Action Figures & Their Beers – It’s Treason, then . . . .

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-11-12, 19:02:35


The Windsor & Eton Brewery in Berkshire (a/k/a the Uprising Brewery) is out to overthrow the old order of British brewing and take the crown. To that end, they bring us Treason IPA, a 5.8% ABV with not a lot of information on the can. Apparently, it contains water, malted barley, hops, and wheat. Imagine that! I tell you what, though: this West-Coast-style IPA is pretty damn good. Excellent, in fact. All the flavours, aromas, and mouthfeels (malt, hops, citrus, resin) are dialled up to the proverbial 11, with an ever-so-slight carbonation thrown in, and they all balance each other beautifully. You get a strong mouthful of beer that runs through all the things an IPA should be, then settles down to a lovely, not-too-sour, mouthwatering aftertaste. Turns out I’m not the only one who likes it, either. Because Treason, here, won the 2015 IBC Gold Medal and 2016 Indie Beer Can Festival Best In Show. Definitely worth celebrating. Let’s get riggity-riggity-wrecked, son! Image

Yeah, I could’ve gone with Palpatine and some Jedi Masters with this, but instead, I have selected a radical and supremely dangerous anarchist who opposes The Galactic Federation, and some of his accomplices: Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Birdperson, Mr. Poopybutthole, and a Mr. Meeseeks. (I left out Snowball, because he left shortly after he was created.) We could also do with a Squanchy and a Krombopulos Michael to go in there, I’ll say that. I can actually imagine Rick and his posse downing a few of these, except it would probably be called something like “Shmeeglaxx’s Olde Cwantum Singularitie Zookavalookra Pale Ale” or somesuch in the cartoon.

But I have to be honest: these figures aren’t that good. Articulation is admittedly better than a lot of figures from our childhoods, but still lacking in certain key axes; insert-moulded (“ball-jointed”) elbows and knees would have been excellent. Paint’s a bit sloppy, especially on Mr. Poopybutthole’s right eye, which is why his head is turned in this shot. Morty and Mr. Meeseeks each have a leg that refuses to move at the hip. (I eventually got them moving with extreme patience, sideways thinking, and gentle pressure.) The softer plastic on all of their hands sometimes feels as if the wrist-peg will shear off if you try to pose them, and the hard plastics on the heads, torsos, and Birdperson’s wings seem a bit too hard and brittle, and I fear they may get worse and shatter over time. What accessories they come with are all great and character-appropriate, but danged if some of them aren’t ludicrously small with potential for easy loss. I think the only accessory in my entire collection smaller and more easily-lost than Mr. Poopybutthole’s pill bottle is Low-Light’s infamous single 3¾”-scale bullet.

And I can’t believe that, as a grown man of 43 – even one who admittedly still loves toys – I have been forced to type “Mr. Poopybutthole” so much in such a short space of time, and expect to be taken seriously for it. Such is the power of Rick & Morty.

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