The Big Question Fans Are Now Asking . . .

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2019-04-02, 17:44:45


Before I get into that, though, I want to extend an enormous “thank you” to Bill, for helping me get my hands on a Khetanna to review. I had meant to say that at the end of the review itself, but with the sheer size of the review, requiring it to be edited and then split up into two parts, that expression of gratitude got lost and cut out somewhere in all the hubbub. So once again, thank you very much indeed for your help, Bill; it was greatly appreciated!


Well, now, we’ve seen the successful funding, production, and shipping of the Khetanna, and it all turned out very spectacularly, indeed. So, now that Hasbro has this remarkable victory under its belt, chances are very good the HasLab program will continue. And that’s got a lot of people wondering: what’s the next big project for HasLab? Well, I can’t say for certain, and I’m not going to make any predictions or speculations, but I do have a few suggestions for future projects that I think fans might like . . . .



Boy, here’s a Hasbro toylike that hasn’t seen much action in a while! It’s about time they churned out some more items under this brand, preferably in the much more detailed and better-articulated Modern style, as opposed to the Vintage style, I think. Now, there’s nothing to say that everything HasLab sets its mind to has to be in the never-before-seen category, so I can come up with three huge items right off the bat that many G.I. Joe collectors would love to take a crack at, namely:??

USS Flagg: A slightly sturdier reproduction of the largest mass-market playset ever made (seven and a half feet long!) would bring a lot of joy to fans who missed out on it the first time around, or have an incomplete Vintage version. Throw in Admiral Keel-Haul and some nautical Joes for good measure.

Cobra Terror Drome: I’m no world authority on G.I. Joe collecting, but I am aware that the Vintage version of this impressive playset is also known to be fragile and has lots of easily-lost pieces, making this a popular contender for a future HasLab offering. Pack in the standard Firebat VTOL jet with its AVAC pilot, and some Cobra troops or officers for added value.

Space Shuttle Defiant Launch Complex: Again, the formula of size + rarity + fragility + easily-lost pieces on the Vintage set make this a prime candidate for a future HasLab project. Should, of course, come with the figures of Hardtop and Payload — and this is the important bit — make sure they’re packed so that their tiny, easily-lost accessories (most notably Hardtop’s pistol & microphone) are packaged with the figures themselves, preferably in sealed bubbles. Beef it up a bit with sturdier construction on the load-bearing portions, and you’re golden.

That takes care of the “obvious” stuff, but at this point, with no new or reissued G.I. Joe stuff for years except for the Subscription Service items, Joe fans have literally tons of things to choose from. Personally, I would love for them to re-release the Cobra Night Raven S3P — which is (to me) still one of the most breathtakingly beautiful toy vehicles ever made — and include three Strato-Vipers with it (one pilot, one gunner, one drone operator).

As for all-new impressive things, well, again, I can think of a few notions off the top of my head:

Statue of Liberty: Needn’t be perfectly to scale, but a hollow display piece for recreating the stunning opening of 1987’s G.I. Joe: The Movie might be nifty. Must have an old-school light-up torch flame with verdigrised copper braces as standard, with a swappable vac-metal golden flame to replicate the modern look, if you wish.

Cobra Air Carrier: The other big bit of wow-ee from the opening of aforementioned film, even a retooled 3-foot Heli-Carrier from the Avengers line could act as an acceptable flying Cobra counterpart to the Flagg sometime down the line. I Googled like crazy, and can find no information on this vehicle anywhere online, so I’m just calling it the “Cobra Air Carrier” as a placeholder.

Giant Cobra-Bots 2-Pack: Cobra had a few giant robots throughout the series, but the Cobra-logo-headed sentinel robots and the water-filled suction-pump ones that they used for some underwater scheme or other might make a nifty (if expensive) army-builder set. Speaking of which . . . .

