Droids Custom Gonk: SOLD OUT!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-07-24, 06:54:12

The Gonk Droid has always had a special place in my heart. I loved the figure as a kid. There's something deeply satisfying about making those legs click-clack back and forth. To this day I can't help but do that whenever I pick one up.

But it proved a tough character to depict on a card. I mean, I really like how I drew the droid as a Cable Original back in 2007, but I didn't want to reuse that idea. And there's only so much a walking battery can do. So I pondered. I thought of maybe having him electrocuting some Jawas. That might be exciting. But does "exciting" really capture this character?

Then I came to an epiphany... what captures this character is not "exciting," it's "mundane"! That is the essence of Gonk. So I tried to think of the lamest thing he could possibly do. For a while I thought maybe powering up a water cooler of some sort, with a few Stormtroopers standing around, ignoring him. But then I don't have a clue what an Imperial water cooler would look like. That's when I settled on a lamp. After searching Google images for a while, I came across the couch lamps from Palpatine's office. Those are awesome lamps! Perfect for my project! And after I had that lamp, the rest of the project came together smoothly.

CreatureCantina.com Image

Some details you might want to know - I did "restore" a good number of the Gonk droids so they'd display better. On roughly half of them I repainted the feet. And on half a dozen I touched up white spots on the face sticker. This type of customization isn't unprecedented in my customs... back when I did Walrusman I repainted the tusks on a bunch of them as many had significant paint loss. I boxed up the figures randomly, so I can't guarantee one way or the other if you'll get a restored figure.

The rest of the production is standard for my customs. Resin coins painted gold. Color laser printer art, mounted to a comic book backer. Permanent, acid-free scrapbooking tape for the seal. The gold standard across the board.

CreatureCantina.com Image

If you'd like to buy one, unfortunately, you're too late. They've already sold out.

This was a fun one. Thank you for your support!

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