. A tale of 3 3POs...


Long time no update, fellow Star Wars lovers. There's a good reason for this; a near-epic tale of tragedy and dedication. And it all started when Doug McKibbon requested a C-3PO drawing. I got to work on the first one in early July, and delivered in in August. I mailed it out, Doug got it, but he wasn't 100% satisfied with it. So in accordance with my satisfaction guarantee, he mailed it back and I agreed to do another one for him. This first C-3PO drawing is now proudly displayed in my Star Wars room

So after getting it back, I started working on a revised drawing, more in line with what Doug wanted. I put a lot of effort into getting it just right, and finished it in early October. I mailed out this second C-3PO, and Doug received it... but not like I sent it. There were two large, parallel vertical gashes in the package that went all the way through a padded envelope, two sheets of pressed foam board, and my drawing. It had obviously bound up in some sort of machine at the post office. So this second drawing was destroyed. I had to turn in the remnants to the post office to make an insurance claim. So the only existing records of C-3PO #2 are 2 photocopies and this scan:

After the claim went through (which in itself was an adventure), I started on C-3PO #3. I did show Doug the scans of #2, and he loved them. So I used the copies I had as a reference to produce #3. In doing so, I was able to dramatically polish the look of #2 (IMHO), and produce a really nice piece. I shipped it out in early January (in a big ol' honkin' box), and Doug received it in tip-top shape. So without further adieu, here is the official and definitive "Portrait Edition" C-3PO: