Star Wars Celebration Chicago (Fri)

by Darth Danno
on 2019-05-15, 07:39:28

Day 2 of SWC, but today they opened at 10:00, so we had to get up early again, get breakfast, then head downtown with all the morning rush hour traffic to get to the convention center in time. Fortunately we left early enough that we were able to get downtown and still find parking at MP. We headed in and got in line, waiting for the doors to open. As we had quite a bit of time, I went to sit down on the floor and in doing so, heard a sound you never want, or need to hear at times like this…my pants had split. It was in a spot that no one would see unless they were looking for it, and I certainly wasn't going to tell anyone, so I made the best of it and tried to get through the day without making the tear any worse than it already was.

When 10:00 rolled around, my first stop was the Regal Robot booth to get their con exclusive magnet. My first autograph wasn't until 11:10, so I had a little time to walk around. In the food area they were selling these plastic SW tumblers for $22.00, now that may seem like a lot of $$$, but you could bring it back each day of the con and refill it for free. So that's what I had done on Thu. Come to find out today though, that each day there was a new cup to be had! Thu was Luke, and today was Vader. Being the completist I am, I was just going to HAVE to get them all.

My first autograph was Ken Leung, and I had him sign my "The Force Awakens" poster. Next was Greg Grunberg at 11:40, and he signed that poster as well. Ray Park was at 11:50, and he was running late, so I had Barry hold my spot & jumped into Ian McElhinney’s line at noon and he signed my "Game of Thrones" book. Then I got in Hermione Corfield’s line at 12:10 and had her sign my "The Last Jedi" poster. Then I went back to Ray Park's line and he signed my "Solo" poster.

I met up with Bill in the Collector's area at 1:30 and we handed out/traded our portion of the Darth Maul patch. My next autograph was Sam Witwer at 2:50, but we got the 3:00 photo-op with Greg Grunberg out of the way first, followed by our 3:30 photo-op with Janina Gavankar. Then Barry took my "Solo" poster and got in Sam's line, while I got in Tiya Sircar's line and had her sign my Ahsoka black series figure. While I was waiting in her line, a very pretty girl walked past, smiled at me and said "Hi!” I said "hi.” In return, then realized I had just conversed, albeit briefly, with Erin Kellyman. My last autograph for the day was Julian Glover, and that wasn't scheduled until 5:50. I had him sign my "Game of Thrones" book as well.

After that, we walked around the con a bit until closing time, then headed out, got some dinner, and went back to Barry's house to crash. Fortunately my pants didn't rip any more than they already had, but went into the garbage just the same. I always pack an extra pair of jeans/pants, for emergencies just like this. is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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