The Wookiee Roars - Episode 02

by Steve Rensi
on 2020-12-23, 08:00:00


So this article is the high mark of my procrastination and getting things done late for this site. Not only should I have written this article for a year ago, a proper reflective blog would have been more fitting last week during the actual anniversary of the event...

Anyhow, plowing ahead.

Last year, I had the good luck and fortune of living five minutes from the Carlisle Expo Center where Hasbro chose to host a Warehouse Sale. Now I have seen a lot of myths and legends and second and third-hand accounts of this event. Most of the articles written about it online came from our good friend's Eric Frank's website, Imperial Holocron. And that article was essentially a recap of my texts to Eric, because he chose NOT to accept my invite to come down for the event. Image

So there is a lot of misinformation about the event and a lot of bitching in the comment section (looking at you Jedi Temple Archives) from people that needed to shut the fuck up cause they weren't there. So a year later I am here to set the record straight.

The advertisement for this event was low-key. Some ads on Facebook, I think they may even have had an event page but I'm not sure if that was the Expo Center advertising it or Hasbro. I came across this event when a member of the PSWCS group I call the Oracle as he always has the best scoops and intel posted it to the club's mailing list. So I called up my friend / toy dealer / collecting mentor Andy Loney and we agreed to meet up at the event before I had to leave for work.

The sale was a two-day affair, and weirdly enough held on a Monday and Tuesday. Still by the time, Andy and I arrived that morning (I want to take the time to point out Andy did not bring doughnuts as requested... ) we were still like the 4th or 5th people in line. Ironically, the person in front of us was fellow PSWCS member/ toy dealer / legendary 501st purse maker Wally Peters. Doors open at 10A, and we head inside.

AND IT WAS AWESOME. Tables were filled with Hasbro awesomeness at damn near rock-bottom prices. Star Wars Black Series / Marvel Legends were $5 each. Vintage Collection Figures at $3 a piece. The big draw that first day were Black Series Incinerator Trooper Helmets and Transformer Omega Supremes for $20 each. I bought 3-4 helmets which I sold to fellow PSWCS members at COST, because despite what's written on Discord now and then I am not a horrible person. In full honesty, I did make a very nice profit selling the Transformers on eBay, but I can justify that because, well capitalism. Image

So after the initial fervor settled down and we had started making piles of the merch we were buying, I heard Wally yell for me near the back of the expo center. There he had found 3 TVC Skiff's for $10 each. I grabbed two and gave one to Andy. In the back were skids of SDCC exclusives: Skiff 3-Packs and Luke Skywalker 3-Packs, Marvel Legends GameStop exclusive Punishers and even a few Marvel Legends Captain America shields. Hasbro staff quickly moved us away from these skids and we were later informed they had been sent from the warehouse by mistake.

So to recap: Day 1 was amazing, staff on site was friendly & nice (they only started to enforce limits after Wally tried to purchase over 10 of the helmets and even were nice when they caught us snooping through the above mentioned "off-limit" skids. I noticed in that first hour of the first day, Mom's looking for last minute gifts seem to outnumber dealers /collectors by an almost 3:1 ratio and the dealers / collectors were generally polite and courteous to each other. So that should end the prevailing theory out there that all the good stuff was grabbed by scalpers and dealers. I think the lack of crowds on Day 1 was due to the limited advertisement ahead of time.

By this time I had to get to work, so Andy and I made tentative plans to meet again on Day 2 of the sale to see if they restocked or added new product.

I started texting and posting on Facebook and Eric posted his story, which quickly exploded on his twitter feed... which in hindsight was a bad move on my part as it was like chumming the water. Collectors and dealer-friends from as far away as NYC started texting me and asking questions, so now word was out. And if Day 1 was amazing, Day 2 was an absolute SHIT SHOW.

I showed up just as early for Day 2, but now was 20th in line. A technical delay with the registers (it was a credit / debit only affair, no cash) meant the doors opened nearly 15 minutes late, which led to a bunch of bitching and moaning for the idiots in line who didn't understand the simple concept that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate planning and poor clothing choices...

There was no restock on Day 2, the off-limit skids in the back had be wrapped in Black plastic to be sent back, the staff was a little more testy and angrier and strictly enforcing limits. This led to an enjoyable moment of the joys of humanity watching a scalper loudly scream he was buying for a church... I was able to grab some TVC Gamorrean Guards and Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Hulk & Wolverine and get the hell out of dodge. The crowds were angry that day... a more aggressive mix of Karen's and immoralist dealers.

And that is the true story of the Great Hasbro Warehouse Sale of 2019. As far as where all the product came from, it was all from the Hasbro warehouse in Jonestown, PA. I heard unverified rumors that a lot of the merchandise was involved in a tractor trailer accident and had already been written off for insurance purposes and thus the reason for the big sale. A lot, I'd say 60% of the product was damaged somewhat, so it does lead credence to that theory. As for why Carlisle was chosen, the staff I spoke to said it simply came down to logistics of being the closest available indoor space. That and Jesus loves me.

I like to think that Hasbro will host a 2nd event, but COVID and quite-frankly people's behavior on Day 2 put the kibosh on that.

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