Well, look who turned 40!

by Darth Danno
on 2021-06-16, 08:23:48

On Sat, June 12th "Raiders of the Lost Ark" turned 40. I remembered that it opened in June, but I didn't go to the theater and see it until sometime in August, right before I was about to start the 7th grade. I also remember really enjoying the film, but I enjoyed it even more each and every time I saw it, and for a time, the "Indiana Jones" franchise surpassed the "Star Wars" franchise as my favorite films. I mean, after 1983, there weren't supposed to be any more "SW" films, and we got a new "IJ" film in 1984 and again in 1989. Once the prequels were announced and started being released, they took the top spot(s) again, now even though I love Han Solo, I will always say that Professor Jones was Harrison Ford's greatest role.

They tried to market the "Indy" films w/toys, but they never took off like the Star Wars line did. I believe I got most of what was available to get, and as there wasn't much, each item was a "rare find" indeed. I also enjoyed the Indiana Jones comics from Marvel, but they didn't gain much popularity and didn't last too long either, unlike the Star Wars comics. I remember that when "Raiders" was released on VHS (who still remembers what that was??), it was priced to sell unlike Star Wars, which cost @ $100.00 if you wanted to own a copy of it when it was originally released for the "watch at home" market. So a copy of "ROTLA" was at the top of my Christmas list that year. I also remember the tape had a teaser trailer for "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" on it. It didn't show any scenes or clips from the film, but still got me very excited for it just the same.

I know a lot of people poo-poo the last film, and even though I do put it solidly in 4th place among the existing quartet, I enjoy the franchise so much, that I'd still take a sub-par film over not getting any film at all. Plus any film that reunites Harrison Ford w/Karen Allen can't be all bad. I have heard nothing about her returning for this film though. I do know they cast Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the movie, and Star Wars fans will remember her as L3-37 from "Solo: A Star Wars Story".

With the new film already in production, and "behind-the-scenes" shots from it popping up on social media, the excitement for the franchise is ignited again within me. Sad that neither Lucas nor Spielberg are tied to it. But since Harrison Ford is donning the hat once again, and with John Williams back composing the score. I, for one cannot wait to see what director James Mangold has in store for us.

So, until 2022...

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