Action Figures & Their Beers Boozes -- Flowery Purple Prose

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2021-07-13, 08:43:38

Mead is great. If you've not heard me rant about it before, it's the oldest known alcoholic beverage, traceable back 10,000 years. The American liquor industry, with its bizarre and arcane classification system, classifies it as a "wine," but it isn't, really. It's a mixture of fermented honey and water, often with additional fruit, flower, or spice components added.

Southern Origin Meadery's Hibiscus Mead is made in here, in Georgia. Derived from the Blue Harvest Bee Company's honey and in collaboration with award-winning vintner Jabe Hilson, this 12 % ABV concoction is suggested to be served lightly chilled. My loving wife, Greeata, picked it up at a local booze emporium for part of my recent birthday celebrations.

The label describes it as half-way between dry and sweet, although I think it teeters more towards the sweet, all things considered. (Everything in the South teeters towards the sweet, fer Pete's sake.) As it's fermented with hibiscus petals, this brew is a pale pinkish-purple colour. Considering how hibiscus is notorious for its rich colour, strong aromatic presence, and staining properties, the pallour of the mead had me concerned about how tasty it would be. But more on that shortly. Image

The Decepticon known as Spinister (pictured above, in his War for Cybertron: Siege incarnation) is another breakaway fan favourite character from IDW's 2005 - 2018 run of TransFormers comics. In this version of events, he's portrayed as an unparalleled cyber-surgeon and battlefield engineer, but it's an idiot-savant talent, because otherwise he's as dense as a brick omelette. He'll figure out how to reverse horrendous lobotomies performed on other Cybertronians, but then get surprised that he has fingers, or shoot at a campfire for "looking at him funny." In post-war times, he hangs out with The Scavengers, a ragtag group of losers who have been described as the worst, most pathetic Decepticons in existence . . . plus Grimlock, the Dinobot. They're a really fun and popular bunch of characters, and it is scientifically impossible not to like them. Anywho, I chose Spinister to match up with the mead, because like the flowers, his colour scheme is largely variations of pink and purple, especially in his attack 'copter mode.

And the mead, like Spinister, is also a dichotomy. The hibiscus flavour comes through nicely: tart and sweet and like a blend of cherries, berries, and flower nectar. The mead itself, though, is thin and watery and not very honey-flavoured at all. As an alcoholic drink, it's delightful. As mead, it's a bit of a letdown. That is, if you drink it at room temperature, which is what I usually do with mead, to allow the aromatic compounds to evaporate a bit and give a better aroma while drinking it. But it's a different story if you chill this stuff, as instructed. Then the flower aromatics calm down, and you get more of the honey flavour coming through. Which surprised me, to be honest.

I suppose I've been spoiled by the Lyme Bay Winery varieties of mead that were my introduction to this particular type of booze. They're thick and rich and potent and boozy and strongly honeyfied, practically a liqueur. (Bill will vouch for me on this; we knocked back a few together, back in December 2017.) But this Southern Origin Hibiscus Mead? It's damn good as well, just considerably different from what I was expecting. But that's really on me. I can -- and will -- definitely recommend this stuff!

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