2019 3PO collecting year in review

by Bill Cable
on 2020-01-08, 07:04:55

With the holidays falling on Wednesdays, it kinda screwed up my normal updates here. So I'm a week late in my wrap-up of 2019. It was a surprisingly good year! It didn't start out that way, though. I came home from Star Wars Celebration Chicago with a pile of 3PO pieces, but none of them really significant. That was disappointing, as I'd saved up a bunch of spending cash from my Droids customs.

The slow year continued all the way through September, only broken up by my August non-3PO big collection score. Then in September I received a message that'd turn the year on its ear! After unloading a couple 3PO Micro 4-Ups, I was able to buy two amazing prototypes: a Droids first shot, and a Revenge nameplate mock-up proof. It was the largest deal money-wise that I've ever closed.

That'd be enough to make 2019 a banner year on the 3PO front, but the hits kept coming in December. It started with a December 1st Facebook score of a Canadian 20-back 3PO. Then a few things I'd been tracking on eBay for years fell into my lap. December 6th, I won a Sideshow 12" 3PO for just over $200:

CreatureCantina.com Image

Going rate on the Sideshows is in the $250-385 range for ones that actually sell. So that was a nice bargain. And then just 2 days later, I won an Osaka Tin 3PO for $109! These things have popped up on my eBay searches going back TWENTY YEARS! Released in 1997, it's always had unreasonable prices listed, despite it's gaudy POTF2-era Kenner-style box design. Even today, if you look at BIN prices, some exceed $600! And the same sellers must relist them over and over. So annoying...

CreatureCantina.com Image

To be fair, there are a few more reasonable BINs up there - around $160 shipped. The other couple recent sold auctions were for $121 and $234. But this thing has been on my radar forever. In 2019, I finally pulled the trigger.

So yeah - hell of a year! And now I look forward to more surprises in 2020!

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