Droids Custom Gonk: QC FAIL!!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-07-17, 07:17:55

I'm not sure anybody cares about the minutia of my Droids Custom development process... but I don't have anything else to post about at the moment, so you're getting it anyway! Ha ha!

Thing were going swimmingly with my next custom. I was in the process of printing out my stack of card fronts and backs on my color laser printer, on the final five sheets of paper. I was shaking the toner cartridges between each set to eek out every last bit from my yellow cartridge before I had to replace it. And it looked like I was going to barely make it!

CreatureCantina.com Image

And then I noticed it.

When I work on the card art, I have an "overprint" area that's never supposed to show up on the card itself. While shrinking and repositioning the art on the template, I accidentally exposed the overprint area. So a couple of the wall lines just kind of end when they shouldn't...

CreatureCantina.com Image

This lead to heavy disappointment, and also to cognitive struggle! You see, I'm very passionate about waste. Part if it is because I'm a cheap bastard (hence the shaking the toner cartridges thing). 20 sheets of full-color paper is like... multiple dollars! And I hate to waste multiple dollars!

Like... we have "fuel perks" through our grocery store, and I wouldn't allow my wife to redeem them when she gases up her van because she'd fill up when she still had a quarter tank. With my old Buick I'd take that thing down to fumes so I could get 16 full gallons of free or discounted gas. I'd happily, eagerly risk getting stuck on the side of the road to max out my savings. Now that I have a Mazda with only a 13 gallon tank, I said she should use them since she usually puts at least that much in. I almost miss the thrill, though.

So the prospect of wasting 20 high-quality printed pages really bummed me out. I mean, would any of my customers even notice the couple 1/8" missing black lines? Almost certainly not! So I was thinking I'd just use them as-is.

But I'm also a stickler for quality. I'd notice the flaw. And I'd be mortified if anyone I sold one of these to pointed it out. So I decided to trash the old card fronts and reprint them after moving the art a bit.

CreatureCantina.com Image

It was the least bad of only bad options. Talk about first-world problems. But the anguish was just as real.

And oh yeah - I had to swap out the yellow cartridge to complete the 20.

Now that everything is ready, I'm set to move to production. And I expect to finish these up over the weekend. So check back Monday and see if I'll have these for sale a week from today.

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