Action Figures & Their Beers Boozes -- Blue Tooth

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2022-01-02, 19:10:59


For starters, folks: Happy New Year! Now that we've got that out of the way . . . .

On our last trip up to Helen, Georgia, we (my wife, my wife's business partner, his girlfriend, and I) stopped by a marvellous and highly-recommnded alcohol emporium on the main road (The Alpine Brew Store & Bottle Haus), and we did a lot of browsing and a little purchasing. As soon as I saw today's featured bottle promising to deliver on two of my favourite things -- mead and blueberries -- it had to be mine! But the copy on the label was . . . off-putting.

"Mangata. The Moon Road. Blueberries hand picked by shield maidens under a full moon using the reflection of the deep almost purple shimmering waters of the fjords inspired by the Alchemist. As he saw the baskets overflowing with this perfect little berry he decided to take his now perfected Solifaction mead and steep it in with those blueberries to allow them to impart all their sweet flavors. Serve it chilled like the crisp air of a starlit winter night in the North." Further down the back label, it says "Discovered in the temples of Ra, perfected in the halls of Valhalla." Suggestion: Write the bottle label copy before sampling the mead.

The "shield maiden" reference made me want to pair this mead with Shield Maiden Sherrilyn, from the 2013 MOTU Classics "Fighting Foe Men" 3-Pack. Image

Pictured above: MOTU Classics Shield Maiden Sherrilyn (photo from It'

Formerly an outlaw and raider, builder and driver of the original Eternian Attak Trak vehicle, then frozen in time, thawed out, recruited into the Evil Horde, and finally defecting to the army of King Randor after a horrendous betrayal, Shield Maiden Sherilynn comes packed with a large blue double-barrelled laser blaster and a large blue-accented shield, both of which are based on features of her techno-tank. And she is currently over 4,000 miles away from me. So I couldn't use her.

So instead I used the recently-released Action Toys Machine Robo Buggy Robo (a/k/a an updated, up-scaled version of the Renegade GoBot, Buggyman) as the front-man for this tipple. Why? Because, just like the mead, he's ridiculous fun. He changes (ingeniously, I might add) from a dune buggy into a super-poseable warrior robot, and the swanky cylindrical boombox that mounts behind his seats in buggy mode folds out into a large-caliber gun for him to wield, and can fold even further out into a massive bazooka! Boombox, indeed! Oh, and because this is blueberry mead, and Buggyman's blue. Image

The mead itself is a good-sized bottle of 11% ABV fruity deliciousness. Owing to my experience with the last few American meads, I have taken to trying this style of drink both cold and at room temperature, considering how wildly the flavour profile varies at different temperatures. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this, considering how nearly all the mead I drank in England for 18 years (apart from the really cheap stuff), was just a punch-in-the-mouth flavour blast of HONEY!!! AND!!! BOOZE!!!, no matter what temperature you had it.

If you have the Mangata cold, you get the honey component, all right, and a definite tangy berry note. But if I didn't already know it was supposed to be blueberries, specifically, I wouldn't have guessed it right away. It's sweet and delicious and refreshing, and I definitely enjoyed it.

Drunk at room-tmeperature, it comes off even less as blueberry-flavoured. Or even particularly honey-flavoured. Oh, it's very pleasant, don't get me wrong, but I don't really taste what I'm expecting to taste, either. When not chilled, Mangata is to other fruit-flavoured boozes what Chuckles are to real candied fruits: both are roughly similar, but one tastes exactly like what it is, while the other vaguely approximates the general gist of the taste it's supposed to be imitating, but they're both delicious in different ways.

Viking Alchemist Mangata Mead isn't the best mead I've ever drunk. It's definitely not the strongest mead in terms of either flavour or potency. The English stuff beats this "Viking" mead like King Alfred the Great of Wessex beat the real Vikings. But just because they were defeated by the Saxons, doesn't mean the Vikings weren't badasses in their own right -- far from it. Likewise, this Mangata is delicious stuff, sweet and tart and fruity, and certainly better than many other meads I've had . . . just not the outright, hands-down winner. I'd happily buy more, the next chance I get.

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Layered Jokes from the AF&TB Photograph: Buggyman is delivering a paraphrasing of Ash's "This . . . is my BOOMSTICK!!!" speech from Army of Darkness, only it's his boombox . . . which converts into weaponry, so it actually makes things go boom. The other great thing about Ash's speech is that he calls the assembled peasants "primitive screw-heads." Screw Head was another Renegade GoBot (he turned into a tunnelling drill tank) who was also released in Action Toy's updated Machine Robo line. (And if I had him with me, I would've put him in that photo!) Furthermore, Screw Head was played by Frank Welker in the old GoBots cartoon, he also played Megatron in the TransFormers cartoon, and Buggyman is posed in Megatron's iconic box-art pose -- partly because there are only so many dramatic poses you can pull off with an action figure whose weapon stretches the entire length its arm, and partly because I know it will serously annoy snobbish GEEWUNNER Brahs that I've posed a GoBot like a TransFormer. ;) Hey, I said both the mead and the figure were fun! Well, they certainly were for me, at least! Image is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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