Droids Custom Bib Fortuna: Finished artwork!!

by Bill Cable
on 2021-11-03, 08:04:57

Last week I started coloring in my Bib Fortuna art. This week I continued, starting with the stuff behind Bib Fortuna...

CreatureCantina.com Image

That hollow behind the table and spit - every photo I found the thing is completely blacked out, and I could make out anything useful watching the scenes. I decided I'm fine leaving it just like a curved wall.

In my next session I took on coloring Jabba himself. As he's the co-star of this piece, I knew I had to do him up right. And I gotta say, he turned out fantastic! I was really able to capture the color scheme of the Vintage toy, and it worked really well for a Droids-style rendition.

CreatureCantina.com Image

I REALLY love how the yellow/orange highlights work against the green base, giving an amazing pop of sluggy, fleshy, Huttiness. I couldn't be happier with the effect.

Now typically, after a couple productive session of coloring I'm ready for a breather. I was thinking I'm in good shape, I can finish the art up over the next week, then maybe assemble a week from Saturday. But then I looked at the calendar...

This week the UVA football team is on a bye. So my entire Saturday is open until the Penguins play at 7pm.

This week the Steelers are playing Monday Night Football. So my entire Sunday is open all day long.

Next week I'm hosting a PSWCS meeting. I'll be super busy all day Saturday.

So if I really got cracking on the colors, I'd have everything ready to assemble my customs THIS WEEKEND while I don't have anything else to do!

Got cracking I did! And I wrapped up all the coloring in one final flurry.

CreatureCantina.com Image

I gotta hand it to myself, I did some great work here! In the photos of the dais, the back wall is lit from above and there's a pattern from the grate in the ceiling. I wanted to capture that without it being obnoxious. I think I succeeded there. And the arm and thermal detonator all came together nicely.

Here's a close up on the details of Bib and Jabba:

CreatureCantina.com Image

If all goes according to plan, I may just be posting these for sale to the public as early as November 10th! I didn't plan to finish up this fast, but opportunity is knocking. If everything works out I'll post an update next Monday.

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