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by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-06, 03:35:42


For the longest time, we had no Brooklyn Brewing Company products here in England. Then, we had Brooklyn Lager, and that was it for many years. Recently, we’ve got a couple more varieties, and I’ve tried them and enjoyed them. This is the story of one such brew.

Here, we have their Scorcher IPA, paired up with NECA’s Kenner-Tribute Lava Planet Predator, who lives in a scorching environment and scorches his enemies with his shoulder-mounted plasmacaster. I collected nearly the entire Aliens and Predator lines from Kenner when they came out in 1993 (passing on the Space Marine vehicles and the European-exclusive Space Marines, since I wasn’t living in Europe at the time). They were some outrageous and amazing figures – as were most of the movie-based toys from the 1990s – and I still have them all. Skip forward a couple of decades, and NECA, who had the Aliens and Predator licences anyway, went and did tribute figures based on those bonkers old Xenomorph and Yautja designs and added size and super-articulation to the mix, along with nifty bios and nostalgia-driven packaging, even including reproduction mini-comics with some of them! The only thing that’d make the earlier NECA / Kenner Predators even better would be removable bio-masks and firing weapons. Ol’ LP, here, is otherwise in his full glory, with translucent and metallic red “lava camo” plastic, extendible k’icti-pa (wristblades, for non-Yautja) and an all-new machete-type weapon. Neat-O!

AF&TB Scorcher & Lava Planet Predator

Scorcher IPA starts out good ’n’ malty with a flowery edge, but then goes very resinous and sour rather quickly. Not my beverage of choice, to be honest, but “hardcore” IPA fans will probably relish it. And at 4.5% ABV, you should be able to knock back a few of these before you get plonkered. When I think about it, Ringwood’s Forty-Niner aged down from quite a hoppy brew to something much more my liking after nine to twelve months, so I reckon if I were to let this stuff mellow for a year or so, it would be right up my alley. [Sound of IPA drinkers sputtering in rage and / or fainting.]

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