Action Figures & Their Beers:  Beep Boop Bop

by Bill Cable
on 2021-10-06, 08:02:57

As I revealed in my previous article, I was gifted a couple Star Wars beers at a recent collector event.  This is the second: Image

Mason Ale Works' "You're My Only Hope" is also not another IPA.  This one is an imperial pastry stout with chocolate and strawberries.  Imperial pastry stouts are typically fantastic, and with an ABV of 13% I was really looking forward to this one.

Upon pouring it in the glass you're immediately hit with the strong smells of sweet pastry.  On the first mouthful I was struck by it's sweet, boozy flavor.  It was off to a pretty good start.  But then I noticed it was pretty flat.  The beer wasn't stored in ideal conditions before I drank it, so maybe that impacted its carbonation.

It definitely presents a noticeable chocolate and strawberry feel to it.  But I gotta say, the more I drank it, the more cloying sweetness put me off.  It started to taste artificial and overpowering.  Three quarters of the way through and I was thinking of the thing as a diabetus stout.  It's just too rich and too sweet.  It took me nearly an hour to finish a single 16-ounce drink.  I wouldn't call it painful, as it started out pleasantly enough.  Ultimately it's just overly sweet.  I think a 6-ounce snifter of this brew would be a treat, but a pint is really pushing it.

To pair with this beer I went with the droid on the label.  I opted for the Droids cartoon R2-D2, as his bold candy shop colors better fit with a pastry stout.  Plus look at the can art here... R2-D2 is flirting with a fire hydrant.  Could anything else be so off-puttingly saccharine? Image

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