Army-Builder Sets: Forget trying to track down those limited Joe-Con or SDCC sets, or ridiculously overpriced generic troops on evilBay! Using their vast array of existing moulds, Hasbro could re-release the previous Joe-Con sets in new packaging, or make sets of up forty to fifty assorted troopers for G.I. Joe and Cobra, factions like the Iron Grenadiers, Dreadnoks, The October Guard, and even Cobra-La. You could keep the sets to a single theme (Viper Corps, for example) or mix them up a bit (such as Dreadnoks vs. Rawhides). Keep it to one set a year, and you’ve got quite a few years’ worth of product options. I can almost guarantee there’d be people out there willing to spend a lot of money to buy a couple of sets each year and get nearly a hundred troops all in one go. Personally, I’d be very happy to get a Cobra-La set that contained Golobulus, his bubble-chrysalis flying shell, Nemesis Enforcer, Pythona, Cobra Commander (and three or four stages of his degenerative mutation), a handful of Cobra-La citizens, and a buttload of the Cobra-La Royal Guards. But then again, I’m weird.



I’m more familiar with TransFormers than most of the other Hasbro brands (barring Star Wars), so I can think of a lot more ideas to suggest, starting with . . . .

Planetary-Class Unicron: Not the easiest item to make, but probably the option most people would expect. For years, I thought it would be nifty if they could scale up the Armada / 2010 Unicron mould from 16 inches to three feet tall, making him surpass even the Titan-Class figures in size (requiring a new size class, which we’ll call “Planetary-Class” for now), add some more accurate details, and perhaps throw in some electronic lights, sounds, and voice clips. Maybe he could even be stretched to four feet tall, I dunno. So long as his eyes light up green, he has good, solid (preferably ratcheted) joints for epic poseability everywhere including his ring-wings, and he comes with a nifty display stand, anything else would be a bonus. Speaking of bonuses, maybe throw in a little replica of Galvatron’s ship, The Revenge, to pop out of a hidden hatch in Unicron’s equator, and a final, definite answer as to who became Cyclonus: Skywarp or Bombshell.

Planetary-Class Primus: If they make an extra-big Unicron, and it sells well, I think a similarly-huge Primus / Cybertron in the same scale would be almost as welcome. Again, electronic lights and sounds would be nifty, as would a display stand, so it wouldn’t need four funny little legs to keep from rolling around. Maybe throw in a damaged Unicron head, too, with a clear plastic rod that plugs into a 5mm port for an orbiting display. And who knows? If this idea proves popular enough, there are at least two other Planetary-Class TransFormers that could possibly be made: Gaea and Atlas, each of which turn into the Earth of different dimensions.

Titan 3-Pack: Metrotitan, Omega Guardian Robot (GADEP), and Black Zarak. A simple recolouring of Metroplex for the Decepticon city Metrotitan; a blue-and-grey re-deco of Omega Supreme (due out later this year) to give TransFans at least one of the Quintessons’ army of deadly Guardian Robots they used to suppress uprisings on Cybertron; and a black, gold, and red “pre-paint / pre-tool” of Scorponok, the last of the original giant city-bots from the G1 days that has yet to get an update. I imagine this last one would be extremely well-received, as the Vintage Black Zarak was: 1) a rare Japan-only figure to begin with, and 2) every single one of what few Black Zaraks were manufactured are cursed with the dreaded Gold Plastic Syndrome, a horrendous condition where, owing to the composition of the glittery metallic plastic mix, the gold parts will simply crack, disintegrate, and crumble to grit over time, even in MISB specimens that have never been played with. Once they get the tooling for Black Zarak done, they can modify it a bit and re-use it for a mass-market release of Scorponok himself. Alternatively, they could just do a 3-Pack of Omega Guardian Robots, because you know, army-building. Also alternatively, there are a number of Titans that have shown up in the IDW comics which have never been given the toy treatment, such as Chela, Carcer, Necrotitan, to name just three. Heck, they could just release any or all of these Titans individually, over time. I only mentioned a 3-Pack because that would bring the cost of the set on par with the Khetanna. Individual Titans would be cheaper to plan, make, purchase, and ship.

