Follow-Up on's Group Chat for "The Believer"

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2020-12-15, 09:25:42

If you've been watching our weekly Zoom meeting discussions about The Mandalorian over on our Facebook page, firstly: thank you very much! Secondly, you may have noticed that Zoom has severely cut our allotted time from however long we wanted down to half an hour or so. Which means we don't always get a chance to discuss everything we wanted to. Normally, that doesn't bother me, because it's only one or two minor things. But this week, I had half a page of notes which went untouched. Some of them are minor things that don't need detailed analysis, but others bugged me enough to warrant a deeper look. And this wouldn't be a fan analysis if there weren't a farrik-ton of nitpicking over minutiæ, would it? Consider yourself warned.

The first thing that stood out to me were some odd quirks in the CGI physics when it came to people jumping onto the juggernaut. Din, Migs, and Cara all jumped onto the juggernaut at slightly staggered times when it passed under them and into the tunnel, but they all ended up standing right next to each other, even though the vehicle was moving forward when they jumped down. If they ended up in a line, it should've been more along the vehicle's longitudinal axis than across its beam. And secondly, when the pirates / terrorists / freedom fighters / raiders [DELETE WHERE NOT APLICABLE] started leaping onto the juggernaut, they leapt from their skiffs, a good few feet behind the juggernaut, and kept going forward at the same speed until they landed on the mining train. Nope! Not how jumping between moving vehicles in a gravity well works, I'm afraid. Don't try this at home, kids!

And is it just me, or does the mining juggernaut remind anyone else of Milton Bradley's "Big Trak" programmable space-age rover/tank toy? Image

Then there were the language mistakes. I noticed a few of those in the scene where Boba brought up a string of Mando'a symbols in the previous episode, and some of them didn't match up with anything we've come to expect. This time around, however, when the "WARNING" sign came up when the ore was destabilising, it looked like the Aurbesh was backwards. All the letters were in the correct order, reading left-to-right, but each individual letter looked to be the wrong way around. (Except for the Wesk, of course, because like the W it represents, it looks the same backwards as forwards.) Funny thing is, the tiny Aurebesh letters at the top of the screen seemed to be the right way around, if I read them correctly. Image

Furthermore -- and this is something I wrote about in my Lego A-Wing review a while back -- there is an Aurebesh letter, Nen, which represents the letter Eng (?/?, the "ng" velar nasal phoneme), but they used Nern and Grek for the readout, instead, which disappointed me a little. So besides showing that the letters are the wrong way around in the image above, I also spelt "warning" out in Aurebesh correctly for you. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are vitally important, folks. Anyone who says otherwise should be ignored.

Finally in the language misuse department, there was the raiders' use of the word "keepuna" in the context of "come on" or "let's go," whereas it's acutally Huttese for "shoot." Considering none of the raiders at that point had any guns, it's a stupid thing to put in there. One could argue that it might mean "come on" or "let's go" in the raiders' own language, but come on . . . that's just an apologist way of trying to cover up laziness with a massive contrived coincidence.

Finally, I wanted to delve further into the fun homages I noticed. In the five-way Zoom conference, I already noted the Empire was given more of a blatant Space-Nazi connection with Commander Valin Hess, indubitably named after Rudolf Hess, Hitler's Deputy Führer and unibrowed Henry Rollins look-alike. Then there was the Office Space gag, when Migs tries to get away from Hess in the Mess (There's a Dr. Seuss parody waiting to happen!), and he says he and Din have to go fill out their "TPS Reports." Finally, and this one may be apocryphal, but I'd heard somewhere that Nick Frost was one of the blink-and-you'll-miss-'em mug shots on Cara Dune's screen in the previous episode, and if that's indeed true, Hess' comment in the mess hall about "the greater good" (The Greater Good!) resonates well with Hot Fuzz, a film in which Nick Frost also stars. And which I watched two days previously, so it was still fresh in my memory. Image

Well, that's all I wanted to say, really. Nothing world-changing, just some stuff I noticed and wanted to talk about.

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