New Year's Resolution - Organize!

by Bill Cable
on 2021-01-06, 08:19:55

I primarily focus on collecting C-3PO stuff (you may have seen some mention of this in the past). As a long-time convention-goer, short-time member of the 501st, and organizer of the annual charity medallion fundraiser, I've found that I've also accumulated a pretty hefty, unintentional collection of Star Wars coins. For many years, I've simply stored these coins in a Star Case... well, half a Star Case. The fat half. Be kinda inefficient to store them in the thin half. After a while that turned into two Star Cases, and then two overflowing Star Cases.

Here's where I'd insert a "before" image of the coins if I'd been smart enough to take one.

The worst part was I had no idea what I had anymore. If you'd ask me how many 2017 coins I had, I would need to dump out my Star Cases, separate the different coins into piles, and count them. Then I'd dump them all back in the Star Cases, and a month later if you asked the same question I'd need to do that all over again.

I took some time off between Christmas and New Year's, and one of the things I set about doing was finally organizing my coins. I did some research, and came across these storage cases on Amazon: Image

They have 2" x 2" compartments, which is ideal for most coins And the side walls are removable should you need to make room for anything slightly larger. Image

Now granted, there are tons of storage case options available on Amazon. Lots of stackable clear cases with the same adjustable panels. But I went with these cases for two reasons. Number one - they are pretty heavy-duty. They're intended for stuff like nuts and bolts, so they can easily handle the heft of coins without bending or breaking. And number two - they gots handles! That makes them way more easy to carry around. Image

Also there was a third reason - they're very affordable! Only $12.95 with free shipping on orders over $25. You can order them right here:

I'm providing the "smile.Amazon" link here, so a portion of your purchase can go to the charity of your choice. If you choose, that'd be awesome!

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