Droids Custom Gamorrean Guard: MOC(k)ed up!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-07-11, 07:59:19

This is the home stretch, folks! I know a bunch of you out there are eager to snatch up one of my finished customs. I hope to offer it for sale within the month. So keep on checking in on CreatureCantina.com if you don't want to miss it.

The Gamorrean Guard custom is unique of my run in that the bubble is SO MUCH BIGGER than anything else I've done. As a result, I needed to heavily modify the bubble area on the cardback layout. And I had to make sure the revised dimensions looked right when the bubble is mounted. So I did a mock-up!

CreatureCantina.com Image

Now, this isn't a traditional mock-up. The bubble isn't mounted to the paper in any way. But this was good enough to confirm everything is positioned properly.

So all I have left to do is...

  • Paint the Gam Guard coins
  • Take a photo of a Gam Guard figure
  • Modify the card back with Gam Guard photo and text
  • Print fronts and backs
  • Assemble!

That's not too bad! Like I said - within the month!

Out with the old and busted... in with the HUGE!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-07-11, 07:56:50

Eight and a half years ago, I purchased an 11x17 flatbed scanner. It was a Mustek Scan Express A3 1200. I needed a large-format scanner for my C7-YB comic strips, which I drew on large paper. And the Mustek was my best available option. It set me back $336.28 ...

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And in third place... Han Solo

by Darth Danno
on 2018-07-11, 07:31:02

I'm sure many of the purists will wholeheartedly disagree with me, but we are truly all entitled to our own opinions, and I also plan on giving what I believe to be valid reasons for why I believe what I believe. So before I lose everyone completely, after having seen ...

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No Disintegrations: That's a Wrap!

by Tresob Yr
on 2018-07-09, 20:54:40

The Boba Fett Fan Club just released its last episode of "No Disintegrations." It's been a blast working from the other side of the country with filmmaker Aaron Proctor and his crew and watching the amazing shots they've gotten to make this thing feel authentic. And it's been an honor watching Mr. Mark Austin do his Boba thing with the words I've cobbled together.

We've declared this the last episode of Season One, but the Youtube crowd is already calling for a Season Two...

Rumor has it that I might be getting replaced by Rian Johnson...so we'll see what happens.

(Rumor also has it that Bill plans on giving my CC.com account to Rian Johnson as well unless I start producing original content again.)

Quick & Dirty Review: Force Link 2.0 Wampa & Hoth Luke

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2018-07-08, 08:48:36

Okay, so there’s a new wampa out, and it looks pretty spiffy. Despite my recent vow to give up collecting altogether, I thought I should buy it, because my “Ultra-Class” wampa from 14 years ago is starting to look a little worse for wear and go a bit gummy. And ...

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Happy Force of July

by Darth Danno
on 2018-07-04, 07:03:02

You know, we haven't had a Star Wars-themed holiday since May the 4th, and considering how popular that day is, I believe Star Wars is far too awesome to be relegated to only one holiday, so I thought, why not give it July 4th, or in this case, "July Force"! You can celebrate our country's independence, or Naboo's independence from the Trade Federation, the Rebellion's independence against the Empire, the Resistance's independence against the First Order, Vader's independence from the Emperor, etc…the possibilities are endless! What better day to put some Ribs Fortuna, brAT-ATs and AT-STeaks on the grill, bake up some Hanion rings, and smother them in Qi'ranch dressing. Show off your pride with the old Red squadron, Jedi Whites (or Wights), and Blue Harvest! And once it gets dark, blow up whatever insert name of former regime here installation you can get your hands on, and perhaps have a Sith Lord funeral pyre as well. After reading all of this, doesn't it seem like this day was made with Star Wars in mind?? Consider that 1776 is just 1977 with the "6" turned upside down and placed between the "1" and the first "7".

However you choose to celebrate, may it be a happy and safe one, and may the Force be with you always!

CreatureCantina reviews: Jenga GIANT!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-07-03, 12:58:00

So just before I left for vacation, I received an email on behalf of the folks at Jenga asking if I'd like to review their newest product - Jenga GIANT. I said heck yes I would! It arrived the day I got back, which was perfect timing, as I ...

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No Disintegrations: Penultimate Episode

by Tresob Yr
on 2018-06-25, 20:05:42

Hey, gang! The folks at the Boba Fett Fan Club just released the next-to-last episode of No Disintegrations. This episode features a reference to CC.com's favorite multi-mammaried regular at Jabba's Palace, so I didn't want to miss out on sharing.

This fan-film series is shot and directed by Aaron Proctor and friends, and it continues to star Mark Austin, who donned the Boba Fett suit for the Special Edition of A New Hope. It's been a ball working with these guys on the scripts.

Droids Custom Gamorrean Guard: First Look!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-06-20, 06:49:02

Progress report! So I've essentially finished up the coloring of the Droids GG. I printed out my first test proof, and this thing is pretty close to ready. Check it out!

CreatureCantina.com Image

I'm going with Tri-logo Gamorrean Green for the bubble area. I've already done a bunch of yellow backgrounds, and I like how the green helps the GG in the artwork to pop. I still need to tweak a few things. Possibly re-tone the background so the Rancor doesn't blend in so much. And the shape of the bubble area needs to be changed to suit the larger bubble. But I gotta say - I'm almost there, and I'm quite happy with how this is turning out!

Some "Solo"-esque headlines

by Darth Danno
on 2018-06-20, 06:35:01

  1. All the surprises in "Solo" were kept under MoLOCH & QI'ra.
  2. To contact Darth Maul, Qi'ra first thought to give him a ring, but opted to send him a holo-gram instead.
  3. It's a good thing Dryden wasn't stabbed any lower, otherwise he could have ended up with a Vos-ectomy.
  4. It's been confirmed the 4 armed Ardennian will NOT be appearing in "Rio 3".
  5. Crimson Dawn uses Crait's resources to create a red colored dishwashing liquid that as-salts dirt and grime.
  6. Tobias Beckett to start a grading service for Star Wars cards.
  7. Who is Homer Simpson's favorite character in the film? Who else but LanD'OH!
  8. It's been said that Han's inability to get into the Imperial Navy left him blue.
  9. Do you think Tobias ever sent his girlfriend a Val-entine?
  10. Lando and the Falcon are always ready for any kind of cape-r.
  11. Can one play Sabacc with a Sarlacc?
  12. Han ran the Kessel in Lando's vessel.
  13. Do you think there were Proxima-ty alarms set up in her inner sanctum?
  14. If you take L3 and add C3, do you think things could get SIX-ual?

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