Action Figures & Their Beers -- On the Tip of My . . . Tung?

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2021-07-10, 18:13:46

Yup, I had yet another birthday recently (I swear, they're getting more frequent as I get older), which means my good lady wife splurged on intoxicants for me again, so prepare for a bunch of reviews, starting with this one . . . .

"Crafted with ripe mangos," Blue Moon Mango Wheat is 12 ounces of 5.4% ABV . . . um . . . hang on a moment . . . .

Are you one of those GEEWUNNER Transformers fans who thinks the brand begins and ends with the 1984 cartoon and the first couple waves of toys? Well, you're missing out. Because IDW's Transformers comic books from 2005 - 2018 had some great stories and characters. Ranging from absurdly hilarious to genuinely touching via ingenious, they cover a lot of ground and take the brand places it's never been before. Some people whinge about that kind of thing, but if there's one thing the internet has taught us in the last few years, it's that "fans" will vehemently hate the properties they loved as a kid if any new directions are taken, no matter how good the new material might be. The IDW comics are not going to be to everyone's tastes, but I love 'em. And so do a lot of other fans, because Hasbro started making toys of many of the characters contained in those comics! Image

I'll try to cover this next bit with as few spoilers as possible. Rung, shown above with today's beer, is a wimpy little Cybertronian psychoanalyst who really, really wants to help people. Character-wise, he's low-key, easy to get along with, and just a heck of a nice guy. Thing is, he doesn't transform very often, because . . . well, even he doesn't know what he turns into. He doesn't sprout any wheels, wings, or engines; he just looks kind of like an oversized pen, or sonic screwdriver. His action figure, originally released in the War for Cybertron: Siege line, is a "Battle Master" (the new classification for robots that turn into weapons, because they're not all guns, anymore) and he transforms into . . . well, his package calls it a "cerebral circuit scanner," to go along with his character, but it also comes with a couple of electro-drill-looking "energy effects" to attach, and can be held in the hands of (or attach to any of the other various 5mm ports on) most modern TransFormers figures. The other character trait about him is that he's instantly forgettable. People forget his name as soon as he walks out of the room. Or even while they're talking to him. (It was Ring, right? Or is that Rong?) He's just sort of . . . there, often quietly in the background somewhere, being nice, and as soon as he walks away, it's as if he never was.

And that's kind of what this beer is like. It's pleasant. It tastes rather like mango cheesecake. It's beer. It's nice, is what I'm saying. But it's not going to set the beer world on fire. I've had tastier beers, I've had mango-ier beers, and I've had dessert-ier, maltier beers. Blue Moon's Mango Wheat is nothing to write home about, but while you're drinking it, it's enjoyable. It's mellow, very easy to drink, and just . . . well . . . nice, but otherwise forgettable. I'd happily drink it again if offered, but I don't think I'd seek it out especially.

So if you happen to see some on a shelf as you're browsing, by all means, it's worth a try, but don't go on a county-wide beer hunt to track some down. Oh, and it washes down both meat-based and veggie-based pizzas rather well, too.

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