The Decepticon Justice Division (DJD): Now then, these nasty psychos are not even remotely kid-friendly characters, and they’ve been the subject of many third-party (unlicensed) toys over the past few years that so far have failed to give us a full set, so an official release that gives us the lot of ‘em in one fell swoop would be welcome. And with the horrific nature of the characters, the adults-only playground of HasLab would be a good venue to launch them into plastic. We could get the leader, Tarn, with double fusion cannon and removable mask; Helex, who would be very large and have electronic lights and sounds inside his smelting chamber; Kaon, who would have translucent electrical zap-effects parts to attach to him; Tesarus (also very large) could have a mechanised conveyer belt / grinding maw system; “New” Vos, who turns into a high-powered sniper rifle, could also get swappable / removable face plates and 5mm port compatibility; and “The Pet” (formerly “Old” Vos, formerly Autobot Agent 113, formerly Dominus Ambus) would come packaged as a vicious turbofox (something like an upscaled Mini-Con Overbite might work), but would “secretly” be able to transform to a robot. I have not included Nickel in this set, because I think she would make for a good mass-market single release, since she left the DJD of her own free will. But if she gets lumped in with this set, too, maybe in a special paint scheme, that’d be cool, too.

Army-Builder Sets: Really, now: what TransFormers Fan would turn down a large, easily-obtained set of transforming robots if it were offered? Options are more limited than with some of Hasbro’s other brands, but you could possibly get some decent sets using the themes of Decepticon Seekers, AutoTroopers, Vehicon Drones, Junkions, and Quintesson minions (Sharkticons and Allicons).

