Droids Custom Ackbar: How to order!

by Bill Cable
on 2020-11-09, 08:43:08

Over the weekend I wrapped up production of my Droids Custom Admiral Ackbar.

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I'll get to the info you're interested in right away - how to order. On Wednesday, Nov 11 sometime soon after 8am Eastern (New York) time, I will publish a story right here on CreatureCantina.com with ordering instructions. Follow those instructions, and orders will be reserved first-come, first-served. You can't reserve a slot early. I'll share the story on Facebook shortly after I publish it here, but I doubt the figures will even be available that long. So your best bet is to bookmark CreatureCantina.com and refresh the page starting at 8am until the for sale story is posted.

Now typically I write up a nice little story about the whole production experience to go along with my sale post. And I give the purchase instructions at the very end. But given how I know this Ackbar is gonna be in high demand, and that most people who want it are gonna skip over the story and dive straight to the ordering instrux, I figured I'd post that nice little story today.

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After my last art update I ended up making a few revisions before I printed out the run. When I shared that article, my buddy Andy Loney made a snarky comment that it looked like Madine was projectile vomiting due to the force shield around the Death Star hologram. That made me chuckle, and it also made me fix that. I erased a lot of the force shield pixels that covered Madine's face, and I also rotated more pixels up to the upper-left quadrant of the DS.

The other change I made was to the hue of pretty much everything. I initially colored the walls and the center console with a slight cyan tint. Shiny metal, I usually go towards blue. But when I switched the bubble area from orange to cyan, the whole thing was totally cyan. And that's not ideal. So I went into Photoshop and shifted the hue on all those elements to the exact opposite of cyan - orange. Since the saturation of that color was so low, you'd think it wouldn't matter much. But I think it changed the overall feel of the art dramatically.

CreatureCantina.com Image

Attaching the bubbles to this one took way longer than I expected, and I have no idea why. I usually bring up a movie for background noise when I do these... the bubbles took me all of Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and and half of Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe R5-D4 just went a lot faster cuz he doesn't have any weapon, but I don't recall that one taking quite as long, and I made 30 in that run.

The bubble for Ackbar were a really tight fit on the figure, and were a tad too shallow. So Ackbar's arms are pressed in on all of these. Hope that doesn't have any long-term detrimental effects on the durability of the bubble or the seal. I also had to turn his head slightly so the back nub of it didn't press against the card. It probably would have turned on its own, but I wanted them all to be uniform so I made him looking to his right on all of them.

It'll probably be sometime early 2021 before I start work on my next custom. I have not a single action figure purchased for the next series. And with no toy shows, there's no source of reasonably-priced loose figures available to me. Slowly building up a stockpile from eBay would be expensive and time-consuming. So hey - if you have a line on a bulk lot of 20 of any of these figures, loose, C8 or better, and complete, drop me a line...

  • Biker Scout
  • Emperor
  • 2-1B
  • TIE Pilot
  • Rebel Commando
  • Klaatu (original)
  • Bib Fortuna

See you Wednesday!

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