Action Figures & Their Beers - Berry weird

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2013-05-13, 02:55:30


Wychwood brewery mixes beer with fruit again in this week’s review, something I really think they should test more before they send their products to market. Their Pumpking ale was lovely, their Snake’s Bite beer / cider hybrid from last week’s review was too bitter, and this one is just . . . a bit wrong. Made with bramble berries (raspberries and blackberries), this ale has rich, strong flavours and aromas that fight each other like crazy. Image

You are no doubt wondering why this beer is matched up with, of all things, a TIE Fighter Pilot (specifically, I believe, Lt. Oxixo from the recent pilots packs). Well, the obvious choice for this beer would’ve been one of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Which, being a male guy of the masculine variety, I do not own any of. However, high school chums Carl “The Doctor” Stitz and Randy McKim both remember owning TIE Fighter Pilot figures back in the 1980s which, strangely, smelled like strawberries. We reckon Ms. Shortcake had a thing for flyboys, and when the lights were turned off at the toy factory . . . . Well, you fill in the rest. It’s too disturbing to type out.

Anywho, like Snake’s Bite, the sweet acidity of the fruits in this product just clashes with the refreshing mellowness of Wychwood’s beer base. I bought a dozen of these when they first were in stock, because I like beer and I like bramble berries. And I can’t tell you what a struggle it was to drink my way through those twelve bottles. An interesting experiment worth trying, but not something I’d buy again. Now, if they’d done it with boysenberries, that might’ve been a whole other story. I loves me some boysenberries! But boysenberries are an American cultivar, so that’s unlikely to happen over here any time soon. Dagnabbit.

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