Quick & Dirty Review: Force Link 2.0 Wampa & Hoth Luke

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2018-07-08, 08:48:36

Okay, so there’s a new wampa out, and it looks pretty spiffy. Despite my recent vow to give up collecting altogether, I thought I should buy it, because my “Ultra-Class” wampa from 14 years ago is starting to look a little worse for wear and go a bit gummy. And here’s what I discovered about the new wampa:

Like all the other Force Link 2.0 Deluxe Packs, the box is big and impressive . . .

CreatureCantina.com Image

. . . but it doesn’t contain much for its size.

CreatureCantina.com Image

Seriously, look at all that empty space there! It’s like the toy equivalent a bag of Lay’s or a box of Cadbury’s Fingers! How much money and material could be saved by shrinking the packaging? I’ve bought three of these sets so far (the others being the criminally undersized rathtar and the probe droid, last summer), and they’re all like this. Yeesh!

CreatureCantina.com Image

The wampa itself is pretty nicely articulated. Technically, the neck is a ball-and-socket joint, but the sculpt restricts movement to a mere swivel. The only drawbacks are the lack of an insert-moulded joint in the right shoulder (I understand why it was done, I just disagree with the choice), and the lack of waist articulation. Those minor points aside, this is the most poseable 3.75”-scale wampa ever. His right arm can pop off to simulate Luke’s attack, and there’s a bit of gore in the wound.

CreatureCantina.com Image

The paint’s pretty sharp, and it blends new details (the best mouth-painting so far) with old-school stylings (the soulless, black eyes of the vintage Kenner wampa), and subtle shading (the fur looks slightly grungy, rather than pristine white or like an incontinent tramp has been relieving himself on it). The blood on its chin appears a bit pale and washed-out, but not terribly so.

As for the Hoth-gear Luke, his articulation is the lamentably now-standard five PoA we get with anything that is not, ironically, part of the “Vintage Collection.” The sculpt and paint apps are very good, so if you don’t have a Hoth Luke already, this ain’t a bad one to have. I just think that other versions of this figure have their better points, like a scarf that swivels to hang upside-down, or better articulation. I am giving this to my godsons.

Both the wampa and Luke are supposed to have Force Link 2.0 interactivity, but I can’t speak about that for two reasons. Firstly, toy shopping in my part of the world is CRAP, and I haven’t seen a Force Link 2.0 anywhere around here. Hells, the Force Link 1.0 was still in shops as of a couple of weeks ago! And the other reason I don’t have a Force Link 2.0, even with the ability of Amazon to provide one, is because I kept reading and hearing about how much they suck and don’t work. So I saved some money.

Here’s a comparison with the aforementioned Ultra-Class wampa from 14 years ago:

CreatureCantina.com Image

As you can see, the details on the new guy are sharper, the paint applications are better, and the articulation is far superior. The new wampa is slightly shorter than the older one, but its proportions are more accurate. It looks more ape-like and less like a guy in a suit. The only two things that the older wampa really has over its newer version are 1) a swanky waist-swivel / ab-crunch joint which would improve posing possibilities on the new one immeasurably, and 2) accessories: a hunk of meat to gnaw on and a piece of ice-cave for display purposes.

Let's get down to it. Is this new wampa perfect? No. But it is very, very good. The Hoth Luke, somewhat less so. Is the set worth getting? Yes, even if you already have previous versions of the wampa, because it's the best iteration of the beast so far, and it just looks cool.

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