Action Figures & Their Beers -- Sharpshooter

by Bill Cable
on 2024-07-10, 08:10:56

We go back to my favorite local watering hole, Spoonwood Brewing Co., to review a limited bottle release from earlier this year. Image

Right Between the Eyes is a barrel-aged stout that was released back in February. Aged 7 months in (local Pittsburgh distillery) Wigle bourbon and rye whiskey barrels, I first had this one back when it launched. I purchased two bottles. The first I drank immediately. My initial reaction was that it was pretty good, if a bit rough around the edges. As I write this review I remember I was supposed to share the second bottle with a friend of mine, but that's something I completely forgot about. Last weekend I was just like "Oh yeah, that's been sitting in the basement for a while. May as well drink it!" Oops...

Well, my friend's loss is my tremendous gain, because bottle-aged an extra 5 months in my basement, this thing is a banger! Just every good thing I love about a barrel-aged stout. It begins with immediate bourbon booziness. Then it transitions to vanilla. Finally it evolves to coffee, which lingers on the palate for ages. Almost as long as this thing was aged in barrels. It's bold and pleasant and the extra months evened out and mellowed the flavors to pure bliss.

To pair with this treat I chose legendary sniper Fennec Shand, played by fellow Pittsburgher, and local treasure, Ming-Na Wen. If there's anyone in the whole of Star Wars who could put a shot right between someone's eyes, it's Fennec! I mean sure, you could argue for Crosshair I guess. But as we saw in The Bad Batch, he got much worse with age. And this stout got much, much better. I only wish I'd purchased three bottles instead of two.

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