Trooping with Penguins

by Bill Cable
on 2019-12-18, 07:13:40

I wasn't sure I was going to post anything at all this week. I've sworn off social media until after I watch The Rise of Skywalker out of fear of spoilers, so I won't be logging into Facebook to post and share this week's updates like I normally would. Given this reality, did I really want to spend a lot of time writing up the extensive postmortem I planned for my Droids Lando Skiff if it wouldn't get the chance to be plastered everywhere?

So the Lando article won't be posted until a very special Monday update next week. But I did have a little something I figured I could share here now.

Last Tuesday the Pittsburgh Penguins hosted the Montreal Canadiens at PPG Paint Arena, where they celebrated Star Wars theme night. And while the Pens went on to lose, I had a ton of fun because I trooped the event with the 501st Starkiller Garrison! Not only did I get to walk around the arena and take a bunch of photos with excited fans, I got to guard the pregame broadcast! Check it out: Image

That's me on the right next to Mike Rupp and across from broadcasting legend Stan Savran! Funny thing was, I had no idea I'd be doing that until I arrived. "Hey Bill - they changed around the names so you're doing the pregame show." So with 5 minutes until we left the dressing room I had to yank off my gloves and yank out my phone to text my wife to record it. I'd share the video, but I don't have the expressed, written consent from the National Hockey League to rebroadcast... so I hope you'll settle for a couple photos. Image

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