Splitting hairs with "Regal Robot"!

by Darth Danno
on 2020-09-09, 07:36:03

Regal Robot is proud to present our new CUSTOM EDITION life-sized Chewbacca bust from our Custom Character Studio. An authentically crafted 1:1 recreation of everyone's favorite Wookiee, this new bust stands a giant 36? tall and includes head and shoulders as well as a portion of hand-made and distressed leather and metal bandolier section. This item is also eligible for 3 easy payments via Partial.ly. (Learn more here: https://regalrobot.com/news/starwars-replica-prop-payment-plans/ )

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Much like our life-sized Chewbacca statues, the neck on this extra-large bust is poseable, allowing you to tilt his head, lean it front to back and also turn left to right, giving you a variety of display options.

Each bust is produced in our New York studios, with hours of hands-on work by our professional FX artists. The head is hand painted prior to hand-glued FX style hair, applied in small sections at a time, just like Stuart Freeborn did on the original movie masks. Custom acrylic prosthetic eyes and translucent resin teeth with a silicone tongue give this bust added realism and depth.

"In my professional life, I've been fortunate to work on a number of Chewie related projects, from restorations to re-creations, and have studied various versions of the character up close and hands-on. I'm so excited to be able to bring that experience to our work in our new Custom Character Studio and hope that fans can see the love and care that went into this tribute to one of my favorite characters!" Tom Spina (Regal Robot founder).

And here's a word from our client, David B., who commissioned one of these new Chewbacca busts:

"What can I say except I'm in just awe every day of having The Chewie bust, I greet him every morning as I wake up and have my coffee. lol When I was a little kid I would stare at the behind the scenes picture of Stuart Freeborn working on the Chewie mask. I was mesmerized with it. It actually was a significant and profound impact on me that sent me down the path to pursue my career in the entertainment business.

Now, I no longer have to stare at the photograph because you provided me a physical Replica for my very own. The attention to detail is amazing and is so life like I expect to grunt and make noises. It is made to perfection! It is, by far, my favorite piece out of my entire collection. He will be with me until the day I die. So thank you once again for fulfilling one of my dreams to have my very own. I am sure I will be commissioning you again. Cheers!"

Learn more or order the bust today on our Custom Life-Sized Chewbacca Bust page!


  • Tom doing a Q&A and discussing this new creation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNCMtha3q-s
  • Blog post announcing the product and a customer review - https://regalrobot.com/news/custom-chewbacca-life-sized-bust/
  • The product page to order - https://regalrobot.com/shop/star-wars/starwars-busts-statues-collectibles/custom-life-sized-chewbacca-bust/
  • Now I know this isn't the announcement of the CUSTOM EDITION life-size Tom Spina bust many of us were hoping for, or the life-size Bill Cable bust that some of us were hoping for, or even the life-size Daisy Ridley bust that I know at least 1 of us was hoping for. But as a 900 year old Jedi once said: "Patience!" So hopefully good things will come to those who wait.

    Also, VERY IMPORTANT! This item is for display purposes only, do not try to eat it. People who have tried found it to be quite... Chewie.

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