And in third place... Han Solo

by Darth Danno
on 2018-07-11, 07:31:02

I'm sure many of the purists will wholeheartedly disagree with me, but we are truly all entitled to our own opinions, and I also plan on giving what I believe to be valid reasons for why I believe what I believe. So before I lose everyone completely, after having seen all the SW films to date, I wish Han could have ended up with Qi'ra, as opposed to ending up with Leia. Let's take each love interest separately.

Even though in Episode VI, when Boushh rescues Han from the Carbonite, and Han asks "who are you?" Boushh takes the helmet off, revealing it to be Leia underneath, and she replies "Someone who loves you." Even though she plainly states then and there that she loved him, I never really bought that at any time she was IN love with him. I feel Leia's first love always was, and would be the Rebellion, which eventually became the Resistance. The Empire cemented that when they blew up her home planet of Alderaan. Second came the Republic/rebuilding the Republic. In Episode V, while still on Hoth, she was very upset Han was leaving the Rebellion to go settle his debts with Jabba. I don't think it was because she didn't care about Han or his well being, it’s just that she believed the needs of the Rebellion outweighed everything and anything else. She was a Princess, a Senator, a freedom fighter, and a General. That left very little time to be a mother, and even less time to be a wife, girlfriend, or lover. Look at the credits from "The Force Awakens", she was Leia Organa, not Leia Organa- Solo. I don't believe, or have seen any evidence to show the two of them ever actually got married. I feel Han had to take third place in relation to everything else she had in her life, and he got bumped down to fourth place when Ben came along. I know it was Kylo Ren who actually ended Han's life, but I truly believe it was Leia who sentenced him to death when on the Resistance base she asked Han to "bring our son back". So Han confronted Ben for what would be the last time, not because his own feelings for his son weren't strong, but because his feelings for Leia and what she had asked of him, were stronger. I’m sure if things had been different, she would have liked to grow more of a relationship with Han, but these were difficult times they were going through, and it didn't allow for such niceties to flourish. Even if the Empire was no more, the galaxy was prospering, and there was no need for a Rebellion/Resistance, what was she going to do with her time? Fly around with Han and Chewie on their smuggling runs? Was Han going to devote his life to being a General in the new Republic? I can't see either of those choices coming to fruition, even under the best of odds. They were just two different people from two very different backgrounds brought together under perilous circumstances in perilous times.

At the beginning of "Solo", I truly believed Han and Qi'ra loved each other, and were IN love with each other. But as circumstances dictated, Han got out, Qi'ra didn't. When they eventually met up years later on Dryden’s yacht. Han felt everything could just fall back into place between the two of them, all they needed was time. But even though Han had changed, Qi'ra had changed even more. She always knew the feeling of being under someone's control. First the silo, then Lady Proxima. But at least being with Dryden and Crimson Dawn, she had nice clothes to wear, no longer had to worry about when she'd get her next meal, and most importantly, she had power of her own, being Vos's top lieutenant. I felt she always longed to get out from under Dryden's control before the wrong party killed him, then she could quite possibly end up back where she started, or even in a worse position than before. That she would and could not stand for. In reuniting with Han, the fires of love burned bright once again, but the love to be free of her present situation burned brighter still. As events played out between her, Dryden, Tobias, and Han, she saw her chance and took it. Assuming the mantle of leader of Crimson Dawn…under the control of Maul. As with Leia, what kind of a life would she have with Solo anyway? Sure, the love would be there, but she would lose the fine clothes, the glamourous parties, the elegant food, and everything else. What would her role in his life be anyway? He already had a much better co-pilot in Chewbacca. So she was left with two choices: "Eventual leader of Crimson Dawn", or "love interest/co-smuggler". There was no way she'd be able to convince Han to join the ranks of Crimson Dawn, she felt he had become too much of "the good guy". Now that most certainly isn't a bad thing, but I don't believe for a second that Maul and Solo would ever be able to work together under any capacity. So it was no surprise to me that in the end, she chose the path she did. So when Dryden's yacht (now hers) sailed past Han and Chewie on its way to Dathomir, and Qi'ra gazed down upon Solo for what I believe was the last time. I felt she still loved him, and was still somewhat IN love with him. Unfortunately her first love was the life that Dryden had shown her, the life and all of its trappings. A life that was now hers to command…for as long as Maul would allow. If only Han could have gotten her out of Coronet Spaceport with him, so many years ago. is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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