Action Figures & Their Beers - Smashed

by Bill Cable
on 2020-11-18, 07:48:28

A few weeks back Spoonwood Brewing Co. released a new barrel-aged Scotch Ale they dubbed "Begbie". Image

Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some barrel-aged Spoonwood, so I was super excited to get my hands on this one. I was not disappointed! From their description: This rarely brewed Scotch Ale (8.5%) was aged 8 months in ex-bourbon/rye/maple barrels, before we added gallons of pure PA maple syrup. If that doesn't make your mouth water, I don't know what will.

This brew is pleasantly full-bodied and boozy. The maple syrup kicks you in the teeth immediately - you can even smell it. Gorgeous color. Very easy-drinking (thus dangerous). The after-taste is the same as the taste, just mellowed. It’s one note, but the note is awesome. If I had a gripe, it’d be the flavor is a bit too aggressive. Like "Wow, that’s REALLY boozy and mapley!"  But that’s a minor gripe. This is one of the best beers I've had from Spoonwood. Highly recommended!

This beer was obviously inspired by the Danny Boyle cult classic Trainspotting. I only saw Trainspotting for the first time a few years back when they released the sequel. My wife watched in when it first came out while she was in grad school with a group of her classmates, and told me there was a lot of gross and horrible stuff in it. So I never had much interest in seeing it myself. But the sequel trailers piqued my interest, so I added it to my Netflix queue back in 2017 and gave it a go. And I was blown away by it. It was just a brilliant. The way Boyle used music to drive emotion is some of the scenes was unreal. It's a masterpiece. If you can stomach some truly disturbing, horrifying stuff done by strung-out heroin junkies, I give this film my highest recommendation. (hey... seems like a theme here)

Now Begbie from Trainspotting was a hard, mean old bastard. Really, the worst of the worst. And while he'd have made for a great action figure, there was another actor who had a part in the film whom you Star Wars fans might recognize - one Ewan McGregor! Indeed, Trainspotting was young Obi-Wan's break-out role! Could there be a better figure to pair with this beer? I went with the Saga Collection Phantom Menace Obi-Wan, since the clean-shaven Obi looks a lot more like Renton from Trainspotting than the bearded, and the Saga Obi was a much nicer figure than the original 1999 figures.

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