File under: You had ONE JOB...

by Bill Cable
on 2015-06-24, 07:18:22

You had ONE JOB mister nameplate engraver dude... Image

Celebration Anaheim: The 10 Best

by Darth Danno
on 2015-06-24, 07:16:01

  1. "Smuggler’s Bounty"
  2. The new "Secrets of the Cantina" panel
  3. Taking in two Disney parks (FINALLY! It took over 46 years!)
  4. Getting 6 photo-ops
  5. Getting the exclusive Gentle Giant bust
  6. Getting the exclusive SW Lego set
  7. Chatting (albeit briefly) with Tom Spina
  8. Getting to hang w/Bill
  9. Meeting Joel Aron (again, briefly)
  10. Meeting Dave Filoni for a second time

Of course, "Elite Character Focus collecting" gets an honorable mention

And The 10…Not So Best

by Darth Danno
on 2015-06-24, 07:15:13

  1. Next Celebration is in London???
  2. Disneyland doesn’t have one of those "D-Tech" machines where they can turn you into a SW figure
  3. "The Force Awakens" exhibit needed to be put in a more accessible area
  4. No Hasbro exclusive figure AGAIN!
  5. No shuttle service between the hotel(s) and the convention center
  6. No Slave Leia gathering
  7. Meeting the required spending amounts in the Celebration store and not being able to get the exclusive pins associated with them.
  8. Being able to count the number of autographs I needed on one hand. (I should have to use both hands & both feet!)
  9. The times for the photo-ops forced (no pun intended) me to give up my spot in the speed dating
  10. No new cast members from "The Force Awakens" in the autograph hall

Hasbro Fan Choice RESURRECTED!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-06-23, 09:48:58 received a message yesterday from our friends at Hasbro announcing a new Star Wars Fans' Choice Figure. To put together this year's poll, they reached out to various Star Wars collecting sites and asked each to poll their readers. So that's what we're gonna do!

The poll is to choose the first Fans' Choice figure in the Black 6" series. So that's very exciting! Any Star Wars character is eligible EXCEPT those from The Force Awakens.

The most relevant passage from the details of the poll, I believe, is this: "All polling result lists will be combined and weighed equally". That means the list from will be weighted equally to the list from RebelScum! Ha Ha!

We're going to collect the choices of our readers via Email. Send your TOP FIVE choices for the first Fans' Choice 6" figure to Please get them in by Monday, June 29th. I'll pass them along to Hasbro on Tuesday. I expect some interesting choices from our very unique readership.

Personally, my top choice goes to Hondo!

Action Figures & Their Beers - Ultra Sound

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2015-06-23, 07:23:44


Wa tetu dat uta, gang! It’s my birthday today, so I’m giving everyone else a present, in the form of another helpful and amusing beer reivew. You lucky, lucky people! You should be able to guess where this article’s going from the titles, but there’s some backstory and credit ...

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Celebration Anaheim – The Review

by Darth Danno
on 2015-06-17, 07:04:03

Again, in the hopes that those responsible for planning these events will of course read this, take everything as gospel, and make the necessary corrections for future Celebrations. Making improvements where necessary, and taking those area that are good and making them even better. I give you my unbiased and ...

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The return home (Mon)

by Darth Danno
on 2015-06-10, 06:52:44

The alarm went off promptly at 6:00 am, and I awoke to realize I had fallen asleep still in my clothes and the only packing I had done was getting all the posters I had collected into the cardboard tube I had brought along, so it was time to get ...

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Droids custom update - Coins!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-05-27, 07:06:44

The last component I need to assemble my next run of Droids custom carded figures is the coins. And it turns out my taste in coins for these is expensive. I couldn't go with a nice, $5 Cat I coin... Noooooooo! I had to want something that actually has Hammerhead on it - and that'd be the Cat III "Creatures" coin. That's not a coin I can just grab off eBay at will... and even if I could, I wouldn't look forward to paying the $500 it'd go for. So - bit of a quandary.

Enter the solution - my good friend Yehuda! Yehuda just happens to have a complete set of POTF coins, and he's a nice enough guy to cast a mold off some of them for me. And here's the Creatures mold: Image

Now this, and a couple other molds, are on their way to Bantha5 who will be casting the resin coins I'll be using for my customs. We're getting ever so close now!

New art for a good cause

by Bill Cable
on 2015-05-27, 06:54:27

I wanted to share a bit of art I did for an upcoming auction to benefit Garrison Carida. The past few years when they've thrown their "Academy Bash" I've donated original artwork to the auction they hold to raise money to buy toys for their hospital visits. I really like how this one turned out, so I figured I'd post it. It's watercolor with a bit of ink. Image

Star Wars Celebration (Sun)

by Darth Danno
on 2015-05-27, 06:46:34

I don’t even remember what time I got to the con this day, I was there before it opened, but much later than I had on Thu and Fri. I was in the 3rd or 4th queue line this time, and my first order of business was to try and ...

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