Action Masters Set(s): No, wait; hear me out! There are a bunch of non-transforming characters in the TransFormers universe, and some of them are very popular with the fans and would make for some pretty cool figures. Starting with the popular IDW comics, imagine swelling your collection with Wheelie and Hot Rod’s scaly alien buddy and lovable lug, Garnak. Or getting Swerve’s bouncer and also lovable lug, Ten, in two different color schemes: standard yellow-gold, or painted all over with pretty flowers by Grotusque. Ten could also come with swappable armor, limbs, and heads for different facial expressions and levels of battle damage. I’m not sure if he’s capable of transforming or not, but I know a lot of fans (myself included) would love to have a nicely-articulated action figure of Sunstreaker’s pet Insecticon, Bob. Bob the Insecticon freakin’ rules. Then you’ve got Censere, the Necrobot, who’s just a super-nice guy who goes around the universe cataloguing the Cybertronian dead, administering posthumous rites, and sometimes helping fellow robots escape otherwise certain death. He plays a very important role in the comics, and should come with a swanky soft-goods cape. There are non-Transforming characters from the oh-so-precious GEEWUN cartoon that never got a proper release, either, such as the giant female ninja robot, Nightbird (tell me again how making a huge assassin robot with bewbz will benefit mankind, Doctor Fujiyama?), or Autobot X (when, for some reason, they had to transfer Spike Witwicky’s brain into a hodgepodge Frankenstein-robot made up of spare Autobot parts that looked terrible and could probably never feasibly transform into anything — but if Hasbro could pull that off, serious props to them). And GEEWUNNERS wonder why they get mocked for their unflinchingly fundamentalist adherence to the cartoon. RIRFIB! We could even delve into the Marvel comics to get Wreckers team member(s), Rack ’n’ Ruin, two Autobot mini-jets who were fused into one body, conjoined at the shoulder to save both their lives, but which left them unable to transform ever again. Give them a bunch of swappable weapon-arm attachments. Throw in a Skuxxoid, Slizardo, a D.O.C. drone and Thundercracker’s dog, Buster, and you’ve got one heck of a set that would probably not get off the ground as individual mass-retail offerings for casual collectors, but would practically fund itself for hardcore fans and prestige collectors. Then we can delve into the biggest untapped well of non-transforming TransFormers characters that could have a themed set all to their own: the Quintessons. There are loads of different designs: Judges, Prosecutors, Bailiffs, Executioners, several different types of Scientists, Security Officers, and a couple of rare, random bipedal ones (which are possibly Technicians). They could throw in Alpha-Q from the Unicron Trilogy cartoons and Quintessa from TransFormers: The Last Knight. There’s even a backwards-universe (“Shattered Glass”) nice-guy Quintesson known as Aquarius, which would be an absolute riot to own, as his five faces are based on those of Buddha, Gerry Garcia / Dr. Teeth, Mohandas Ghandi, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Scavengers!: If you’re not familiar with the IDW comics (And if not, why not? They’re great!), the Scavengers is a group of (mostly) Decepticons who have nothing to do now that the war is over. They’re slumming around the galaxy, having wild, weird misadventures and trying to make ends meet. To be fair, most of these characters have already been released in recent years, but a really nice set would help complete the gang. We’ve had two transforming versions of the Decepticon known as Krok in recent years, but his character (according to IDW continuity) is actually incapable of transforming, so a good, well-articulated, Action Master version of this guy is an easy sell — especially since he was originally an Action Master back in 1990. For accessories, Krok could come with an update of his pet, Gatoraider, and the severed finger of his dead pal and former squad-mate, Radar. Flywheels — murdered by Tesarus of the DJD (see above) the first time we meet The Scavengers — has had an update in the current TransFormers line, War for Cybertron: Siege, as “Skytread” (for trademark lapse reasons). “Skytread” is a pretty decent update of the G1 Flywheels, but when we see him as part of the Scavengers, he’s a Triple-Changer, capable from going to robot to jet to tank (usually involuntarily, when he lies). Maybe a retool of a Blitzing mould would do well for this version of the character? Misfire got a release in the Titans Return line as a Headmaster, but he needs a retool, to 1) not make him a Headmaster any more, and 2) make his deco look a little more like his G1 figure, because neither the Hasbro nor the TakaraTomy versions get it right. Spinister has had a few releases over the past decade, but always as a repaint of some other bugger. An all-new, Voyager-Class sculpt could do this guy justice. The foul-tempered Crankcase (he actually says “BAH!”) hasn’t had a proper update . . . well, at all. Over-the-shoulder Triggercon cannons are a must, and it would be nice for him to have a rotating boom / swappable head feature (similar to the old Beast Wars figures) so you can display him either with his noggin fully intact, or with horrific, brain-exposing battle damage. Fulcrum could probably only ever be released via HasLab, if at all. You see, Fulcrum is a K-Class Decepticon. K as in Kamikaze. They jump out of aerial transports, transform into bombs, and aim themselves at the enemy, with no survivors. Yeah . . . he’s a suicide bomb. Except he chickened out and ran for it. Long story short, he was rendered non-explosive and joined the Scavengers, where he acts as the largely optimistic, wisecracking conscience of the group. Of course, he should still transform into a bomb, but he’s a dud, so that makes it okay, right? Even better: make him so that he pegs onto 5mm ports in bomb mode. Grimlock, the sole Autobot of the group, was found brain-damaged and near comatose by the Scavengers and they’ve been looking after him for a while. I just think we could do with a really good IDW Grimlock sculpt, one that doesn’t have to compromise aesthetics for the sake of Bayverse accuracy or taking part in a Combiner or other such gimmicks. Finally, the Quad-Changing Mini-Con Nickel, formerly of the DJD, could get a slight repaint for this set. Throw in some fun accessories, like some “Shoot Shoot Bang Bang” dart pistols, a Jenga set, The Magnificence, Grimlock’s sword, Nickel’s DJD-issue phone (which comes in very handy at one point), and so on. If you want to go really over the top, include five articulated Roboid steeds for their “Cavalry Charge” moment when they come to Grimlock’s rescue, and perhaps figures of the G.I. Joe team member MP3 and the Dire Wraith known as “CONS4EVA.”



