Action Figures & Their Beers - It's da boss

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-10-02, 09:46:31


Brew Dog of Scotland, one of my favourite breweries in Britain, brings forth their attempt to bring lager back into favour with Kingpin. Since I have so very few comic book action figures at all, let alone Marvel-based ones, I don’t have the obvious fat crime-lord to go with this brew. Or do I . . . ?

AF&TB Kingpin & Jabba the Hutt

This is the Jabba the Hutt from the Wal-Mart exclusive set of 2010. [Sound of Beedo grinding his teeth at important characters being made into exclusives at American retailers.] It is wonderful and beautifully sculpted and perfectly detailed and nicely articulated, and when I picked it up out of my Jabba’s Court display shelf, I noticed that from the . . . uh, waist, I suppose . . . down, he was coated in a horrible, sticky, slimy residue. Which is why he’s resting on a paper napkin in this picture. I don’t know how long he’s been slowly disintegrating on my shelf, but I’m rather dismayed by it. This is the best Jabba I’ve ever had, and he’s dissolving on me. Literally. I had to wash my hands during and after the photo-shoot. It’s been less than seven years, and it’s not like I live in the sun-kissed tropics. The week he arrived, I put him (and the rest of his set) on a shelf facing away from the window, in a room with the curtains constantly drawn, in England. Hardly ideal conditions for photo-degradation or hot-weather melting. I swear my older toys didn’t go bad this quickly. “Jabba Glob” Jabba and my original Jurassic Park dinosaurs are all holding up well. Even my JP3 Spinosaurus is fine. Oh, well. I’ll figure something out to fix it, eventually. In the meantime: }SIGH{

But as for the beer, like almost all Brew Dog offerings I've had, this stuff is delicious. It’s refreshing and full of flavour, yet mellow and relaxing. The tin reads: “For years, people have been suffering the maddening delusion that lager tasted of nothing. Well, we’ve got some 500-year-old news for you – it tastes and then some. Kingpin is on a crusade to put lager back on top. It is lager reborn, a taste sensation for the 21st Century. The crowning glory of the Pilsner dream.” And so on and so forth in that vein. Anyway, it’s 4.7% ABV, and I highly recommend it, whether on its own in a drinking session, with snacks while watching something on the vidscreen, or with meals.

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