To infinity and beyond!!!!!

by Darth Danno
on 2015-08-26, 07:27:38

With the release of Disney Infinity’s 3.0 this week and all the Star Wars goodness that comes along with it, I’ve finally been given the “Green Light” to unveil the exclusive bundle starter pack!!!

That’s right! Now Darth Danno, Tresob Yr, Beedo, and Bill Cable himself will be playable characters right alongside Ahsoka, Darth Maul, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and everyone else. Each of us have our own special abilities and powers as well:

  • BILL CABLE – Has the ability to freeze his opponents (because he’s just sooooooooooo cool) or turn them into replicas of C-3PO.
  • TRESOB YR – Turns his enemies into action figures that he can pose and manipulate at his command.
  • BEEDO SOOKCOOL – Has an unlimited number of beers he can either drink to give him various Jedi powers, or he can throw them at opponents where they act as bombs.
  • DARTH DANNO – Bantha belch and Force flatulence (nuff said).

We’re still in negotiations to determine what each set will cost, but the sets scheduled arrival time on shelves is set to coincide with Mustafar freezing over. Now I need to impress upon everyone that these figures will only work with certain systems. Currently they’ll be compatible with the original Atari system, the Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo GameCube. There are also plans to add a version for the NEO GEO system sometime in the next decade. I’m actually in talks with Lucasfilm to have us all at a booth at Celebration Anaheim, where we’ll pose for pictures, sign figures, and become the internet phenoms we were always meant to be! What a time to be alive, don’t you agree?


by Bill Cable
on 2015-08-13, 12:16:23

The first photos of a Force Awakens toy have popped up on eBay, of all places. I guess some store in West Virginia broke the Force Friday street date. And an eagle-eyed shopper made a nice $100 profit in the deal. Image Image

Looks like each figure comes with an accessory that can be combined to make larger accessories or vehicles or something. I can't say I'm a fan of that decision...

Droids Hammerhead - The reviews are in!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-08-13, 07:34:38

My Droids Hammerhead were mailed out Monday, and they've begun to arrive at their various destinations. Even so far as San Francisco! Which makes no sense...

The responses have been fantastic. Let's start with David, who reacted:

Arrived great thanks!!

I suppose all credit there goes to the US Postal Service. Great job, guys! Though I did pack the hell out of these things. Our next feedback comes from Tim:

Hi Bill... Hammerhead all received fine! Thanks for that.. Look forward to Greedo in earnest

This one, again, owes most of the credit to the post office. Though I do like that the buyer is looking forward to future figures. Our final review comes from Steve:

Love the art and the carded figure even more in person! Super job. Please let me know of any future ones.

Now that right there is a positive review! "Even better in person!" "Super job!" That's praise that fills my heart with joy. And another customer who wants to be a future customer! Five stars on that one.

Speaking of future ones, I hope to get started on the art for the next one by the end of August. If all goes well, you might have the next Droids custom by Christmas. I've actually done concept sketches of all 5 of my upcoming customs, so I know what I'm doing with each of them. Exciting times!

What to do between now and then

by Darth Danno
on 2015-08-13, 07:14:11

WE INTERRUPT THESE NONSENSICAL RAVINGS FOR A SPECIAL REPORT! This just in, as stated last week, Force Friday is less than a month away and as of 8/12, “The Force Awakens” opens in 128 days. What can a noble die-hard SW fan do to occupy their time between Sept-Dec? Well keep it here at as we have returning October 7th…SITH MANIA!!!!!

That’s right! Every Wednesday during the month of October we’ll have some awesome match-ups to present to you. The cards are still being finalized and contracts being drawn up, so I can’t say ALL the names we’ll have for you, but so far, we’ve got Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Aurra Sing, Darth Vader, & Darth Maul to name a few. But this time, they’re not going up against each other, thins time they’re taking on the…OOPS! Can’t say yet, but it’ll sure be one for the record books and not one you’ll want to miss. So book your flights, reserve your hotel, & get your tickets for the 4th greatest SW event this year (Episode VII is 1, Celebration Anaheim was 2, & Force Friday is 3). It will be stupendous, it will be spectacular, and dare we say it...MARVELous? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hue and cry

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2015-08-10, 09:09:00

You know me; I love to stay topical. Image

Sold Out! - Droids Custom Hammerhead

by Bill Cable
on 2015-08-05, 06:10:32

At long last I'm finished with my Droids Hammerhead customs. This figures is what I consider to be my best custom to date, and by ...

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Force Friday – less than a month away

by Darth Danno
on 2015-08-05, 05:02:33

It begins again in Sept. Running to all different stores in the middle of the night, trying to scoop up all the exclusives before they’re all gone and you end up having to pay 10x the retail price trying to purchase them on eBay. I’m thinking I’ll hit TRU first, then Wal Mart, then go home and collapse as I’m leaving for Albuquerque that night to go out there for the weekend for a “Breaking Bad” tour on Sat. At least that’s all paid for as I have no idea how much all the SW stuff I’ll just have to have will set me back! To all of you who will be venturing out that night as well, MTFBWY!

Droids Custom Hammerhead - hard part's over

by Bill Cable
on 2015-07-29, 08:02:28

With all the components ready for my Droids Hammerhead custom carded figures, and with almost everything done for the PSWCS Summer Social, I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon assembling cardbacks. That's basically using a glue stick to affix the printed front and back to comic book backer boards. ...

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Cable adds Palitoy Gold to the 3PO collection!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-07-29, 07:31:59

So last week I showed of a super-rare 3PO I picked up as the result of months of networking, years of brand-building, and a willingness to trade off a prime figure in my formerly complete MOC collection. It wasn't a herculean effort, but it was darn close to one.

Today ...

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Live long and prosper and may the force be with you

by Darth Danno
on 2015-07-24, 06:01:07

Back on the weekend of June 12-14th, I attended a Star Trek convention in Rosemont hosted by Creation Entertainment. Now the reason I was going was 5-fold. Ethan Phillips (who did a voice for the original "Knights of the Old Republic" game) was appearing on Friday. Terry Farrell (who is ...

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