Action Figures & Their Beers - Big, fat goose egg

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-16, 06:16:57


I reckoned I should work a mini-series in here somewhere, so today, we begin a six-parter featuring a Lidl-exclusive beer range from the Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. I had to go back to some of the oldest toys in my collection to find a match for this first in the mini-series, both of which are wind-ups from Tomy: a waddling goose from the Pocket Pets line, and, because it’s shaped vaguely like a golden egg, a Rascal Robot (also known as a Star Robot or Pocket ’Bot). I’m inordinately fond of this little guy. He’s like R2-D2 and Robot B-9 from Lost in Space had a baby, then they got C-3PO to dress him. Researching them online, Tomy’s Rascal Robots were only made in 1977 and 1978, so I’ve had this little feller since I was four years old, according to the date stamp under his adorable tiny feet. And he’s still in perfect working order, even after 39 years.

AF&TB Golden Goose & Tomy wind-ups

But this beer . . . Enh. I dunno if I got a bad bottle or what, but this is one of the blandest, most uninteresting beers I’ve had in a while. The kind of generic beer in a clear plastic cup you get at concerts or sporting events which is mostly only good for washing down popcorn and dubious hot dogs. It’s watery, with a metallic, yeasty aftertaste. The kind of beer high school kids and college freshmen get hold of when their parents aren’t around and go “WOOOOOOO!!!” to. So, no, not a fan.

Drink this if you also like: Cheap stadium beer, beer out of red Solo cups in someone's parents' basement.

In Defense of George Lucas: For Reals

by Tresob Yr
on 2017-10-15, 21:47:27

I'm excited by the new Force Awakens II trailer. I am. It made me really sad for Luke and nervous about the fate of our new friends. I'm more upset about the prospect of watching Rey turn dark than I ever was regarding Anakin...who was always a jerk and never ...

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Action Figures & Their Beers - Protect ya neck!

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-13, 17:41:22


Huzzah, a new Wychwood to try, and it’s a good ’un! “A Golden Beer to wash away the drought,” and “The perfect beer to quench the driest of throats, Mosaic hops release a combination of berry, fruity, & citrus blasts resulting in a mouth-watering golden beer to wash away the ...

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Action Figures & Their Beers - Hell is other planets

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-11, 11:47:49


This beer got its name by being a Helles / Pilsner hybrid. Made with a Pilsner malt from Bamberg (one of only two breweries outside Germany to use this type), Bavarian lager yeast, and Perle & Hallertauer Tradition hops, this 4.6% ABV beverage from the Camden Town Brewery is ...

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My stuff on eBay, ONE LAST TIME!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-10-11, 08:12:17

OK you frugal jerks... so you didn't want to pay my ENTIRELY REASONABLE Facebook prices for some awesome Vintage toys? Now's your chance to bid way low and maybe win some for a fraction of what they're worth! Image

In my opinion, the most interesting auctions are the two parts lots for the playsets. How often do you find factory-fresh, super-minty parts that came direct mailed from Kenner? I'd wager like never. But because of the original owner's mom, who lied to Kenner and exploited their "We Really Do Care" customer service initiative, we have here a bunch of those parts! How can you not appreciate the uniqueness of such a thing?

The rest of the toys you've seen before, and nothing's really changed. This is the last stuff left from my score, so don't miss this opportunity to own some of it!

Awesome stuff, right? So bid high and bid often! Or bid low and hope for the best. Just bid!!

Action Figures & Their Beers - More hot stuff

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-10, 06:36:59


Wychwood has brought us this 3.5% “Dazzling Golden Beer,” as it says on the label. Also on said label: The warming hints of honeyed nectar will spark the intense & sharp gooseberry flames. A refreshingly crisp catch smouldering in citrus aromas that will leave you glowing inside.”

AF&TB Firecatcher & “Fire-Guts Ginrai”

Now, I would’ve loved to put this beer next to the Target-Exclusive “Immolated” General Grievous, but – and you’re probably noticing a trend in this series of AF&TB – he’s in storage and I don’t know exactly where he is. So instead, here’s old “Fire Guts” Ginrai, a hot-headed, somewhat pyro-themed, and suspiciously Optimus-Clone-looking Cybertronian Knight from the 2014 BotCon “Knights vs. Pirates” set. I’m not particularly au fait with the Japanese TransFormers cartoons, but here’s an edifying link for you to click on, should the fancy take you: Ginrai. In a nutshell, though, he’s basically Flaming Hot-flavour Powermaster Optimus Prime.

And, yeah, you get a bit of sweetness & tartness with this beer. A bit of berry & citrus. But not a lot. It complements the basic beer-ness of this brew very well, however. Makes it a bit mellow and interesting, without being too dry, and with not much sour hoppy aftertaste. And yes, Greeata, My Sweet, It Is Crisp And Refreshing. (Inside joke, gang.)

Drink this if you also like: Slightly sweet beers, refreshing lagers.

New BFFC Video: Jabba's Memo

by Tresob Yr
on 2017-10-08, 20:08:47

The second installment of the Boba Fett Fan Club's video series "No Disintegrations" was released.

As mentioned before, that's Mark Austin in there (who also suited up the armor for the Special Edition of A New Hope).

On a side note, did you play "Just Get the Treasure v0.9.1" (my submission to the IFComp 2017), yet?

Action Figures & Their Beers - Hot stuff

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-06, 03:35:42


For the longest time, we had no Brooklyn Brewing Company products here in England. Then, we had Brooklyn Lager, and that was it for many years. Recently, we’ve got a couple more varieties, and I’ve tried them and enjoyed them. This is the story of one such brew. ...

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Action Figures & Their Beers - Geared up

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-04, 09:31:06


I’ve been seeing quite a few Pistonhead brews on the Facebook beer group Bill and I belong to, and when they started appearing here in my corner of England, I thought I’d give them a try. I tried the “regular old” Pistonhead UPA on draft on my birthday this year, and quite enjoyed it, though the aftertaste was a bit much for my liking. Then, the local supermarkets started carrying a couple other Pistonhead varieties, so I bagged a couple of these to try:

AF&TB Pistonhead Full Amber & Roboto

Mildly aromatic, much fruitier (almost mango-ish), and with less of a sour aftertaste, I like this lager a lot better than their UPA. It’s 6% ABV, refreshing as all get-out, and I do rather love it. Not much else to say about it, really.

This beer is teamed up with MOTU Classics Roboto, because the original Roboto figure from 1985 (which I no longer have) had an actual piston going up through his actual head. Turning the figure’s waist drove the gears in its torso, which caused the “mechanical heart” in his chest to “beat.” Actually, the “heart” spun on a camshaft, driving the piston that went up through his head to work his moving jaw feature. This modern version lacks the mechanical jaw, but retains the moving gear feature and swappable arm-weapons of the original.

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