Action Figures & Their Beers - I shall rain down upon thee

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2018-04-06, 10:11:17


Over on the Facebook beer group to which Bill and I belong, I’ve been seeing a number of posts about several Innis & Gunn beers which I’ve never actually seen, myself. And as I live on the island those beers come from, I figured that was a bit odd. Well, while out grocery shopping this morning, I dawdled through the beer aisle, just on the off-chance, and found one of those heretofore unknown brews: Innis & Gunn’s Blood Red Sky. Bloody melodramatic name, if you ask me. Sounds portentous. Prophetical. Apocalyptic. Happily, I have just the action figure to pair with such an ominous name: TakaraTomy’s MP-11S version of Masterpiece Sunstorm. Image

Sunstorm started out as an attempt to make a Decepticon super-soldier with a prototype solar fusion reactor, and ended up as a scripture-spouting religious nutjob. He thinks he’s a divine instrument of the will of Primus The Creator, put into the universe to cleanse the unworthy and unrighteous with holy fire. That’s bad enough on its own. To make matters worse, his insanely overpowered reactor leaks. And it also builds up heat so badly, he occasionally has to vent it or risk a very literal meltdown. So he has an unnerving tendency to leak radiation and occasionally let off enormous, lethal flares of radiation and fire. This extinction-level amount of raw power only adds to his delusion of supernatural mandate. Here we see him in a quieter, more reflective moment, looking faraway and visionary, like he’s posing for his Primalist album cover.

Innis & Gunn’s 6.8% ABV Blood Red Sky is the next stage of evolution up from their Rum Finish. It's brewed “with Munich malt for a caramel touch and roasted barley for sharpness and redness.” Using Jamaican rum barrels for the ageing, it is said this “amplifies the cool spicy rum notes and undertones of sweet vanilla and rich fruit.” The brewery’s own website also mentions flavour notes including coconut and gorse. Pretty much all of that is true, and I’ll vouch for it, but I don’t know about the gorse. It’s one of those plants that’s all over Britain, is pretty much only useful for barrier hedges because of its spiny nature, and the flowers are said to smell vaguely coconut-like. I can’t vouch for that, personally, as I don’t feel like sticking my face into a prickly shrub. But, yes, the beer has a vaguely coconut-like component to its aroma and flavour. And it’s very much like their Rum Finish, only turned up to 11. Highly recommended if you can find any. The only drawback is a slightly sour aftertaste which kicks in a few seconds after a swallow. But otherwise excellent.

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