Back in the day (before the Dark Times . . . before Disney), I had a titanic Wish List of Star Wars products, many of which seemed like insane pipe-dreams. But with the success of the Khetanna (which was on that list), any of these projects might now be feasible:

Death Star Playset: Something similar to the Vintage version, but with even more to it would be very cool and very welcome. On top of the elevator, trash compactor, trap door, retractable bridge, rope-swing, rotating and exploding turbolaser emplacement, and tractor-beam generator of the original, you could also get electronic lights and sounds, a throne room, a “board room,” a docking bay, a detention level, and an electronic superlaser array.

Jawa Sandcrawler: It needn’t be even close to scale (which would put it at somewhere near five feet long and almost three feet tall, but something between the BMF and Khetanna in size would suffice. It could feature electronic lights and sounds in the cockpit, headlights, furnace, etc, working inner features like extending and grabbing cranes, conveyor belt, mechanized droid lift tube, lowering front ramp, lots of storage and spare droid parts (heck, the entire lower level could be laid out similarly to the old Droid Factory playset), and motorized drive treads (with plastic link-tracks in the same vein as the Lego Sandcrawlers, rather than perishable rubber ones) . . . it'd be killer. Throw in a couple of really Vintage-style Vintage Collection droids (a chrome RA-7 and a blue Power Droid with a white belt, for example), and you’ve got a Grade-A fan-pleaser on your hands.

Star Destroyer: Doesn’t need to be enormous. I imagine something similar to the Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer playset from The Empire Strikes Back, only a little larger, and with two levels connected by a “working” turbolift. The upper floor for the command deck and bounty hunter briefing, and a lower deck containing Vader’s hyperbaric chamber and a repack of the “Disturbance in the Force” SDCC set with holographic Emperor. Lights and sounds a must, of course. Maybe throw in some Vintage-Collection-packed Imperial officers or troops.

Imperial Outpost: Originally seen as a concept sketch from the 1980s, it would combine the Endor bunker, landing platform, and shield generator dish. Large enough to dock with the Super-Deluxe AT-AT and allow an Imperial Shuttle to land on it, it would take up quite a bit of room, but it would be danged impressive.

The Empire Strikes Back Playset Pack: I think it’s about time we got some Hoth and Dagobah playsets. Combine the old “Imperial Attack Base” set with an all-new Ion Cannon, power generator complex, and Wampa cave (similar to the Micro sets of the early 1980s, but scaled up) and an improved version of the original Dagobah playset, and that’s a heck of a lot of display fodder, right there. This would also be a good place to throw in some small accessories and mini-rigs that would otherwise be too “boring” to sell on their own, such as a Rebel Base Transport, or the Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. Chuck in a few Vintage Collection Hoth Rebel soldiers or officers or droids or tauntauns, maybe a Vintage Collection Dark Cave Vision Vader, Spirit of Obi-Wan, Spirit of Yoda, and Dagobah Training Luke. Maybe some Dagobah critters, like a couple of snakes, bogwings, or the sleen (monitor lizard).

SPHA-T: It’s a huge walking cannon. That’s just nifty. Make the focusing dish light up and fire a projectile, give it enough space for a large crew, similar to the AT-TE, and throw in a dedicated gunner / commander figure. Job done.

Mos Eisley Cantina Set: Needn’t be the full building, but contain all the furniture necessary to equip said dive. The bar, the distillery, some tables, chairs, and booths, some of the architecture (the foyer with electronic lights-and-sounds droid detector, for example). And a Vintage-Collection Wuher and one or two other Cantina patrons would be great.

