The Wookiee Roars - Episode 07

by Steve Rensi
on 2021-05-25, 06:20:32


So the handful of people who watch the CreatureCantina LIVE segments know that I had originally teased a big story I was going to release on May the 4th, "Star Wars Day". It was going to be my grand contribution to the hobby. And well that was the original plan, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I would be a hypocrite if I did so. I have always contended that May the 4th is just a cheap marketing gimmick and should not be recognized as Star Wars days by any means. I also hate puns.

Real fans, fans worth their salt, should recognize that the real Star Wars Day is May 25th. For it was that Wednesday, May 25th in 1977 that Star Wars debuted across thirty-five screens in America and we all were transported to "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

So let me take you back nearly twenty years ago, to when I was becoming more of a true collector and less of a kid buying action figures. I just gone off to college and had found and joined the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS). As I began to drive with Bill Cable to various PSWCS meetings (back when the club actually had monthly meetings...) I became enamored with the larger, more matured collections than that which I processed in my bedroom. I was also introduced to the concept of "Focus Collecting", where you would collect only one character, line and / or product. Thus it was on one of those car rides with Cable, I vowed to become a focus collector.

It was only natural, that I would choose Chewbacca as my focus. Not only was he my favorite character, but Chewbacca to me represents some of the noblest traits a man (or Wookiee) can have: strength, honor and loyalty. Chewie possesses not only great physical strength, but great moral strength of character. Chewbacca has honor and acts with it at all times; no matter what the opposition. And lastly, Chewie always stays loyal to not only friends and family, but his principles. And so I have let the Wookiee win over my wallet time and time again.

So now that I'm a Chewbacca focus collector, what do I do? Well, being the organized, borderline OCD individual that I am; I made a list. That first list was only one page and consisted of maybe 20 Chewbacca items. I used ToyFare price guides, advertisements from Star Wars Insider and Star Wars Galaxy Magazines, Brian's Toys Catalogs that we handed out at the PSWCS Summer Social and honestly just stuff I knew was out there to build that first list.

As my collection grew, so did the List. I eventually was able to borrow multiple volumes of the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book from PA's most famous dentist and that's when the List really took off and grew in both size and volume. Eventually when Cable convinced me I would never be anyone until I had a full run of vintage Kenner Chewbacca Cardbacks, I was able to get my hands on a Kellerman Guide and add the full list from Kellerman's famous matrix to my list. And lastly, I cannot forget how crucial the Star Wars Collector's Archive website and Skye Paine's Chewseum site was to building my List. They were simply invaluable to the knowledge provided to me and what was now referred to as the "Rensi Master List".

The Rensi Master List as of May 2021 is 73 pages and features 2,123 individual items.

To the best of my knowledge and ability, it represents all of the known production Chewbacca items in existence. Now, by no means is it absolute and perfect. I know it's a little short on both vintage and modern bootlegs, pre-production items, advertisement items and foodstuff premiums. And as I do not collect Apparel or Mash-Up, you won't find those items in the list. So sorry, no M&M Mpire or Star Wars Hippos were documented. The list is organic and I try to update it the best I can every 6-8 weeks. Plush & Modern Topps Cards are the categories that aggravate me the most in keeping them up to date and current.

Now I have been reluctant to release this list to the public for a long time. The Rensi Master Lists represents many of long hours and hard work scouring eBay and the rest of the internet to track down the specifics of new items or items that may have been previously unknown to me. In fact, just this last week I spent over 2 hours online in eBay and various Disney Park blogs confirming that two Disney pins were in fact different pins despite having the exact same graphic (size, price and design were different). My biggest fear is someone will take the list and try to pass off my hard work as theirs...

But I must have faith and hope in the collecting community, and so it is with great pleasure I present the Rensi Chewbacca Collection Master List:

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