Action Figures & Their Beers - The power of the hops side

by Bill Cable
on 2021-08-18, 08:15:25

I picked up something at the OSWCC Summer Social last month - BEER! Image

There was a handful of cans of "I Find Your Lack of Hops Disturbing" by Taft's Brewing Company sitting on my good friend Zac Schneider's table.  I asked him what he wanted for one, and he told me I could have one.  So hey - free beer!

But, unfortunately, IPA beer...

My distaste for IPAs is about as well-documented here as Beedo's, but given a true Star Wars beer, I really didn't have much choice but to review it.  So how was it?  As soon as I pour it wafts of floral scents were noticeable from a long ways off.  Upon an initial mouthful, it was more watery than I expected.  It was bitter enough to make your mouth pucker.  The bitter taste lingers for a long, long time.  Literally several minutes.  Ultimately, this is an unremarkable and generic IPA.

To pair with beer I chose, quite obviously, the character who uttered the famous line.  I really didn't have much choice but him.

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