Star Wars After Dark (Thu morn.)

by Darth Danno
on 2018-05-23, 07:53:15

Got up at 7 am with plans to get to the park bet. 9-9:30. Passed on breakfast thinking I'd get something to eat while at Disney. Fortunately the hotel offered free shuttle service to & from DL, all one had to do was show the driver their room key. I got in line to get on the next bus as the one that was here was already pretty full, but the driver had room for 1 more, and since I was the only single rider, that seat was mine! Image

Got dropped off at the park shortly before 9, I had planned ahead to not bring any sort of bags w/me, so I got to go into a much shorter screening line, and as such, got into the park a lot quicker. I had a park hopper ticket, so I could go to both parks, and opted to go to "Disneyland" first as there were a lot more rides there that I wanted to go on. Image

First stop was "The Matterhorn", and upon arriving there, was told it just broke down and to try back a little later. So a friend had told me I had to try "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride", so I went there next and fortunately it was up and running. Image

Then I got in line for "Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye". I had ridden it when I was here for Celebration Anaheim back in ’15, and it was just as much fun now as it was then. After riding that, I went to check on the progress of "The Matterhorn", and it was still down for repairs. So I got in line for "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" which in my opinion is an even better and longer ride than the one at WDW. Image

Headed back to "The Matterhorn" and I guess the 3rd time truly is the charm as it was now operational. Being a single rider, I got bumped to almost the front of the line as well. The ride was fun, but getting in and out of those toboggans was murder for someone about to hit a half century like me. Image

Then I went in search of "The Haunted Mansion", and by the time I found it, the line to get in was pretty long, but the ride is definitely worth the wait. However, just as my “Doom-buggy" was about to depart the mansion and drop me off at the exit, the ride broke down. Fortunately it wasn't too long before things were working, I was off the ride, and heading to my next endeavor. Image

Wanted to try the newly refurbished "Splash Mountain", but when I got there, it was…what else, being repaired at the moment! It was near there that I got my best (and only) pic of the "Galaxy's Edge" construction. Image

By now, it was @ 1:00 and I knew I should head over to “Disney's California Adventure" to try out the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" ride as I wasn't sure how long the line for that would be. But first I stopped and grabbed some lunch as my stomach was telling me it had gone long enough w/o sustenance.

Upon entering "DCA" and finding the "GOTG" ride, the sign in front said it would be @ an hour and forty five minute wait. I didn't mind as the real reason for my visit didn't open up until 6 pm, so I had plenty of time to kill. The ride was amazing, and I only ended up waiting @ an hour and fifteen minutes, but I still like the "Tower of Terror" better. Image

Next I headed off to check out the newly opened "Pixar Pier" and wanted to give their giant roller coaster a try. But as I approached the ride, I had to ask myself "Why is there still so much scaffolding around it?" Turns out that ride wouldn't be ready to open until the third week in June or so. So I just walked around the park, seeing what there was to see. Lots and lots of rides to go on, but for each ride, an even longer line of people waiting to get on it. There was one water ride I was tempted to try, but having bought some souvenirs, and not having any kind of bag to put them in to protect them from getting wet other than what the stores already give you to carry them in, I passed. So I prowled through the shops, bought some pins, stopped at a cart and bought a giant turkey leg & a Powerade, and people watched.

Around 5:30, I left that park and headed back to DL to get into what were now the growing lines of people waiting to get into the night's event. Fortunately as we were already in the park area, we didn't have to go through the metal detectors, or get our bags checked again. We just had to wait to get our tickets scanned and be handed our badges and wristbands.

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