In addition to my "Cable Original" artwork, I also engage in some other assorted artistic endeavors. Much of it is still Star Wars themed, but I do dabble in other realms when the motivation hits me. Here are some of my miscellaneous pieces for your enjoyment.

Custom carded, Droids-style Vintage Star Wars figures:
This is one of my favorite side projects. For the 2003 PSWCS Summer Social, I created a custom cardback based on the style of the Vintage Droids line of figures. So many of my friends were impressed by the artwork that I decided to do a limited run of custom carded figures, eliminating the PSWCS-specific text edits to the logo so it would look like an authentic Vintage MOC figure. The first run was a huge hit, prompting me to do more characters. I plan to continue the line for as long as there's interest.

Bossk - 2003

B&W line art
Photoshop colors
Finished carded figure

Chewbacca - 2004

B&W line art
Photoshop colors
Finished carded figure

Royal Guard - 2005

B&W line art
Photoshop colors
Finished carded figure

- 2006

B&W line art
Photoshop colors
Finished carded figure

T-shirt artwork :
One of the most enjoyable ways to show off your art is on the backs of my fellow Star Wars fans. I've been drawing T-shirt art since I was in high school. In college, I created shirts for both my fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa, and for the student newspaper, the Cavalier Daily. Within 6 months of graduating college, I was drawing my first Star Wars collecting club T-shirt, for OSWCC. I've since done shirts for PSWCS, DCSWCC, and Garrison Carida of the 501st. Here is the line art from most of those Star Wars themed shirts:

2006 2006
2003 2003
2001 2001
501st/Garrison Carida

Published Star Wars artwork :
I do the majority of my artwork on commission. But back in 2003, the Star Wars Insider sent out a request for fan art. My submission was chosen for publication. And I became a published Star Wars artist! Here's that drawing: Asajj Ventress Star Wars Insider Iss. 69, 8/2003

Miscellaneous Star Wars artwork :
Here are some other pieces I've done. Enjoy!

105th logo
done for a costuming group
105th Logo A
105th Logo B
based on my original art.
Tattoo #1
Tattoo #2
Group Series
done in 1997, before my business model was finalized
Bounty Hunters
Web logo
done for a web site that was supposed to go live years ago
Jawa Bounty Hunter