Fine Art

by Bill Cable
on 2014-08-27, 05:59:15

My Droids Zuckuss is still mired in production delays. It'll get done eventually - just need for some things to play out for the supplier.

Since I can't really post much about my own art, I figured I'd share some from another artist. I was at the Walnut Street Art Festival in Pittsburgh last weekend, appreciating the varied and interesting art on display. One guy though, caught my particular attention. Greg Stones had some original art on display, including this Star Wars piece: Image

Fine art indeed! But it certainly fits with his style and humor. I checked his site for prints, but I'm guessing since it's not licensed he's only able to sell the original. If you're so inclined, it's still listed as available on his web site. Tell him sent you!

Another SW T.V. show on the horizon, w/some big names attached!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-08-27, 05:45:02

That's right! Another SW-themed show will be beamed down to our television sets sometime next year, (dates and channel TBA) and they're bringing back “The Clone Wars” BOO-YAH!!! I'm sure you all remember the story arc where the bounty hunter was kidnapping Jedi children and taking them to Mustafar so Darth Sidious could brainwash them? Well they're turning that three episode story into a full-fledged, live action, hour long program, with thirteen episodes planned for the first season. And they've cast none other than Bryan Cranston to play the bounty hunter! Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen, and Ian McDiarmid were approached about reprising their roles, but had to turn them down due to commitments with other projects. So who did they get instead??? How about Giancarlo Esposito, Aaron Paul, and Jonathan Banks!!! Why did they cast this particular quartet, and why are they only focusing on these three episodes and not a whole season, you ask? It didn't make any sense to me either until I heard the title of the show... “Breaking Cad”.

Aaaaaaaaand we're off!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-08-21, 06:42:26

It's official. I've bought my 4 day ticket to Celebration Anaheim. Ordered my first of the pin sets too. 4 pins + a t-shirt for $45.00 (+ $7.95 shipping + $4.05 tax) for a total of $57.00. I was really worried for a bit, thought these sets would go as ...

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Happy 20th Anniversary SWCA!

by Bill Cable
on 2014-08-20, 12:26:05 would like to wish a happy anniversary to The Star Wars Collectors Archive! 20 years ago, Gus Lopez and a group of other disreputables started a Vintage collecting guide that would go on to be the unrivaled reference across the globe. Over the years I've been honored to have a smattering of my collectibles featured on the Archive, and am proud to have played a small part in building this amazing resource. There really is no better source of knowledge for Vintage Star Wars. We wish everyone affiliated with SWCA many more happy years, and congratulate you on a stellar record of serving the community!


by Tresob Yr
on 2014-08-13, 20:12:29

Before the Neo-Tresob, I was an over-worked, under-employed chap who could excuse hours upon hours playing epic PC games or questing through Hyrule on my Wii. I deserved a break after all.

I was a man of leisure.

These days, I'm still over-worked and even more under-employed, but there's no way you can excuse a romp through Skyrim when a flesh and blood neophyte is howling in the next room, demanding food be inserted and/or removed.

This means it has been weeks...weeks...since I've had a chance to really dig into a deep game. Heck, I'm not even sure I remember what a video game looks I playing a video game right now? Image


by Bill Cable
on 2014-08-13, 07:32:20

WDVE radio in Pittsburgh is running a "Francoing" contest for Steeler season tickets. They asked people to submit creative photos recreating the Immaculate Reception. Since I already owned the helmet for it, I submitted an entry... Image

I hope you'll help me out by voting for entry 52! My entry needs to be among the top 25 to make it to final judging. There are some other very creative entries, so who knows how that'll go, but it'd be awesome to at least be eligible! To vote, you must first enter your Email address. Then you'll need to sign up for an iHeartRadio account (a big pain - I know I'm asking a lot!). And then vote for 52! Hopefully the power of the Dark Side will prevail, and I'll be in the stands cheering on the Black & Gold all season!

Finally upgrading an old Tri-logo!

by Bill Cable
on 2014-08-13, 07:13:58

Years ago I settled for a crushed-bubble Tri-logo Rebel Commando. I'm normally a stickler about bubble condition, but at the time there was a lot of craziness over "rare" Tri-logos, ERG, Nein Nunb, etc., and it seemed like new ones were classified as "rare" every other week, and I didn't recall ever seeing many Commandos, so I jumped on one quick before it too was identified and the price jumped by hundreds of dollars.

That never happened with the Commando. And I ended up stuck with this here figure: Image Image

I always intended to upgrade eventually. Well, "eventually" happened at Steel City Con on Friday. There was a guy with a couple dozen MOC Vintage figures, part of a "score" for which his partner overpaid and thus he was unable to negotiate much on prices. Most were beater ROTJ and there were a few ESBs, but what caught my eye was the 4 Tri-logos hiding on the bottom shelf. And wouldn't you know it, one was a Rebel Commando. The bubble wasn't perfect, but it was a marked upgrade over the one I'd purchased years ago. So I pulled the trigger. Image Image

I took some photos of the old one intending to sell it, but then I noticed something: The old figure has is the painted face version of Rebel Commando, while the new one is molded-face. Interesting indeed! Now I need to figure out if one of these is outrageously valuable. Those variant hunter guys can be loony that way. Here's hoping! Though I'd hate to have to upgrade AGAIN...

One with the Force

by Darth Danno
on 2014-08-13, 07:00:49

Saw online that Joe Viskocil passed away at the age of 63. He worked on pyrotechnics and miniature explosions for both Episode IV & V. Never even heard he was ailing or sick, so that was a shock. I just bought his autograph from Coolwaters Productions end of last year ...

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Working for the weekend!

by Bill Cable
on 2014-08-06, 12:08:05

It's been kinda crazy for me these past few weeks. After getting back from vacation, and missing NICE over July 4th, I've been working to wrap up a bunch of projects at work. That's because I'm changing jobs! Not employers, mind you... just jobs. I'm "moving on up" to our main office building downtown. It's awesome. And it's been the focus of my attention and the source of a whole bunch of stress.

But this weekend I finally get to bask for a while in some Star Wars goodness. Friday I'm attending Steel City Con in Monroeville. Then Saturday I'm attending the PSWCS Summer Social in Carlisle, PA. And I'm more than ready for a good dose of friends and festivities!

Odds & ends

by Darth Danno
on 2014-08-06, 06:49:29

The first seven minutes of “Rebels” is available for your viewing pleasure. Looks to be a good show...if you get Disney XD. I remember when Disney shows & films used to run on regular T.V. every Sunday evening back when I was a kid. I guess that really was a long time ago.

Officialpix has a couple of “Rebels” signed pics up in their store. Thought that when they announced they were going to have them, the signing would be upcoming and you could pre-order one and have it personalized to you. Oh well, maybe they'll have the stars at Celebration Anaheim.

Officialpix also has an area under autographs titled “garage sale” where they're offering “autographs on photos that may have some slight damage and cannot be sold at full retail price”. Currently they only have 3 SW autos: Carrie Fisher, Amy Allen, and T.C. Carson, but they also have two copies of Warwick Davis' book.

As of yesterday, we hit the 500 days away mark until the opening of Episode VII, but still no announcement on when the final season of “the Clone Wars” will be released on DVD.

Wizardworld Chicago is just over two weeks away, and still no SW guests announced. Flashback weekend is this coming weekend...and also, no SW guests. What the Force!!!

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