Action Figures & Their Beers — Do You Even Dank, Brolo?

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2019-10-02, 13:55:36


Today’s offering comes from Monday Night Brewing of Atlanta, GA. I got it from the discount shelves of a famed local alcohol emporium during my recent birthday weekend, courtesy of my belovèd wife. As it’s named “Han Brolo,” the action figure pairing should be obvious. Unfortunately, all my Han Solo figures (and 99.993% of the rest of my collection, too) are over 4,000 miles away, in storage. So today’s action figure comes courtesy of Jeremy Reaves and his Star Wars Museum. Jeremy is a local gent I met through the Sail Barge Facebook page we both belong to. A member of the local 501st and an all-around great guy, he helped me out with this article by delving into his displays and pulling out a Bespin Han for me to photograph with this beer. Image

Why Bespin Han? Well, there’s something about “BRO! Culture” that just rubs me the wrong way. It always puts me in mind of those preppy bullies you see in just about every 1980s teen comedy. Maybe that’s an unfair assessment, but it’s what runs through my mind, and I can’t really help that. And although he has his moments, Han always seemed similarly like kind of a douchebag to me — and Solo: A Star Wars Story did nothing to dissuade me of that — but his behaviour in The Empire Strikes Back, mostly while wearing his “Bespin” outfit, seemed a pretty low point, even for him. Plus, he seems like the kind of guy who’ll get drunk, pick fights, and have to be thrown into the drunk-tank for a while, hence the binders.


So, yeah, he’s not my favourite character.

There’s really not a lot information on the can besides from the name and city of the brewery, the mandatory government warning about alcohol, and the 5/9/19 best-by date on the bottom of the can. I’m guessing this was sold at a discount because it was past May 9, 2019, when we bought it in Mid-June. It actually wasn’t too far past its best-by date, though I’m certain there are some people with even bigger beards than mine, turned-up collars like those 1980s movie bullies, and wrap-around sunglasses who would argue forcefully that this was still way too late, and it’s only good for pig-swill. To which, I say: “BAH!” The only other words you really get are the tagline “Hazy, Crushable, Chewy” — Han? Chewy? Chewie? Geddit?! — and a 4.7% ABV rating.

The beer itself, when poured, looks like the pee you produce when you’re ill; it’s dark gold and cloudy. Smell-wise, it’s pleasantly citrusy. You definitely get a lemony tang to the aroma. Taste-wise, it’s pretty much just a very good IPA. It tastes of beer, citrus, and resin, but not disgustingly so. You get a bit of a tacky mouthfeel in the aftertaste, but nothing that another sip won’t cure. While better than most IPAs and pale ales I’ve had, I still don’t think this would become part of my regular drinking rotation. Unless I find out that it really pisses off Disney, that is. In which case, I will support this brewery as much as I possibly can.

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