Action Figures & Their Beers -- Great Red Hunter

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2018-03-12, 15:05:58


Hey, whaddya know! I was just poking about the grocery store the other day, and I found a Hunter’s Brewery offering I haven’t tried yet! Now in their tenth year of operation, in a town a handful of miles from my own house, they continue to bottle-condition their traditionally-made ales of excellent quality, as I’ve already covered in these numerous articles.

Now, with a name like Hunter’s Premium, who could I pair it with? The best of the best, obviously. I’ve already used Jango Fett. I can’t get to any of my Cads Bane, because storage. Don’t want to use yet another MOTUC figure at this point. I know! Predators! Let’s use the amazing NECA update of the 1994 Kenner Deluxe Predator Clan Leader figure! Image

According to the all-new bio on the back of the opening window-flap, which is itself on the front of his lovely nostalgia-gasm window box, he is the baddest of asses: bigger, stronger, and meaner than any of the other ugly mammajammas on the planet Yautja Prime. He’s smart as a whip, sly as a fox, and terribly mysterious. He’s survived all kinds of hunts, duels, assassination attempts, and revolts over the centuries he’s ruled. Those long green mechanical tentacles, rumoured to be sentient in their own right and under his mental control, are a somewhat cooler version of the original figure’s lever-activated lashing Predator dreadlocks (Predlocks?), and his Cuban heels are a carry-over from the Kenner version’s extendo-stilt stomper boots.

The Kenner version was kind of nifty but OTT in the standard Nineties Action Figure sort of way, but NECA, as always, takes what was merely nifty and ramps it up to sweeeeeeet. Even discounting his platform shoes and horned bio-mask, he’s taller than pretty much all the other NECA Predators, except maybe Scarface. The tentacles are poseable, as is his plasmacaster, and he’s got articulation out the wazoo. He also comes with a massive halberd / spear polearm, and a couple of plugs to fill in the sockets on his vambraces or neck, depending on where you didn’t plug in the tentacles.

The label on the beer proclaims this 4.8% malted barley & wheat concoction to be “a light amber premium bitter with a malty flavour and fruity aroma.” Sounds good so far! It’s crystal-clear (provided you pour it carefully), deep coppery orange, and only mildly carbonated. The taste is front-loaded on the malt, slightly liquory, with just a bit of hoppy tang in the aftertaste. Just enough to get your mouth watering for some more. I wouldn’t say it’s the best Hunter's Brewery product I’ve ever tried, but it’s pretty dang good when compared to the others, which ain’t bad at all in the grand scheme of things.

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