Jabba’s Palace: a two-layered set that features Jabba’s main audience chamber on the top, and the droid dungeon / rancor pit below. Push a button, and victims get dropped from in front of Jabba down into the pit. Should have the ability to be used with the forthcoming Wal-Mart Jabba the Hutt diorama set. And, just to make things nice and nostalgic-y, some all-new, super-articulated Vintage-Collection updates of EV-9D9, U-8D8, Barada, and Amanaman (with collector coins). These figures could also be sold at retail, but without the coins. It would be very cool if Amanaman were a bit larger than the POTJ release (equal to Chewbacca in height), and had added articulation at the diaphragm, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and tail. Hint, hint, Hasbro! ;)

Ewok Village: One of the biggest playlets in the 1980s line, this could easily just be a re-issuing of the original, plus the tree-canopy foliage that came with the retooled “Sherwood Forest” version that Kenner/Hasbro used for their Robin Hood toy line, and a few added details. Or it could be an entirely new sculpt. Throw in a couple more Ewoks for good measure, though.

Naboo Royal Starship: Same as for the Episode I line, but done in beautiful, shiny vac-metal. Throw in a full complement of astromech droids and some Vintage Collection Queens Amidala and her handmaidens in all their different outfits (soft goods, natch), and you’ve got a premium collectible with the only new tooling required for some figures.

Army-Builder Sets: Seriously. Imagine never having to resort to evilBay or scalpers ever again to fill out your displays. Large sets of forty to fifty Vintage-Collection-style troops with scads of articulation, accessories, and soft goods where needed. Again, you could do a different set each year and keep the sets going for several years, possibly even cycle through and re-offer them again somewhere down the line for those who missed out the first time around. Imperial Stormtroopers, Assorted Rebel Troops, Imperial Fleet Staff, First Order Stormtroopers and Fleet Staff, Phase I Clone Troopers, Phase II Clone Troopers, Battle Droids, etc. Imagine getting a set of Elite Guards (IG-100 MagnaGuards, Senate Security Guards, Emperor’s Royal Guards, Shadow Guards, and Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard) with swappable heads, helmets, and weapons for optimum customising, then knowing you’d only ever have to buy this one set to cover all your Elite Guard needs for display purposes.



This is one property from the 1980s that hardly ever seems to get any love these days, despite how freakin’ METAL it was. Mess with the scale a little bit (humans in 1/18 scale) and apply modern toy-manufacturing technology, and you’d have ultra-detailed, ultra-posable, ultra-horrific updates of one of the nastiest toy lines from the 1980s!


Picture this: Hasbro could do a different set each year, featuring an Inhumanoid with electronic light-up facial features, a couple of Mutores, a couple of human or human-sized characters (an Earth Corps member and another ancillary character) and their power armour (where applicable), then throw in some set-specific accessories. Here are some suggested sets that could carry the series for at least 7 years:


Metlar / Dr. Herman “Herc” Armstrong (Hooker) / Redlen / Granok / Blackthorne Shore. Suggested accessories: fireball effect parts, can of orange slime to suggest molten lava. In addition to his horn and fangs, Metlar’s throat could also light up, causing the “lava-slime” to glow.

D’Compose / Dr. Derek Ericson Bright (Digger) / Redsun / Granahue / Nightcrawler. Suggested accessories: break-apart amber shell to contain D’Compose.

Tendril / Dr. Edward “Fist” Augutter (Auger) / Redwood Warrior / Granite Warrior / Hector Ramirez (the scuzzy reporter from all the Hasbro/Sunbow cartoons — G.I. Joe / TransFormers / Inhumanoids / Jem & The Holograms). Suggested accessories: severed fragment of Tendril, microphone for Hector, Auger’s shoe, and a TV set with a flippable screen that shows Hector Ramirez on one side, and a broken, dead screen on the other, because Auger just threw his shoe at it in a rage. If they could do the screen like a Vintage Battle-Armour He-Man so that it flips over to show damage when struck, all the better. Tendril would, of course, have bendy-wire . . . uh . . . tendrils.

