Action Figures & Their Beers -- Tropic of Canker

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2021-08-16, 11:20:14


Here's another offering from Creature Comforts, a local brewery a few scant miles away from us, in Athens, Georgia. They have a brewpub in town. And it's a college town, so it's frequently swarming with man-bun-sporting hipsters who wear old-fashoined hats "ironically," and think that the beer world begins and ends with dank juice-bomb IPAs, brah. Because that's nearly all that Creature Comforts seems to make. Oh, I've seen some non-IPAs in their listings, but they're usually seasonal, and never seem to be in stock when I check in. But, yeah, this is another of their IPAs.

"Ripe & Juicy," "Aromatic," and "Balanced" are the only real selling points advertised on the can, other than that it's 6.6% ABV. So what's this like? Well, when you pour it out into a glass, it's not hazy per se, but there is some sediment that comes out if you pour too quickly. It starts out beery, quickly transitions to fruity, and then gives a long, long, long-lingering bitter aftertaste. Way too sour / bitter for my liking. I could easily see myself getting canker sores from drinking enough of this stuff. Image

So to match up with this brewski, I have selected the TVC version of K-2SO, because I have the perfect adjective that sums up both the droid and the beer -- acerbic. This can be defined as:

  1. Sharply or bitingly critical, sarcastic, or ironic in temper, mood, or tone.
  2. Tasting sour or bitter.

Also, this beer is called Tropicália, and K-2SO met his tragic, undeserved, and untimely end on the tropical planet Scarif. (Shut up! I'm not crying, you are!)

Yeah, this is not my favourite beer, but it's nowhere near the worst I've ever tried. Greeata bought a couple of cans of this stuff for me for when we went on another brief jaunt to the kitschy, Alpine-German-themed, tourist-trap town of Helen, Georgia. Now, don't let that description give you the wrong idea -- it's a wonderful place to visit, and we love it. The scenery is beautiful, there's loads of nifty stuff to do, and the food & drink are phenomenally good, and served up in huge portions. "Schmaltzy" is a great word for the town. Both because it's over-the-top twee, sentimental, and emotionally manipulative, but also because schmalz is the German word for fat or lard, which perfectly describes both the richness of the local cuisine, and a significant percentage of the tourists (myself included).

Drunk absolutely ice-cold, Tropicália is palatable, and the bitter aftertaste is diminished, so it's acceptable as a summer thirst-quencher. I find myself wondering if it would mellow nicely if I aged it for a few months. Might just try that, at some point.

And you know what I just realised? "Kaytoo" sounds a lot like the way Peter Sellers, when playing Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films, would pronounce "Cato," the name of his valet / sparring partner. Hmmm . . . .

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