Droids Custom original art - a question for my readers!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-10-10, 07:51:47

I've been thinking about something lately. As you guys are well aware, I draw and color the art I use for my Droids Customs. That's what makes them special - they're not just stolen pictures I download off Google. They're my own original creations. And while I've eagerly sold off my runs of completed customs, I've pretty much always held on to my original art...

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The only ones I don't still have are ones I've given away as prizes at PSWCS Summer Socials (you can see my first custom Bossk artwork on the prize table here... I'd love to figure out who ended up with that!). The rest I've kept. And they sit in a folder. And I've been wondering, instead of sitting in a folder, would it be better if I sold them, so someone could actually appreciate them? Would this art be better hanging on someone's wall?

I haven't sold them in the past primarily because I figured if someone had the original inks, they could scan them and pretty easily put together a high-quality repro of my custom MOCs. Right now the best you can do is download a 72dpi photo off the web - and any repro made from such poor-quality source images would be awful. But someone with just a bit of Photoshop knowledge could take a high-rez scan of the inks, overlay it onto a web photo to get the colors, and the thing would look pretty decent.

But that seems overly cautious, in retrospect. Almost irrational. There's protecting you brand, and then there's being paranoid.

So the next question would be - would anyone actually want this art? But that's a stupid question. Of course people would want this art. They're paying pretty decent prices for the customs. The original art would be highly desirable!

That brings up the final question - what's a fair price? $100 seems low. $1000 is obviously insane. One of my original pieces sold for $300-ish in a live auction recently. Is that a fair price point? Maybe? I don't want to gouge my fans, but I also don't want to undervalue my efforts. It's tough!

So I'm gonna seek some guidance from you - my loyal readers! Through Facebook, because everybody is way too busy to respond via email. Should I offer my art up for sale? What's a fair price? How should I handle sales? First-come, first-served? Some sort of lottery for the chance to buy? Restrict sales to owners of the customs? Throw them up on eBay for $1 with no BIN? Or should I keep them archived to guard against fakes? I honestly don't have any clue how to go with this thing. Your feedback is appreciated!

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