Sslither / Dr. Jonathon Martin Slattery (Liquidator) / Redwood Sentry / General Granitary / Dr. Herman Manglar. Suggested accessories: swappable mutation parts for Manglar, lightning effect parts for Sslither.

Gagoyle / Colonel Anatoly Kiev (Tankmaster) / Langastoid Beast of Burden / Quartet of Langastoids. Suggested accessories: big pile o’ junk-food for the Langastoids, severed D’Compose arm for Gagoyle to gnaw on.

The Statue of Liberty / Lt. Brad Armbruster (Sabre Jet) / Quartet of Langastoids / Senator Masterson. Not only do we get a giant, poseable Statue of Liberty in this set, allowing you to re-enact parts of Ghostbusters 2 (if you so wish), Brad Armbruster is also known as the G.I. Joe fighter pilot, Ace. If you don’t buy this set, the terrorists win. Features cloth robe for Lady Liberty. Suggested accessories: swappable hands for Lady Liberty, junk-food for the Langastoids, American flag. MURRKA!


Sandra Shore (Decomposed ) / Sandra Shore (Earth Corps) / Crygen & Pyre (Magnokor) / George Landisburg. Suggested accessories: Skellweb prisoner cage, a couple of undead minion creatures, director’s chair and camera for the famous Hollywood director, George Landisburg.

Heck, if the Inhumanoids series proves popular enough, they could continue it with sets comprising a vehicle packed in with some of D’Compose’s undead monster minions, Metlar’s statue minions, some more Redwoods, Granites, or Langastoids, or even some more unreleased concept characters. And unless Hasbro wants to revive Bigfoot & The Muscle Machines and its lead character, Yank Justice (no, I swear I’m not making that up — Google it), this series should provide you with enough over-the-top, hilarious, MST3K-style, ridiculously macho names to keep you going for a while.



The only two things I know about My Little Pony are that 1) the fans of MLP zerg-rush into the pages and boards of other fandoms and mash-up / ship / Rule 34 / generally make things weird and uncomfortable and annoying for fans of the other properties, and 2) I think the main bad guy is actually a pretty nifty-looking Frankensteined-up chimaera-dragon-thing. So, I dunno, a three-foot-long, ultra-detailed, realistic, really boss version of this villain would be cool to see. Something in the vein of Kenner’s Jurassic Park stuff, back when Kenner made really good Jurassic Park stuff. I’m sure MLP fans will chime in with the big, impressive things they want to see offered.



There are a couple of properties that Hasbro has only vaguely touched on recently. Most notably, their big multi-continuity crossovers in the last few years have seen figures from Action Man, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, Visionaries, and Rom: Spaceknight produced, usually in super-rare, super-expensive, SDCC-exclusive crossover sets or one-off cameos in other lines. Keeping the main characters in the 1/18 scale for continuity, repackaged rereleases and all-new sculpts could drive support for The Brand (a little IDW comics joke, there) and give fans of these properties some nifty crossover fodder of their own. HasLab would be a great way to fund the Visionaries in particular, because so much fuss was made about how expensive hologram stickers are to make when the SDCC 2017 Leoric didn’t get holographic stickers. Well, if HasLab could figure out the cost and then charge appropriately, it’s conceivably doable. I mean, they’ve done it for the original Visionaries before, and if even the GoBots could afford to do holographic stickers back in the 1980s, well . . . .


And that about wraps it up for my suggestions, here. I don’t know enough about any other Hasbro properties to come up with ideas for them. I was never a fan of Power Rangers or Marvel comics, so I’ll leave the brainstorming for them to those who are more in-the-know. Who knows what we’ll see next? I can’t say for sure, but I’m willing to speculate that it will be instantly popular and appreciated by the fans it’s aimed at, and probably come close to (or actually) ending a few marriages, as well.

So all I have left to say is: Thanks, Hasbro. Thasbro.


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