Action Figures & Their Beers -- Cue The Imperial March!

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2018-10-22, 09:33:31

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Yes, here I go again, singing the praises of a Fuller’s product as if they’re paying me to do so. I stumbled across this 10.7% ABV darling at the local Waitrose one day by sheer happenstance when I was out shopping with Greeata. Being the kind and loving person she is, she let me buy a couple despite the fact that beer is not on the approved diet menu and they cost £8 (nearly $12) each. But as I’ve lost over 40 lbs / 3 st / 18.3 kg and I’ve been a good boy, she let me indulge. I adore that woman.

For the action figure match-up, what better pairing for a dark, powerful, impressive Imperial stout than a dark, powerful, impressive Imperial Sith Lord? So here we have the Star Wars Black Series 6”-scale Darth Vader, which I am surprised to find out that I have never used in one of these reviews before. Okay, then, here ya go: Image

He’s quite poseable, has a two-stage removable helmet, a real chain around his neck, a fabric robe and cape combination (which are a bit too long, to be honest), and a lightsaber with a removable blade. Now, if he had some way to stow the lightsaber hilt on his belt when he’s not wielding it, a shorter robe and cape, a couple of different swappable left hands (gripping, gesturing, choking) and a right hand that hinged on a vertical axis rather than a lateral one, this could very well be a perfect Darth Vader figure. But as it is, he’s merely very, very good.

When it comes to the beer, the blurb on the back of the bottle (and box) reads: “Brewed in the traditional style that became a favourite of the Russian royal court, this Imperial Stout has been specially created as a limited edition. In a unique addition to the historic recipe, the floral character of the Centennial hops is enhanced by the inclusion of rosebuds, lending a hint of Turkish Delight flavour to the beer. This Imperial Stout has a rich, dark appearance with strong chocolate and deep cherry notes which lead to a lighter, bitter finish.”

Okay, I get a bit of cherry in the finish, but I wouldn’t have been able to say that much without the power of suggestion from the blurb. I don’t get much in the way of rose at all, except as a vague whisper of a hint every so often. What I do get a lot of is booze, malt, smoke, chocolate, and coffee. In roughly that order. I’m not a fan of smoke as a flavour, but in this instance, it works well with the other notes. The subtleties tend to get swamped by the stronger flavours (at least to my gourmand palate), but it’s still an excellent half-liter of extremely high-quality suds. It had better be, for that price.

I don’t know how long this has been around, because there’s no date stamp I can find, the label bears the signature of the previous Fuller’s Brewmaster, and it poured out a bit flat. The “Best Before” date is 2027, but if it goes by the usual Fuller’s practice of posting a 10-year lifespan on its high-end brews, that could mean it was probably a 2017 vintage.

I really enjoyed this one. Highly recommended!

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