of figures left! This despite me posting these on Facebook annoyingly often. So I figure it's time to shift these things over to eBay. So if you're interested in buying any of these at my low-low prices (with big discounts for large orders), email me by Friday, September 20!

Check out these insane totally reasonable prices!:
Minty, mostly complete figure price list
Played-with condition, rarely complete figure price list

Here's just a tiny sample of what's available: Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Droids Custom Yak Face: Colorful!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-18, 07:23:40

With the inks finished, I promised you guys some colors this week. Happy to oblige!

The beginning of the process is tedious. I gotta block out all the various color elements into distinct Photoshop layers so I can work on them without worrying about overspray onto other layers. So I use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to trace over the black lines for each color section. This takes forever.

Here's an example what it looks like when I'm working: Image

If you hide the black lines, this is what I'm actually doing. The skin color is one layer. The whiskers are another layer. The fur around the neck is yet another. Same with Salacious' claws and skin. Image

As with inking, I work on the characters first. Note that any of these colors may end up being changed dramatically. On this stage, I'm only shooting for rough guestimates of what the final colors will be. Image

After that, it's on to backgrounds. And I can assure you here the colors will be altered quite a bit. I'm not happy with how the benches turned out. The pillows are all just placeholder colors. The walls in the Hasbro barge are kinda mustard-colored, which is what I started out with. But expect big changes. Here's what my final base colors look like, with and without the black lines: Image Image

Next up will be the real magic - where I use all my considerable Photoshop skills to tone, shade, and texture everything!

Droids Custom Yak Face: Matt's sculpts! (part 5)

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-18, 07:21:45

So... you wanna see what the finished figures look like? If so, click the image below! Image


Your weekly Greedo Sipping

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-18, 07:19:55

I hear lots of people had a blast at ICCC! Image

Make you're own meme here: Image

D23 (Sat morning and the Panel to End All Panels)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-09-18, 07:19:06

Today I'm just going to talk about trying to get into the "Go Behind the Scenes with the Walt Disney Company" panel because there's so much to cover surrounding it.

So we got up, got ready, got scanned in, and headed into the line of people specifically waiting to get into ...

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Droids Custom Yak Face: Inks!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-11, 07:31:30

Today I'm gonna take you through the three inking sessions of my Droids Custom Yak Face. With 4 characters and a pretty busy background, this one featured a lot more inking than most of my customs.

The first stage was to ink the characters themselves. It's the only way that makes sense! You couldn't ink the background before the figures, what with all the various lines that go straight through the characters. You need the ink outlines of the characters to tell you where to stop the background lines! Imagine... trying to draw a floor panel and stopping at the pencil outline of the character... then when you ink the character being forced to fatten or thin out the ink line so it stops right at the point of intersection. Insanity!! Image

After that I did the floors and benches. The floors feature a bunch of straight lines, so most of this inking was done with a ballpoint pen and a ruler. Because I don't have a clue how to draw straight lines with a nib. Because I'm a fraud. Image

The final session, which I completed Monday night, was the windows and walls. If you compare the pencils of the windows with the final inks, you can see I completely reworked them. The windows were the last thing I penciled, and I pretty much slacked off with some placeholders. So before I started inking these I erased the old windows and drew brand new ones. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Image

Other than a few clean-ups I'll need to do in Photoshop, the inks are done! Next week I hope to have some colors finished.

Droids Custom Yak Face: Matt's sculpts! (part 4)

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-11, 07:29:34

As awesome as the Vintage Yak Face figure was, Matt did a bit of research and found it lacking, as least as far as paint apps are concerned. Click the image to read all about it! Image

Your weekly Greedo Sipping

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-11, 06:51:37

Last week I revealed to the world my knock-off Greedo "None of my business" meme. Despite pissing off a bunch of people by illegally criticizing Admiral Holdo, the meme hasn't yet taken off. Tragedy!

So I will double my efforts! I'm gonna try to post new ones each week until I get tired of it and give up! So how's about we piss off a bunch more people this week? Image

Remember tha if you want to create your own, I'm giving you a blank template completely free of charge!! Image

D23 (Friday)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-09-11, 06:49:01

So Friday morning, we were scanned in while still outside, then were put in lines, waiting for the con to open at 9 am. As we had a signing at 10:30, we were allowed to get into the building and line up just outside the main hall. Once 9:00 came, ...

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Droids Custom Yak Face: Finished pencils!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-09-04, 06:54:16

So last week I watched the sail barge scenes in Return of the Jedi a whole bunch of times. That horrific CGI beak. Over and over again. I really need to track down copies of the despecialized editions...

Turns out those scenes barely have any good interior photos of the sail barge. The environments are basically pitch black. And almost everything is shot from the waist up. There are maybe 3 shots that had anything I could use. I could make out what looks like cushions on benches below the windows. And that was pretty much it.

I was able to pair that with some photos of the interior of the Khetanna to come up with a viable background for my scene. I tried not to make it quite as busy as the actual environment to better fit the Droids aesthetic. Check it out! Image

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