Action Figures & Their Beers - B - E - A - G - G...

by Bill Cable
on 2021-12-08, 07:57:59

On Sunday I had to run to Lowe's after church to undo some damage I unleashed, and on the way there I passed local favorite Spoonwood Brewing Co. and thought, "Oh yeah, they had that one new beer I wanted to try." On the return trip I weighed stopping in and landed on "Why the hell not?" Image

Bee Aggressive is a strong ale (7.6% ABV) flavored with honey malt and wildflower honey. I love sweet things and I love strong beers, so I expected this to be a winner.

The first thing I noticed when I poured my glass was there was barely any aroma at all. That was but the first of a litany of ways this beer surprised me. The next was with the first mouthful. It was light, mildly citrus, and silky smooth. Strong ales typically leave no doubt they're boozy, but there wasn't a hint of that here. It had the characteristic hop signatures you'd expect, but I think the honey mellows them out significantly.

Long, long after I swallowed I got a subtle wave of honey. I would not call this beer honey-forward in the slightest, though. It was a unique drinking experience, through and through. It's rare for the focus element of a beer (honey) to counteract the signature characteristics of its style. I don't want to say they competed... it's more like they balanced each other out. I honestly would have preferred it if one element or the other was more dominant, but it was an entirely pleasant experience nonetheless.

To pair with this beer I chose Padmé Amidala from Attack of the Clones. She proved herself adept at the art of aggressive negotiations while wearing this outfit in the Battle of Geonosis. And she even succeeded in flummoxing Darth Sidious by her boldness in The Phantom Menace , where he labeled her actions as "too aggressive" (Which, incidentally, supports my recent theory that Padmé is in fact a Sith and the true phantom menace. It suggests she didn't exactly follow the plan he'd laid out for her... why else would he have been caught off-guard??). While there are plenty of other more aggressive characters in the Saga, Padmé is the only one that balances that aggressiveness with sweetness, so she's the perfect choice.

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