Lots of new merch coming from "Regal Robot"!

by Darth Danno
on 2020-09-30, 07:55:14

FIRST LOOK! Regal Robot Rancor Prop Replica (Editor's Note: Originally posted to FB Monday morning. So call this a SECOND LOOK - BC)

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Today we're unveiling the FIRST LOOK images and details about our all-new Rancor Prop Replica. The officially licensed resin statue is scaled 1:1 to the puppet used in the film and was created with a high resolution scan of that original prop! Read here to see the first details about this very special limited signature edition of just 83 pieces:


Collectors should be ready to order next Monday, October 5th at 12 noon Eastern and the product page with a full gallery of photos and all details will be unveiled early that day.

We have a lot of new creations coming out in the next few weeks, so anyone interested in our latest work should give us a follow on instagram, facebook or twitter where we're @regalrobot, or join our mailing list via the homepage our website: www.RegalRobot.com

In addition to the Rancor Prop Replica, we also just debuted a new line of wood Art Plaques and our first two designs celebrate the making of The Empire Strikes Back!

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We have the designs inspired by the classic Darth Vader in Flames crew patch and the Wampa Warning Sign from a cut-scene on Hoth (Editor's Note: The Wampa sign is so awesome, I couldn't help but order one myself. Plus, it's not $3000! - BC). Both are available to order today and ship soon. They're each sold separately and ship ready to hang. Made in the U.S.A, these printed wood plaques are a great way to bring a bit of the Star Wars universe to your home, man cave or office!

Fans can order our new Star Wars decor here: https://regalrobot.com/starwars-art-sculpture-decor/

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