Action Figures & Their Beers - Grazin' in the grass

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2013-04-15, 18:30:35


This is the second South African drink to be featured in AF&TB (the first being Amarula). Savanna Dry Premium cider is a decently alcoholic 5.5% ABV cider imported from, as I say, South Africa. It’s very close to the typical British recipe, right down to the sulphite preservatives. Having said that, the slightly higher alcohol content helps mask the taste of the preservatives, and in fact, it’s just a bit more apple-y than the usual British ciders. So, while it ain’t the best cider I’ve ever drunk, it’s certainly quite nice compared to the rest of the field. And speaking of big, grassy fields . . . . Image

If it’s from Africa, and called Savanna, you have to have Cheetor (this version being his Universe incarnation) as the front-man for it. You just have to. Although he’d probably rather go to Six Lasers Over Cybertron than kick back with a cold one. Which is why Rattrap is way cooler. Fun cheetah fact: the cat-crazy Dynastic Egyptians, besides building pyramids and being the inspiration for countless slot machines, used to keep cheetahs as pets, and frequently trained them as retrievers for when they went hunting. I’m not much of a hunting enthusiast*, but imagine the fun it would be going duck-hunting with a cheetah as your retriever! At the very least, he’d beat all the hounds to the birds and you’d be eating plump, delicious duck for most of the winter. Nice.

* I’ll wait until civilisation collapses before I take up hunting. Not for any moral or ethical choices; it’s just that going to supermarkets and butchers for my meat is far easier, less tick-intensive, and without as much risk of getting shot by trigger-happy idjits.

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