CreatureCantina's Top 5 of ToyFair2018!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-03-07, 07:07:32

I'd like to begin by thanking the folks from The Toy Association and Hasbro for allowing to cover their Toy Fair events. While we're a humorous site, we take our Toy Fair coverage responsibilities seriously. And it wouldn't be possible if we couldn't get through the doors. So muchos gracias!

Now's what you've all be waiting for... and what the various vendors have been quaking in their boots over - The TOP FIVE of TOY FAIR!

  1. LEGO Millennium Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story
    I didn't get to see this one in person, so I'm judging from Joe_K's photographs and relayed impressions. He told me as someone who already owns every previous non-UCS Falcon, this one has him very excited. Looks like a winner! Image
  2. Mattel Hot Wheels die cast Millennium Falcon
    Excellent detailing for a die-cast. Nice swappable parts. Teeny tiny pilots Image
  3. Bandai 1/12 scale model C-3PO
    Insane detail for a snap-tite model. On par with 1/12 scale action figures. My 3PO bias might be showing - the R2 and BB-8 were equally incredible. Image
  4. Uncle Milton Rancor Skeleton Dig
    Far and away the most creative new product offering I've seen at Toy Fair in a very long time. The reactions on socials were over-the-moon. Cannot wait to purchase one! Image
  5. Hasbro Jabba's Sail Barge
    Surprising absolutely no one! To be there when this project was announced to the public - MAGICAL! The care and passion that went into this toy is unmatched. Hoping and praying they meet their goal of 5000. Image

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