Action Figures & Their Beers — Pain in the Aft

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2019-11-16, 16:00:21


Sometimes, I’m amazed at how well these AF&TB pairings work out. This one is — to me, at least — a fun story that comes together like one of Hannibal’s plans from The A-Team. Or maybe a more apt simile would be like one of Wile E. Coyote’s plans? Maybe a bit of both?

As I have made painfully and smugly clear at every chance I could, I got a Jabba’s Sail Barge. And I found an excellent beer to match up with it: I’m On A Boat Golden Ale by Monday Night Brewing of Atlanta, Georgia.


I stumbled across I’m On A Boat at a nearby branch of a famous local liquor store, thought it would be perfect to go with the barge, and since Greeata was treating me for successfully clearing out and organizing our storage room over the course of three days, she bought me a six-pack of it. I had two that night with dinner, enjoyed them, and planned on writing up a review the next day, with my customised action-figure doppelgänger on the deck of the Khetanna, next to a can of said beer.

In the small hours of the morning, though, I got sick. As in, Exorcist-level sick. Fearing it might have been a bad batch or can of the I’m On A Boat, Greeata unloaded the rest of the six-pack on her business partner while I slept off several hours of turning my guts inside out. When we went back to get some more I’m On A Boat Golden Ale, though, they were all out of it. I’d missed the boat on reviewing I’m On A Boat. Hence the missing picture, up there. Image

But, appropriately, they did have Missed the Boat, a 6% ABV New England IPA from Pontoon Brewing of Sandy Springs, Georgia. And since you never actually see Beedo aboard the Khetanna in ROTJ, and his absence has never been officially explained, then this partnership could work equally as well as with I’m On A Boat, and even be screen-accurate, to boot!

The label reads: “Looks like we missed the boat on putting out a New England IPA early. But that doesn’t mean we can’t add a juicy new addition to the market! This hazy, easy-drinking IPA will feature rotating hops from around the world, as well as local wildflower honey to provide a juicy and ripe array of fruit notes from the hops and a dry finish from the honey.”

And that’s pretty much it. Neither the can itself nor their website is any more specific on which hops they used in this particular batch, nor on any other details of this brew. So if I wanted any more information, I had to drink it.

. . . Aaaaaaand, it’s mostly just another IPA, as far as I’m concerned. Tastes like a very nice standard medium-strong beer with a tinge of the honey sweetness they mention when you’re drinking it (right at the beginning of the sip), but the sour, resinous aftertaste kicks in almost instantly and lingers for a while. Now, I know some people like “hazy dank juice bombs, brah,” (or at least claim to like them, for fear of not fitting in with the crowd), but they’re just not my bag.

But I sincerely do like Missed the Boat NEIPA right up to the point where the aftertaste comes in. The funny thing is, if you have a good sniff of this stuff as it’s in the glass, you don’t really get resiny, piney aromas to tip you off. You get the smell of beer with a tinge of wildflower honey. I will say this, though: the colder you drink it, the less prominent the aftertaste is. After a week of chilling in the fridge, I found it a bit more easy to drink.

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