Star Wars Figures Worst to First - ROTJ77/79: Part 1!!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-29, 06:32:36

The latter half of the Vintage ROTJ line of action figure is not good. The build quality of the figures is mostly fine, but the characters chosen and the way they're sculpted leaves a lot to be desired. So what's an action figure critic to do? Mock them mercilessly!

You can catch up on all our Worst to First countdowns at the Star Wars Figures Worst to First YouTube channel! Fundraiser at Star Wars™ Celebration Orlando

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-29, 06:26:08, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS), will be selling BB-8 themed medallions at Star Wars™ Celebration Orlando to raise funds to support No Warrior without Help. Image

No Warrior without Help, based in Central Pennsylvania, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides direct financial support to assist wounded veterans as well as train service dogs.

The limited edition medallion is fully approved by Lucasfilm and has an edition size of 1000 pieces. Each medallion features the likeness of BB-8 on the front, along with the date and the name of the charity, No Warrior without Help. The back features the PSWCS logo.

The medallions will be $12 each and will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and receipt as they are tax deductible.

The medallions go on sale at the PSWCS booth 2055 during Star Wars™ Celebration Orlando from April 13 – 16, 2017. Remaining medallions will be available for sale online after the convention although we expect a sellout during the event. Star Wars Celebration Exclusive!

by Darth Danno
on 2017-03-29, 06:19:58

Funko, Lego, Hallmark, and I'm sure many others will all have exclusives at SWC, but now…so will! We (as in Bill and myself as it looks like we're the only ones from the site attending the con) will have 100 patches (25 per day) designed by our illustrious leader himself, Mr. Bill Cable, that we'll be handing out to those lucky fans who hunt us down and ask us for them! Find us early, because if we've given out our allotment for that day, you'll have to wait until the next day to try and get lucky (patch-wise, that is.) We sincerely hope you enjoy these patches, and the greatest convention of all time that they represent. Image

Now unfortunately will not have our own booth, so you'll have to catch us walking around the show floor, or you may catch Bill from time to time at the PSWCS booth and I'll make sure to check in with him daily so if you see him at the booth and he's already out of patches, he can tell you what I'm wearing that day and send you off looking for me. I'm hoping to have something very recognizable and unique that will be with me all the days of the show, but you'll have to be in attendance to find out exactly what that is. So we're looking forward to seeing you at the show and…happy hunting!

Final Day to Order Your C-3PO Charity Medallion Online

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-23, 05:03:47

The final day to order your C-3PO medallion online is here! Online orders end Friday, March 24th and any remaining medallions will only be available at Star Wars Celebration Orlando from April 13-16th. Image

Don’t miss out, order now! If you won’t be attending Celebration this is sure to be your last chance to help a worthy charity, Pets for U.S. Vets, and add an exciting item to your collection. Your donation will fund the free adoptions of shelter pets by U.S. military veterans.

The C-3PO medallion is limited to an edition of 1,000 pieces, and are sold online for $12.50 each, including shipping within the US. International shipping is available at an additional cost.

The C-3PO medallions are fully approved by Lucasfilm and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and receipt as they are tax deductible. Order yours while you still can at

Droids Custom IG-88: SOLD OUT!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-22, 06:53:59

You guys have been asking for this one since I made my Bossk back in 2003... and now you can finally own it! I'm thrilled to present for your purchase consideration: Droids Custom IG-88. Image

The story behind the art... well, surprisingly, the Vintage POTF coin ...

Click here to read the WHOLE story!

Your time runs out in THREE DAYS!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-22, 06:12:14

If you haven't yet ordered a C-3PO charity medallion to benefit Pets for U.S. Vets, then your last chance to do so is nigh! That is unless you'll be in Orlando in mid-April. We're packing up our remaining medallions this weekend, bound for Celebration. So you last day to order one online is FRIDAY. This is a fantastic collectible for a fantastic cause, so don't miss your chance! You can order at Image

Droids Custom IG-88: On sale WEDNESDAY!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-20, 07:25:37

My latest Droids Custom is finished! Behold the largest run yet (and possibly ever): Image

That's a run of 21 custom IG-88s, because my bubble guy did an over-run of more than double what I ordered, and it'd be a crime not to use them all. I doubt I'll get any complaints, because this custom turned out awesome.

I will post my IG-88s for sale to the public on Wednesday morning, between 9am and 10am Eastern time. I'll post the sale here on first, then share it on the Facebook page and a couple other FB groups. If you want one, set your alarm right now! You've been notified!

Droids Custom IG-88: My new favorite toy!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-15, 06:14:31

I've been doing this custom thing for a while now. I did my first back in 2003, believe it or not! Sure, there was a decade break in there after I finished the first four, but that's still a lot of experience. As I gained experience, and perfected one thing ...

Click here to read the WHOLE story!

One month away!!!!

by Darth Danno
on 2017-03-15, 05:56:37

Hard to believe that Star Wars Celebration starts four weeks from this Thu! Equally hard to believe is that the 4 day adult passes are already sold out and have been for some time. Soooooooooo excited Felicity Jones will be attending, as well as Alan Tudyk. Hope they announce more of the "Rogue One" cast in the near future as well. I have tickets to attend the 501st bash, the night at Disney, as well as one of the Friday slots in the sci-fi speed dating. All in all, it should be an awesome, but incredibly hectic time.

Wanted to let everyone know that Bill and I are working on a top secret project to be revealed here in the coming weeks. Something that will benefit those in attendance at Star Wars Celebration. Now I’m not going to say any more at this time, just be sure to be checking back here every week for all the latest and greatest news the Star Wars galaxy has to offer!

Droids Custom IG-88: CATASTROPHE!!!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-15, 05:52:29

So... fun story! I was assembling my Droids IG-88 customs, when I noticed a number of the Vintage IG-88 figures I was using had warped legs. That's a common occurrence with IG-88 figures, since their legs are kinda rubbery and kinda skinny. And I thought to myself, "I don't want warp-legged IG-88s on my customs... but I heard if you boil them the legs snap back to their original shape!"

So I boiled them

And it WORKED! All the legs were pencil straight when I fished the figures out of the boiling water. But then I noticed a problem...

I discovered not only does boiling straighten out the legs of an IG-88 figure... it can also strip off the paint on the torso! Which happened. To three of my previously very nice IG-88 figures. I know it's hard to tell in this photo, but the torsos on each of them look bleached. Image

I decided they couldn't be salvaged. So that's the reason why I don't have my IG-88s on sale today. They'd have all been done, except for this tragedy. I reached out to some friends, and I have replacements on the way to me. So expect these to go up on sale next Wednesday. is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!!
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