A suggestion to Star Wars celebrities regarding autographs.

by Darth Danno
on 2018-04-18, 07:38:30

One of the stars at C2E2 this year was Alan Tudyk, known for playing many roles in many features, but best known to Star Wars fans as K-2SO. Now I had already gotten his autograph last Celebration, but currently I’m getting a huge “Rogue One” tattoo on my back, and was wondering if he’d be so kind as to sign it, so I could get that added to the tattoo as well? I sent him and C2E2 a msg on social media asking about it, but never received a reply. When I got to the con, his line was enormous, and I didn’t want to waste all that time waiting in line if he wasn’t going to do it. So I went and got the other autographs I wanted to acquire, saw what I needed to see, did what I needed to do, then went back to his line.

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By now, he was on a break, there was no one waiting as he wasn’t scheduled to come back for at least two hours, not having anything else to do, I waited. By the time he came back, his line was once again really long, so I was glad I got there when I did. I approached his handler first (with money in hand, as I was in no way expecting him to do it for free) to ask her about it, and even though I said it was on my upper back, and I wanted him to sign @ my neck area, she appeared none too happy with my request to be sure, but would ask him anyway. Upon hearing my rather unusual request, he had no problem with it whatsoever! He signed my neck just above the tattoo, and I walked away as happy as can be. So to you Mr. Tudyk, a heartfelt “THANK YOU” again for doing what you did. And to all the other SW stars out there, if you could please post somewhere, either online or at the con, if you do or do not sign skin for the purpose of getting it as a permanent tattoo, it would save people like myself a lot of time. Now I can understand them denying the request if the place they want to get their signature is a…private area. But I see no problem with having any part of one’s arm, back, neck, shoulders, calves, etc… getting signed. Even if they charge extra for it, at least it’s better to know all of that beforehand, rather than be denied after waiting/wasting “X” hours in line.

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Shortly thereafter, I left the con, got back to the suburbs, and immediately headed to my local tattoo shop to make his signature a permanent part of my back. So another big “THANK YOU” goes out to Mark at “Lil Mikey’s Empire Tattoo & Piercing Parlor” in Itasca, Il. For fitting me in and doing a bang up job as always, you guys rock! All but one of my tattoos have been done there, (I got BB-8 at SW Celebration in 2016 from Marc Draven) but no matter who you get as your artist, be it Mark, Nick, Andrew, or Danny, you’ll get an awesome permanent piece of art that you’ll want to treasure and show off for a lifetime, I HIGHLY recommend them and this shop for all your tattooing and piercing needs!

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