Why “Solo” is doing so-low

by Darth Danno
on 2018-06-06, 07:24:48

First off, kudos to our founder, Bill Cable, for his informative piece last week on "Solo" and why it seems to be failing in the box office. It was very enlightening and brought up some things I'd never even thought about. But I believe there are even more reasons as to why the film's numbers aren't great and am going to go over them here.

I look at "Box Office Mojo" comparing "Solo" numbers to "Rogue One" and feel that's completely unfair. "Solo" is the first film under Disney to open in May instead of December. The three Dec. films have had little or no competition, "Solo" is coming in on the tails of "Avengers: Infinity War", and a week after the release of "Deadpool 2", so I feel it has some stiff competition, even with "DP2" having an "R" rating.

Second, I can't speak for the entire Midwest region of the United States, but I know Illinois had a lot of snow in February, and was unseasonably cold in both March and April. Now it's May, Memorial Day weekend, and I feel it's actually the first really nice weekend we've had this year, plus for many a three-day weekend to boot. People aren't going to want to spend it inside in a theater, they're going to be out barbequing, swimming, doing outdoorsy things. Take myself for example, I saw "Solo" only once opening weekend because I was out of town in Dallas for the "Game of Thrones" convention from Thu-Mon and was unable to see it more than that do to everything I was already doing at the con.

Third, Alden Ehrenreich did a phenomenal job as Han Solo, but looking at his resume, he hasn't built up a fan base to where people will go see a movie just because he's in it, like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or Ben Affleck. I feel Donald Glover and Emilia Clarke have more star power at this time than he does, but the film isn't called "Lando" or "Qi'ra".

In closing, "Solo" is currently the fifth highest grossing film of 2018 domestically, having made almost $149 million so far, and fifteenth highest grossing film of 2018 worldwide, having made over $264 million. We'll see what it can bring in this coming weekend as there's no big competition until the following week when "Incredibles 2" opens. If you haven't seen "Solo" yet, I strongly suggest you do. It was a film that had me smiling from beginning to end. Remember, once it leaves the theater, we don't get a new SW film until Dec 2019. So I plan to see it as many times as I am able, and as long as theaters near me continue to show it.

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