Action Figures & Their Beers - Deep purple

by Bill Cable
on 2021-09-15, 07:19:00

Contrary to its name, Situation Normal (Streetside Brewery, Cincinnati) is anything but a normal beer. Image

Over Labor Day weekend I attended (and helped organize) a gathering of Star Wars collectors.  Fun times!  Lots and lots and LOTS of drinking.  The first night I really got into my cups (as is my custom), and when I woke the next morning I discovered two Star Wars-themed beer cans in my suitcase (the one reviewed here courtesy of Dave Brott).  I'm gonna be honest here - my first thought was "Oh great, two more terrible IPAs I gotta review for the site..."

To my shock and surprise, that was absolutely not the case.  This beer today was a frickin' blueberry pancake Berliner Weisse!  A weisse is a sour wheat beer, which differs quite a bit from a standard mellow wheat "witbier," which might have some citrus but is otherwise pretty much tastes like beer.

This beer in particular... for starters, it's the purplest beer I've ever drunk.  Ever drank?  Ever drunken?  On top of that, it's quite tart.  Mouth-puckering tart.  Tart enough to set you back.  For me, it evokes more blueberry muffins than pancakes.  Or maybe just a mouthful of blueberries.  It's extremely blueberry-forward.  If you've had Fat Head's Bumble Berry, that's a beer you can definitely tell has blueberries in it. With Situation Normal, there’s just a tinge of funkiness that reminds you this is a beer rather than a blueberry smoothie.  I expect that's probably the yeast, which the can warns could re-activate.  The yeast also provides the slight breadiness that gives it its pastry flavor. (Side note:  The can instructs to keep this beer cold, which it decidedly was not.  It was in hot car trunks for basically three days straight.  The taste might be decidedly different if stored properly)

Overall, it was more sour than I'd like, but I quite enjoyed it.

To pair with this beer, I had no choice but to pick a Stormtrooper.  I don't have my old Fruit Loops mail-away Han in Stormtrooper disguise anymore, so I opted for the only non-Vintage Stormie I had on-hand.  The Black Series 6" Stormtrooper is a fantastic action figure.  Lots of points of articulation.  Fantastic likeness.  And 100% normal.

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