Here we are again...

by Darth Danno
on 2022-12-14, 07:50:55

It's December, and over the next week will be the anniversaries of 4 of the 5 Disney-era Star Wars films, and no new movie in sight. 2019 was the last one, so we've been dry going on three years now. I know we've had various "SW" shows on "Disney+", but to me it doesn't compare to sitting in a darkened theater with my soda & bucket of buttery popcorn and getting lost in that galaxy far, far away. I wish the powers-that-be would bring the films back to the theater for the month. But how many would go see them again considering the appeal of the sequel trilogy varies greatly from fan to fan, and anyone who has "D+" can just watch them for free. The holidays of 2015-2019 were nice as far as having a new "Star Wars" film to look forward to each holiday season, considering my family had all passed away before "Rogue One" had even premiered, so Christmastime held very little appeal for me otherwise. Now there isn't much for me to look forward to in the cinema until June 30th when the new "Indiana Jones" film comes out. Yes, I want to see the new "Ant Man" film in Feb., but I'll see anything with Evangeline Lilly in it. I know the sequel to "Avatar" opens this coming weekend as well, but at a run time of over 3 hours, they better have an intermission to allow us to make use of the facilities, as I didn't pay good money to go to the movies to miss part of it being in the men's room.

Season 2 of the "Bad Batch" premieres the beginning of next month, but the holidays will be past us, and I hear the first two months of 2023 are supposed to be crap-tacular as far as the weather goes. Lots of polar vortexes to look forward to. Yaaaaaaay. All snow & cold and no Wampas to be found, not even an Imperial Probe Droid sighting! At least George Lucas knew how to make winters interesting, and if you didn't like it, you could just travel off-world. Sure, I could venture down to a warmer climate for a while, but my offers to Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, and Emilia Clarke to join me have gone unanswered, and who wants to vacation by themselves? Unless you're Obi-Wan Kenobi, but that was more of a self-imposed exile/bodyguard duty as opposed to a vacation. Personally, I'd take sand over snow any day! is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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