ESB41A 3PO upgraded!

by Bill Cable
on 2020-03-11, 07:00:38

I completed my domestic MOC run of Vintage C-3POs long ago (with a couple notable exceptions). I was always pretty picky about condition, especially back when you actually could be picky since Vintage Star Wars MOCs were readily available. Still, there were a few I picked up in a condition that was less than my norm.

One of those was my ESB41A - Survival Kit offer. The card was cherry, but the bubble was pinched at the top corner. And banged-up bubbles bother me a lot. And while ESB41As aren't particularly rare, it was a card I didn't really want to spend a ton to upgrade.

I attended ToyPAlooza in Pittsburgh over the weekend, and after walking through the entire show and finding zero C-3POs I wanted, I walked past the very last booth I needed to check on my way to the exit. That happened to be the D and E Collectibles booth, the guys who run the show. And I noticed a bin full of Vintage MOCs sitting on the floor. On a lark, I decided to dig through them. And the next-to-last figure I uncovered was an ESB41A 3PO. With a cherry bubble. For a reasonable price. Image

My upgrade does have a box cutter slice across the part of the back of it, otherwise it'd easily grade an 85. But on the scale of damage that bothers me, a slice you can barely see is far less severe than a crushed bubble. So I'm entirely happy.

Now it's time to sell my original. And like I said, I got it for a reasonable price! Were I so inclined, I could probably sell my old one for nearly double what I paid. But since D and E cut me such a good deal, I'm going to pay it forward, and sell my old one for exactly what I spent on my upgrade. I offer to you, for $150 + shipping, this ESB41A unpunched MOC: Image Image Image Image Image

Payment should be made via PayPal gift. I'll calculate shipping based on your location and send you the total.

And while we're here, I have another couple other things to get rid of. First off, here's this minty Wonder Bread dangler. $25 + shipping: Image Image

And finally, here's a lot of Vintage cardbacks, three of them with bubbles partially attached. $20 + shipping: Image

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