CreatureCantia's Best In Swag Celebration Anaheim 2022!

by Bill Cable
on 2022-06-15, 08:04:25

It took a while longer than I'd hoped to put this together, but I'm happy to finally present my Best In Swag winners for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022!

I picked up a lot of swag at Celebration... Image

And that's not nearly all of it! I found two more bags of it after taking this photo. This while making nearly zero effort to collect anything, just from trades when I handed out stuff. So there was a lot to go through, but here's my selections for the top stuff. I'm going to start with an unordered Critic's Choices list before presenting my top 3 pieces.

Critic's Choices:

Beer koozies. Nicely done. Clean art. Image

K-2SO Soap. Actual fully-sculpted soap in a custom box. So much work! Image

Pennants. Original. More clean art. Image

Jawa pins. Got a lot of chuckles. Image

Where's Ron? pin. The effort to dig up a childhood photo of Ron to make this? Impressive. Image

Mando pin. Glorious profanity. Image

Ice Cream patch set. Tons of effort. Nice art. Probably would have made my top 3 if someone had slipped me an ice cream scoop... ;-) Image

Mando patch. Super nice quality. Translucent plastic letters and velcro backing. Image

Parker pin set. Nice tribute to Vintage advertising. Image

Collecting Track barf bag. For when you think of how little you sold all this stuff for back in the early 2000s. Image

Survival Kit. Nicely done, even if I had to walk ALL THE WAY back to my room to get the numbered pin I was randomly handed earlier that day to redeem it for the kit... Image

Dive bar matches. I've been reading too many of Tommy Garvey's vintage match book posts, I think... Image

Beer patch set. A perennial favorite. Always gorgeous. Image

Toltoys merit badge patches. Nice art. Also velcro-backed. Image

Comtech pins. A lot of passion went into these. Nicely executed. Image

And now for my Top Three Best in Swag!

At Number THREE we have a tribute to the best in-joke of The Book of Boba Fett... Image

A mash-up of a smarmy Ithorian and a 1970s icon, Mayor McCheese. Art style matching the McDonald's promos I grew up with. This was both clever and nicely done.

At Number TWO I present a pair of items that'll light up your life... Image

This pair of hand-sculpted and hand-cast wax candles was easily the most impressive swag handed out at Celebration. Featuring graphics matching the Vintage Wilton cake candles, these beauties made of actual wax cannot be overhyped.

What could possibly top those incredible candles, you ask?? I guess I gotta tell you, don't I? My choice for the Number ONE Best in Swag of Celebration Anaheim 2022 is... Image

That's right! It's the Rando Pleb "No Access" Celebration Badge. For what seems like a decade at this point (but has really only been 3 years), Ross Cuddie has been traveling to Celebrations and toy conventions and meet-ups with a cut-out of a photo of a nameless Galaxy's Edge staffer he calls "Rando Pleb." The running joke is that he's a nobody. Not special in any way. Just a guy stumbling through life. To have the idea to make a badge of the character that can literally do nothing for you - absolute brilliance. That alone would have won the top spot.

But then it got better.

Half-way through Celebration, Ross posted a photo of somewhere where ONLY his badge could get you in! Image

That... is priceless.

So the rich history of the adventures of Rando Pleb and the special moments he provoked are what win this item Best in Swag. Congrats to all of our Top 3, and to everyone who made the cut for this article.

A final note - please be impressed that I was classy enough to omit my own swag from the rankings. I mean, I would take the top 3 in any unbiased contest, but this article was to honor other people's efforts, not my own herculean ones. is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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